Latest Qanon-Related News 8-22-19

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  1. Interesting comments of about the Jews from Jim Stone, but didn't Wayne Allyn Root differentiate between the Israeli Jews and the American Jews? How did Mr. Stone totally miss that? AND aren't the American Jews creating in the filth that spews out of their controlled entertainment and media industry? Would they get away with going to synagogue on Sat. and creating porn, scandal, lies, and filth the other 6 days of the week in Israel, like they do here in the USA? SO maybe there is a reason they don't live in Israel!?!

  2. Great video! I am getting so frustrated at why they want to keep the texts between strokz and page from public view until after the 2020 election!! And Hillary doesnt want to be questioned about Benghazi again, I wish the DOJ would open that back up. She sure seems to get away with alot. This evil disgusting person should be in prison or gitmo for all of the crimes she has committed!!! I want to see arrests and indicted. Where is the blockade coming from? I am sick of it. We, the Anerican people, deserve to see justice being brought against everyone who has broken laws, committed treason. Im tired of this 2-tiered justice system!!

  3. Saw an article from north Carolina that the army is doing a special training operation using college students and other civilian who are untrained but acting as the op force. So army is training how civilian militia work

  4. @3:15 Greenland's socialism is being subsidized by Denmark which due to its own socialism is very bankrupt. Trump, Mr. "Art of the Deal" is simply trying to acquire a very resource rich island which has a massive abundance of CLEAN FRESH WATER in their glaciers a commodity soon to be in very high demand. Trump is just being Trump and he will patiently wait until Denmark is more on the Ropes than they already are and them perhaps get some more out of the deal. Smart people should negotiate quickly with Trump, he never seems to make a move unless he has the upper hand to begin with so the waiting game never ends well.

  5. DON 'T YOU ever doubt WHAT the president is DOING is right ?? He SIGNED bills that AREN'T GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE…!! THE PRESIDENT CANNOT SERVE WTO COUNTRIES…!! THE Jews MIGHT LIKE MR. TRUMP….BUT TRUMP IS BEING STEERED BY THE AMERICAN ZIONISTS…!! THE MMS are owned BY the ZIONISTS….., and Abrahamowitch is the PRESIDENTS largest sponsor…!! Conflict of interests…?? No doubt…Bill GATES was infected by the Epstein-virus aswell…!! HE SHOULD sue the PEOPLE of America to prove he wasn't a child-molester…..if not…he is as GUILTY as hell….. !!

  6. There are two types of Jews which are described in Jeremiah 24. Described as two baskets of figs. One basket very good, the other basket bad. Evil. Discernment be is important when calling out certain people if Jewish dissent. The fake Jews (synagogue of Satan) are the ones who have caused all the problems …..

  7. Did not see this detail on Greenland on any other videos. Also remember detailed info you reported on HRC selling US tech secrets to the Chinese months ago, & it's just now coming out. Just subscribed.

  8. The reset was activated today! Alert! For real. That's why the jets over Hudson with Britain today. And 4 stealt. We are free of the fed. Stay tuned.

  9. Gee Stroppy, it seems the Jews have tipped their hand. No surprise if you pay attention and refuse to hold them above reproach. "….we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal……….".  Not some men are created more equal than others and above and beyond criticism….

  10. Great work exposing the ZIONIST JEWS own Google, FaceBook + Twitter! And how many ZIONIST JEWS are Judges, Stroppy?
    It appears that the Purchase GREENLAND Comment suggests HIGHER TAXES for Climate Change since a GLACIER is Melting due to the FULL SOLSTICE of the Milkey Way GALAXY. The next 11,000 Year ICE AGE should begin in 1,500 Years around 3500AD.

  11. Hollywood used to like him just fine until he took on helping to take down the pedophiles in America. Their arrests are coming. Might be why it's known as pedowood now.

  12. Maybe Billy Gates gets Microhard when he's with Epstien? Little eugenecist twat, may he fall asleep under a diseased Yak with post nasal drip.

  13. Think this Overstock guy is dodgy! I think his story is there to move HRC away from what is coming. When rverthing hits the fan she can now say "look it was nothing to do with me, I was spied on too!" Notice how he mentions HRC twice and first DJT last. Classic narrative feeding. He still has shares and that stock has risen he has lost nothing even been rewarded in real terms. He wants by his own words to drop this story and dissapear. Is this HRC throwing Strock etc under the bus because she knows whats coming and want to get out in front and distance herself as she always does? Nothing to see here!

  14. So glad that Fiona Barnett's whistleblowing on the Pedos/satanists running WORLD governments is now finally being taken seriously, worth noting that Paul Keating (ex-Prime Minister Australia) also owned a major pig farming business (favored method by many criminals to dispose of human remains…leaves no evidence…coincidence???)…Maybe now THE WORLD will start to listen with more interest (and horror) to the "incredibly brave women" like Fiona Barnett (Australia) and Cathy O'Brien (USA – MK Ultra sex slave and whistle blower) who have been trying to WAKE YOU ALL UP for DECADES!…TIME FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE TO "WAKE UP NOW" AND SMELL THE EVIL SATANIC ASSHATS THAT RUN THIS WORLD…can't wake up unless YOU OPEN YOUR EYES…
    Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Satanic Ritual Abuse (Australia)
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Cathy O'Brien (Satanic abuse – MK Ultra)


    Hiding from these horrors and not facing them is exactly HOW these monsters have gotten away with it for decades (actually centuries, but that's a whole bigger story)…right in plain sight…c'mon people, show some bravery and respect, research these women and let them know that they are NO LONGER alone in this crusade against evil…WWG1WGA – Thank Q 😉

  15. Look hear, not there…something's up with the Greenland ordeal. President Trump is not stupid….he is publically mentioning interest in Greenland for a reason. I feel it has something to do with China. China drills there for resources.

  16. Well now friend Stroppy, you are loaded with many interesting news articles today. Great job as usual. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. God bless.

  17. Hi Stroppy Me… we are hoping your wonky kidney is behaving itself for you… also we heard chatter that Greenland is a route for trafficking… both drug & human… that’s why President Trump called attention to it to have people dig in and research.. love you lots! Cheers… Xx

  18. Sir Stroppy…..a great big ole American SAAAAAALLUUUUTTTTE !!!! First time I've had to opportunity to listen….subscribed…and will SHARE SHARE SHARE ! No sellin trough lollies ovah henh mate ! GOD bless….good onya !

  19. The circle 1775 3 ? Whom was Quincy Adams. ? anonymous. Find the page you, by the tube to find a key 3 by 3 to the clock tic toc ? It has begun the storm the hammer has fallen on to the deep! Out

  20. Jews DO hate Trump. ANYONE with Eyes to see and Ears to hear knows this.

    Also, Israel is the Terrorist State, with over 77 UN Resolutions against it , including WAR CRIMES !

    But because most ALL of our Corrupt Politicians are either paid off or compromised by Israel, you will NEVER hear ANYTHING bad about the Terrorist State of Israel.

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