Latest Qanon-Related News 9-15-19

An OPINION is just that, and we all have them. We (should) form our opinions based on our personal research into the matters known.
A FACT will be supported by source data that allows logical scrutiny.
Learn to distinguish the difference for yourself.
Don’t be swayed by presentation, snake-oil salesman, etc.

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  1. Have you noticed how dis shoveled Nadler has been and Pelosi Adam Schiff you're not hearing too much out of him Wasserman you're not hearing too much out of her in the Press something tells me that the dams are on the Run

  2. The US consumes 20.5 million barrels of oil per day, the US produces 12.2 million barrels of oil per day. KitDotcomm is INcorrect and knows it. We find a lot of natural GAS, not so much crude oil.

  3. On the Kim.com Tweet, I do not for one minute believe it is the US! Remember, the BLACK HATS are STILL in Iran! It would NOT BENEFIT the US! Think! Who would it BENEFIT? The CABAL!!!They are the one's who want to start a WAR!!! When Pompeo said it was Iran, he "MEANS THE BLACK HATS" For us who have been following Q! This should be OBVIOUS!!! Just as Wray and Barr are NOT! Black Hats. For heavens sake people! Review Q Drops! Or just drop out all together!!!! Remember, we are WATCHING A MOVIE! OPTICS ARE IMPORTANT! DISINFORMATION IS IMPORTANT!!!! Information is being WITHHELD because it's NOT TIME! They have a timeline……. I don't UNDERSTAND???? Why Q followers start DOUBTING??? REVIEW THE Q DROPS!!

  4. Actually Stroppy, he is asking for something he KNOWS He can't get it … its Secret Grand Jury Material. He knows they WON'T give it to him. He is doing this so he can go on the FAKE LAME STREAM MEDIA, To say…. they are COVERING UP! For the President etc. etc. Watch him make the ROUNDS on the News and accuse the President of EVERYTHING!

  5. Sedition (mutiny) against the United States,punishable by death…How is this possible ? What were they thinking? Where they Drunk ,with $$,,,Power,, O I get it…
    American Greed…!

  6. He speaking of the BAR Association that most lawyers are connected to, the American people know what the BAR really is and what it stands for British Accredited Registry any and all BAR lawyers are assets of the Crown. Do The Research

  7. Now, If only we could Get rid of “M ecca”, The V atican And The U…N…. Oh, And O bama/Brus sels and the lot…That would take care of The D earth C ult in North Africa/Europe… And most of The L eftist/S ocialist De mocrat rats over here….(The left, America’s Alq uee da)

  8. I have to admit that my faith in the new ‘DOJ’ is waning, I don’t think Barr( aka deputy dog) will hold any of these swamp creatures accountable, I don’t see any Declass happening, I don’t see any indictments and I don’t see any arrest of the Obama administration criminals. I think this is all just one big window dressing, one big whack-a-mole shell game…sorry.

  9. if the left bolshevik dems are showing their lunacy now, imagine what they will expose to all by next Summer ?? #VoteDemOut. it is clear one cannot be a Christian and be democrat anylonger. The non Christian party are Demz today. Thou shalt not kill makes no sense to abortion demz

  10. they are starting impeachment on brett kavanaugh at the same time as d trump guess trump is winning too many imigration ruleings in the supreme court even ruth bader ginsgerg is getting tiered of the corruption what if she retires in protest and trump picks another supream court justice the dems would have to produce another circus hearing at the same time as two impeachments and many investigations at the same time thats alot on there plate these demtards are gonna hang there selfs lets hear it for the loony left

  11. Problem with Q is that those leading the con are what we call 2am campaign volunteers. What do you do to keep 2am volunteers busy when they don't approach the campaign to volunteer. Furthermore, what do you do when some of your voters are listening to their bad message? If you arrest the Q fraudsters you will likely lose the vote of those following their idiocy. If you leave them be you will lose votes when their false claims don't become true. Also, the longer you let them continue their con you risk them gaining more followers thus making the potential lost votes even higher and you risk that your opponent eventually finds a way to use it against your campaign. you also have to worry that the whole Q thing is by your opponent and they have an endgame planed like outing Q as a fraud and that you knew it was a fraud thus costing you votes and maybe enough to swing the election. My advice, would be to hire Private investigators to find out who the con-artists are and find some way to get the fraudsters to stop without breaking any laws in the process. You really don't have much options to contain the problem until you find out who the fraudsters are. As for D.C. Bar, they are referring to the D.C. law Bar. They asked the D.C. Law Bar to disbar the ford Attorneys. (take their license to be a lawyer away).

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