Latest Qanon-Related News 3-22-19 : 'Slow News Day'

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
I really do appreciate your comments. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond directly to you. Sometimes I just don’t have the time.
Note: I am not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. So I would appreciate any help you can give to getting this message out.
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  1. Get a funny feeling is ment to continue like this until 2020 Can't wait that long Don.
    I'm Scottish it is like Get You fists up big man… i'ts Now or Never… FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

    (PS Not a RUSSIAN Bot)

  2. It's like i doesn't matter what the Muller report says CNN will invent a toilet tax he missed or some-shit now we know why people who change the setup end up assassinated… Deep State Sucks.

  3. I plead psalm 109 (The song of the slandered) upon DJT and the psalms curse upon all who took part in willful, deliberate false slander against DJT, from spygate to peepeegate, to fisagate and beyond.  May all that psalms curses repay their diabolical treason.

  4. I gave up watching the news on tv almost 10 yrs now was looking for a good channel on YouTube to keep up with what’s going on in the United States found your channel now I can get the real news thank you Stroppy Me you have another fan here in Ohio.

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