1. Dave Nettles 2 years ago

    Gina Haspel knows where the bodies are buried. As for a DNC "Hack", the closest thing was Guccifer 2.0, which came from Joe Biden's office, via his IT, Warren Flood. Seth Rich discovered the whole plot to steal America, it got him killed, so "Did Hillary Have Seth Rich murdered?" And I Quote Julian Assange: "Weapons flow going into Syria, pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadist (possession) within Syria, including ISIS, that's there in those e-mails." -Julian Assange, 7/25/16. This can be found @


    This link is from part 2 of my Seth Rich murder series,

    http://www.davenettlesgospelmusic.com/thesethrichmurdermotive.html . This article contains overwhelming proof that Seth Rich was the DNC leak, and circumstantial proof as to who killed him, it goes right to Hillary and Uranium 1. Don't forget, circumstantial evidence is stronger than a eye witness, there's one of them too. This information could result in a conviction, except that the Deep State has it well covered up.

    There's even more to this. Because the S/R suspect is a Dept of Energy agent, Kevin Doherty, it also goes right to Bob Mueller, because he signed off on U/1 as the, then director of the FBI.

    I didn't know about this guy, Doherty, until he shot Burkman, I also found out he had tried to infiltrate Matt Couch's S/R investigation as well. The motive? Burkman found out that the suspect was friends with the 2 suspects his witness, Luke Anon, had ID'd as being party to S/R's murder. The motive for shooting Burkman was the S/R murder, there were actually 3 suspects, with Doherty being the shooter. Here's how I've laid it out. The CIA tracked the leak to S/R's computer, the info went to L. Lynch, L. Lynch gave it Bill C on the Tarmac, Bill C gave the info to HRC. HRC gave the info to Doherty. HRC hired S/R 2 days before he was killed. That means S/R was in HRC's office. Did HRC introduce S/R and Doherty? I don't know that, but somebody does. I believe HRC made sure Doherty knew S/R. The Seth Rich murder is the key to everything, Seth Rich had ALL of the Emails, including Hillary's, from her secret server. There was no firewall, Seth knew EVERYTHING.

    One other thing, Mueller hand carried a uranium sample to Russia. Treason, Espionage? As for the Strzok/Page insurance policy, were Democrats in Congress involved in this plot? Somebody, somewhere knows. I believe they were all in on it. The Seth Rich murder shows they will stop at nothing to promote their agenda, there have been numerous assassination plots against Trump, these "DemonRats" really are the party of murder.

  2. karl gru3n 2 years ago

    CLASSIC! Worth watching commercials. INNA GOTTA STROPPY!

  3. ron robertson 2 years ago

    P O T U S has the emails

  4. Rob Fitzpatrick 2 years ago

    Trump should increase tariffs from Europe accordingly as their currency devalues. They would quit that game pretty quick.

  5. Bob Sobieski 2 years ago

    Another great music choice, we are witnessing the beautiful spreading of logical thinking as so many awakening now.Pontus brought out kag here we go ,how about mawa for dems?love your show as always! Thank you stropey ,with love.

  6. Uncle Fester 2 years ago

    Iron Butterfly! Nice!

  7. Uncle Fester 2 years ago

    Let’s keep the illegals and deport Democrats! At least the illegals will work for their paycheck.

  8. kirby waite 2 years ago

    The first syllable of "nex-ium" rhymes with "sex", not with "six".

  9. Looking up 222 2 years ago

    YESSSS!!! Awesome intro!!

  10. Arthur Wrotnowski 2 years ago

    In a Gadda da Vida!!!!! OMG…wow, man.

  11. James Ferguson 2 years ago

    Good intro music Stroppy and another excellent report. Thank you for laboring so hard.

  12. Peter Kinberger 2 years ago

    Iron Butterfly – Inna Gada Da Vida – Love it.

  13. Kathy Sloan 2 years ago

    Other agencies confirmed – the deportation round-up order is real. Finally geesh.

  14. Scott Smith 2 years ago

    Stroppy, you have a knack for covering that which is important. Your videos are an efficient use of my time. Thanks for all you do! God bless. WWG1WGA MAGA 2Q2Q Cheers!

  15. MikiLevu 2 years ago

    Hey Strop………..You are showing your age now with Iron Butterfly !!!

  16. you got thieves, liars, islamists communists, blackmailing perverts, drunk drivers who leave the scene of an accident, traitors, and child traffickers. wow what a line up, and now biden just called for violence on all republicans, hes really a loser pile of crap. just trying to stay out of prison like clinton. thats all the demoncrats have these days. oh yeah and satinists. wow.

  17. i just heard on fox news, that cnn cspan and fox news are banned from covering the debates, wow they are so transparent arent they.

  18. Caroline Maybe 2 years ago

    Cruz is the king of hypocrisy, well one of them.

  19. PLASTICDADA II 2 years ago

    Term Limits for mimisters and Agency Heads, too

    Nario COUPmo

  20. emerald1one1 2 years ago

    in a gadda da vida .. iron butterfly smooth there Stroppy and wild…THEY DID SPY ON CRUZ !!!he was another one the dems wanted out … like jfk ! even jr. ! and it goes way back ..in many countries..~same over approach to control ….!!!!!! take the be best hand is the only way…. and many leaders do know … how their own have been effected in bad way.. have to stand up to the problems and bring the honest truth forward … and TRUMP is the way with other leaders agreeing…but main medias . well they polls they try to play anyone~ and that is there corner they sit in .

  21. Caroline Maybe 2 years ago

    Can anyone find where Biden called for civil war? I’ve looked but can’t find it anywhere.

  22. Gerry Coogan 2 years ago

    Top man, Stroppy.
    Thanks again and cheers.

  23. Marvin Boggs 2 years ago

    Stroppy: FUNDING SOURCE?

  24. A J 2 years ago

    You are good with the tunes dude ♥️

  25. Jeff Chapman 2 years ago

    Barr believes he needs to recuse himself from reopening (unsealing) Epstein child rape cases and slap-on-wrist DOJ deal? Is that what Barr answers with? If so, that's a head-scratcher. Not the answer many were looking for. Hmmm.

  26. A J 2 years ago

    O’crazio is a puppet put there to create chaos and confusion and hype in the media. It’s a distraction so people don’t talk about the truth and Q and everything else we all know but the msm ignores cause that’s all they can do the devil isn’t creative so that’s what we get: nonsense garbage and lies like junior high school bullies – people we know it’s their ‘tactic’ as pelosi would say but we are on to them yes we are

  27. Dianne Foster 2 years ago

    And just why does Congress get to vote their own pay raise. Only a vote by the American people should give them a pay raise. Time for most of their laws to be ended as they are unconstitutional and their abuse of powers has long been visible and it is time for them to pay for their crimes.
    Oh and as they remove illegals make sure hat you take their driver's liscense away that was illegally issued in NY.

  28. Sherky Lady 2 years ago

    The County Clerks in New York. are against the licenses to illegals. They are joining forces and asking for a Federal ruling.

  29. Edward Mazurek 2 years ago

    Your choice of tunes is the BEST! Your reports are also very good, but… Iron Butterfly… I saw them in concert the week I was being discharged from the US Army. Great concert! Great tunes!

  30. Porfle Popnecker 2 years ago

    Has any of this QAnon stuff turned out to be true? None of that crap about George Bush's funeral panned out.

  31. ssgbest widow 2 years ago

    an old close youth prison is being reopened to hold illegals here in michigan. lock them up!

  32. Celtic Rain 2 years ago

    Biden really doesn't want a civil war cause we'll start at the top first.

  33. barbara whittall 2 years ago

    I like Cruz he is a patriot

  34. barbara whittall 2 years ago

    I live in New York no one asked us if we approved giving licenses to illegal aliens

  35. Chancey464 2 years ago

    Luv the music. Did we run the roads in the same generation?
    Now why would China visit NK after so many years?
    Crowdstrike.com loses email? Coincidence?, think not.

  36. JC Hastings 2 years ago

    term limits for elected officials will ultimately give even more power to the bureaucrats of the agencies and  in time complete control.  at the same time term limits are instituted there needs to be limitations on service of top level agency personnel.  this is a problem states that have instituted term limits are now experiencing.  we really need our elected officials to pledge not to enrich themselves (directly or indirectly) while in public service.   Won't ever happen

  37. Rita Powell 2 years ago

    Bring it on Biden, I’m locked an loaded

  38. Willy Jimmy 2 years ago

    Does anyone care about Khashoggi? Someone please explain to me why I care about a muslim gunrunner and spy getting what he deserved?

  39. Be Lucke 2 years ago

    Exactly Senator Cruz-Nailed it. And Colorado is changing dramatically all around me. So disturbing & seems difficult to stop with all the new comers & MSM believers.

  40. Angela Raye 2 years ago

    Yeah! Our beloved President TRUMP and our First Lady Melania

  41. Better Days 2 years ago

    If the president has a term limit, I don’t understand why the rest do not. Someone could be in politics their whole working life and then run for President. I don’t think so. Trump is the perfect reason why career politicians do not belong in government.

  42. Kimberly W2000 2 years ago

    ❤️ the music introduction! Psychedelic!! ❤️

  43. Scott Richards 2 years ago

    Tom styers is a billion air traitor representing the new world order

  44. Scott Richards 2 years ago

    jessie smulet case is typical demtard corruption dis bar kim fox and fire her shes a disgrace to america

  45. Daniel Quinn 2 years ago

    You’ve lost all credibility Q how’s the 40,000 indictments going fool, gitmo must be full by now, what a load of rubbish

  46. nvsbl2 2 years ago

    Q has given disinfo. Trump does not. He never threatens what he won't carry out. If he can. The ACTING hief of ICE leaked out the day the removal would begin, so illegals had time to go into hiding. Trump had to call it off. There will be reprisals for that swamp creature, and you can bet POTUS will have another plan in place

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