1. Ralph Scheibler 2 years ago

    The accuser of Donald Trump is a fiction writer.
    It appears that she actually stole her story from " Law and order " SUV. Her story sounds very similar to an episode from them.

  2. rick couture 2 years ago

    "Q"uestion to Mueller ,"when did you know the original information in investigation tainted and a hoax?" fruit of the poisonous tree from the beginning.

  3. rick couture 2 years ago

    typo ' was tainted, oops.

  4. John Essmyer 2 years ago

    Kerry and Obama didn’t sell America to Iran…they PAID them to take it!!! TRAITORS

  5. Maggiemay561 2 years ago

    Always in my prayers dearheart. Be well.

  6. derek starkjr 2 years ago

    As of 6/26 Oregon DMV will be giving no Drivers License . Did the Feds Shut down Brown free immigrant Drivers license? 2Q,Aloha.

  7. G R Cleve 2 years ago

    Goggles' actions of deleting vids and accounts speaks volumes! Screams we are guilty!!! Misspelling intentional.

  8. Karen Russell 2 years ago

    is it just me but something ain't right here. the 17th ? public, not pleading the 5th? he is not even smart enough to do this bc the gloves are off, and they been off. his record sucks, and really the FBI is n & void. it should be disbanded, de fund them. while their at that, the CIA, IRS should also be gone. these agencies are all corrupted way before 2016. CIA has been the outlaws from jump. and the fed too. so stupid of us having any faith in the abc's. but we didn't do anything all along we had been warned about these agencies before JFK was murdered by who ? oh yea, that's right, they (U.S. Deep State) murdered JFK to send a message to everyone that they call the shots, the shadow government been at it, & u put that with operation Paperclip & operation Mockingbird. so it's us. we out number them and we should have a call out to arrest the worthless congress, turn them over to justice on citizens arrest bc we already have charges they could be charged with by us, the PEOPLE in which the un Americans whom r really working for the enemy just as the MSM is included with the ABC agencies as being one in the same. we have allowed the enemy to infiltrate our government in the worst way. so not only are they all corrupt, abc's corrupted thru out. i want it cleaned out completely. hold new emergency elections bc when u start following the wives/husbands and all the ties, we know now. so we are willfully allowing this corruption to take place. and we all know that they R all Satanist, and as such they carryout his wishes that have gotten so biggly and intrinched with Hollywood. these people are broken. the cruelest acts that can be done from one human to another (innocent) has and still is the number 1 priority is to protect the children from instant they r born and beware at all times. these people must be stopped at all cost. Hate is being displayed by sick people.. their really is going to come a time where these people will not be able to walk the streets, and i for can't wait for it..they just dragging this crap on and on, but i've got to see some progress which is the on;ly thing holding people back is Q.

  9. Mike Knoll 2 years ago

    I enjoy your coverage and noticed some sight was covering Q posts with a 1 year delta and seemed fairly close to what's going on now?

  10. Angelica 2 years ago

    Thank you for all you do…go to YOU first for my news fix!

  11. AllXDup 2 years ago

    thanks Stroppy…

  12. Dom M 2 years ago

    Curious if Cuck Schemer has even visited the facilities he is so quick to condemn. Keep on keepin' on Stroppy, you are the news now!

  13. kirby waite 2 years ago

    Semantha Power and so many like her are merely carrying on in the spirit of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Their desire is to help the enemy.

  14. Lynn Cuthbert 2 years ago

    The left playing on hearts and minds as per usual. They are heartless and mindless who will use children and the vulnerable to further their hideous Ideology. Sick!!

  15. kirby waite 2 years ago

    So Zuckerberg's testimony about not targeting conservatives was in fact nothing but a complete lie. Perhaps he should be given a chance to update his statements.

  16. Ariane Z 2 years ago

    Don't assume any gold is 99.999% pure. The schemers are far ahead of Joe Public. Gold is being mixed with impurities and being sold as pure gold.

  17. stratcaptain66 2 years ago

    Yea that’s what I’ve been thinking these last months…the deep state is still in control, we’v got Shanahan, Bolton and Pompeo in positions of power and they are war mongers, and it looks like Barr is a swamp creature as well…the DOJ is still protecting pedophiles and the elite.

  18. Leveraction3030 2 years ago

    Chucky Schumer is talking about the US Congress which includes him regarding the issues at the BORDER!!! What a sleazeball. They could solve it with one vote to change the asylum law.

  19. wayne mcclory 2 years ago

    Sounds like Chuckles has kids in his bsmt.

  20. Gerry Coogan 2 years ago

    Thanks again, Stroppy.

  21. Willy Jimmy 2 years ago

    Stroppy, please cross post to bitchute so we can watch your vids there instead of this craphole.

  22. Willy Jimmy 2 years ago

    Gold us headed for a nose dive my aussie friend. Its so over priced its hilarious. No modern government backs their currency in gold, and none will for the foreseeable future, and the manufacturing sector has long since replaced gold in every product possible, so its 100% speculation and not directly tied to any valuable commodity.

  23. Louise Townsend 2 years ago

    Just saw this last night!! AG BARR playing the bagpipes!!! Absolutely Briliiant! Is there anything this guy can’t do! Love it!

  24. george mehlmauer 2 years ago

    Peace, peace, but there is no peace…doesn't any one read the KJV Bible…an agreement will be made and in the middle of it the true nature of that peace will cost all who trusted in that lie to die or fall in to line with the deceiver….do not trust anyone…read the Bible and trust God will give you the answers…he has never been proven wrong yet.

  25. Concerning Epstein, if the court won't do what is right, I guess Mr. Epstein will just have have a major crippling accident that will end his quality of life, i.e., being bed ridden, and make sure he can't use his p**ker for anything except peeing. Maybe the "accident" can be blamed on killary. She is real good at having people "f**ked up" when they get in the way. As I have said before, the Deep State/Cabal law has been corrupting our legal system for DECADES by installing loopholes and ridiculous laws that protect THEM when they get caught. Remember: just a few months ago, the DemRATS made it illegal to hang someone for treason. Gee, I wonder why? And, I wonder why the Repubs let them get away with it? Answer: because there are a lot Repubs who are guilty of treason as well.

  26. Glenn Smith 2 years ago

    Hi Stroppy,  Las Vegas here!

  27. Dave Nettles 2 years ago

    Where is Q? Is he dead?

  28. You are awesome! Look forward to all your posts!

  29. Robin. Verne 2 years ago

    Thank you for your service to others.

  30. Loco Joe 2 years ago

    I don’t care WHAT the kids are out of, their not our responsibility!!! They get bought to help these animals get into OUR COUNTRY. No emotion Patriots, don’t let them BS you. We have to make it stop our Country has become the Wild West.
    HOW MANY ARE NANCY AND CHUCKY TAKING IN?? Thought so, but it’s ok to dump them on US.? I DONT think so. Enough tax money goes to these animals already 130 billion this year alone. Now you know why WERE SICK OF IT. Spend some of that cartel money on toothbrushes before you 2 go to jail. STOP EMOTIONAL BS, lot of other things to take care of here in the USA, like US. Do we get the tax deduction???? Thought so…..

  31. Fran Shelton 2 years ago

    Wonder if Barr will get involved in this. Sounds like the Clinton Cartel and DS at work again.

  32. Anthony Triff 2 years ago

    The nerds at google never thought us dumbasses would ever catch on….doh….

  33. R D 2 years ago

    Yay welcome back Stroppy.

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