Latest Qanon-Related News 9-16-19 : If At First You Don't Succeed…..

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  1. They cannot use a woman as an accuser so they are trying to see how a man's accusation fares.
    The guy they are using is paid to lie and is most likely crushing on Kavanaugh, wishing it was him all along. Pure Fiction dept in the library is where you will find his BOOK until it hits the Clearance rack in a couple of weeks.

  2. Hi Stroppy, love your work… But I have two questionscomments…

    1. Anyone who makes a claim about someone else 'SHOULD' be held to the same punishment as the allegations. I spent 17 years in the court system proving I did not rape my daughter, mom walked away essentially like a 'sanctuary' person does.

    2. So this John guy who has an incredible amount of live tape of deep states dirty deeds was also tortured (brutally), but he never caved???

    Nether did his wife??? And somebody (not mentioned – but implied) held his hand throughout his triumph???

    Is this possible??? Sounds really, really fishy – Please tell me more…

  3. demonkkkRATS are mulling over two mottos. Maybe you can help? Its between "no fetus can beat Us" or "show me the man and I will show you the crime". Its a tough call since both mottos represent the party of slavery and the KKK so well.

  4. mary MAXWELL llb article criminals – lets invite them to the table ??>? TABLE 3 ???? where how many can be ~ invited???? Mary w Maxwell . ??POST -Hypnotically ??? her words could represent both the good and the bad… ?? how would she KNOW Everybody's in a tight spot??? hence she??? is scared out her wits..{{{ compassion for the kids or 911 lives]])))?
    shocker '? folks don't realize … corrupt ?individuals// = groups!!! that was known long back when gum was invented… gum stuck to lots…..

    looking forward to Mary getting the ones she seems to ?know? to be gathered at the table… will she be the mod ???
    is her article more about bad stuff creeping in to close that now it matters ,it might be a difference that effects her individualizes ?/ is that how lacks people are // no respect for the vets/ no learned reasons from past wars// no laws that have faster teeth that those in services have less results to put stops in place// use the machines .. verse human.. / well the machine did it? did mary know of the 16 year plan or the 35 year plan… the EXTRA EYES that are over all .. they're not the only groups… lots more .. space up there is very interesting…ask china what really happen to their craft … how did they loose control of it .. who in china did that ….~? so cute of the following g smaller just satellite. that took a swing in pacific verse the other over east usa.. so sonic surface earthquake… but mary assumable doesn't live there .. she would of had a …. .

    ? new tide soap proved ? every year .. that many bought it.. yet it wore the clothes out after the year ad was updated… new computer ?…new internal that few and fewer understand..
    mind control nawhhhaaa .. ~ while people busy there .. why is austrailia having a hard time finding silver to put into kilos for buyers??/ is something going on with the money stuff with bankers.. the mint?? it might be a real blast to have mary divert but that gum stuff does get stuck to shoes.. very distracting.. anyway youtube does have auzzies chitchat of the shiney stuff.. german y and denmark .. too … hum ?
    hope that Mary discovers a better way that will make legal changes .. other countries are doing that… and education needs a overhaul perhaps if reads this .. that is a start…

    if she does get them together WELL Stroppy that would be one HECK OF A SHOW>>>> are some looking for new locations for bigger jails to house the ( what is criminal~) and huge kitchen to feed laundry etc medical ..~ or new laws …with massive questions. laws can be made to take out . ask obama or read his own presidential exec. orders… oops… he got himself…yep… a hand full of eyes ~ that is funny the rabbit hole has much more.. of course the rabbit thought Easter eggs.. yet kicked dirt on the eyes …and mary skipped along the yellow brick road la la..land… … now about the workings of the fans… when fans get turned on.. there are several speeds… … ———————————————————- yep ' for that son bring on the sunny shiny' take greatest of care .. your the wildest Stroopy ever read,all the best to that kid too… kitco verse Royal mints ~ collectors dif yet object is object values are for pretty highly detailed etc yet weight is it] ups downs [where is the sunlight… the clock start where ?? early birds know for happy a happier new year .. bye …. out and away….

  5. maybe its possible you reading negatives like jimstone is giving them life. I know you seek amusement, or providing content, but roots dont drie if water is trickled to them

  6. Our hope lies in claiming the sovereignty of our own individuality & the power residing therein. Those opposing Truth have only borrowed creativity; therefore they're doomed to repeat what they believe worked in the past. They also lack love. It's the definition of evil. When I live in love & cling to truth, my creativity rules the day & vanquishes them.

  7. if you think your words don't affect the whole, then why did you start this channel… that being said, I love you an so so so many more, love you as well

  8. BUT, We do NOT have Equal Justice Under the Law. it seems If You are a Democrat, You are ABOVE the Law, They are getting more and more violent, killing more and more people with their orchestrated shootings. Making up crimes against innocent people and attempting to destroy their lives and they're getting away with it. WHEN WILL THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MAKING UP A CRIME? Every Democrat is a Criminal

  9. Not very much of us oil imports come from there anyway! Most of the imports come from Mexico Canada then from some smaller countries. Not sure of percentages.

  10. This crap will stop when Q or whoever has the damn dirt on the demoncrats and their allies releases it or the patriots rise up against all of this garbage!! Where are all the arrests that always seem to be imminent but never come to fruition!

  11. High Stroppy, Sub. Getting tired of hearing declas coming soon. Should have been done months ago. I'm smelling too much smoke, and feeling a draft in my fruit of the looms.

  12. this stroppy me reports are better than red pill and his autralian now im mexican and now i want to marry a ausie woman my son will have ausiexican blood bloody well mate

  13. Eyeofthespy's comment about FISA AND Declas expected at or after the beginning of October sounds to me like what we have been hearing for two years now. Time lines being thrown out and nothing happens. Hey, Eyeofthespy, you left out whether it is beginning of October 2019 or 2020, or was that on purpose, to mislead the Deep State traitors. An inquiring mind wants to know.

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