Latest Qanon-Related News 9-17-19 Pt2 : John's Story……

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  1. murders and traitors were once hung in PUBLIC for EDUCATION and the NORM,…
    for GOOD reason…
    because this is no longer the NORM,… they are ruling over you.
    until ALL these people HANG in PUBLIC , its just a show.

  2. You know this but be careful who you follow. I checked out Johnheretohelp and it led me to a site wherein he refers to his wife by name… Molly MacCauley… so maybe his name is John MacCauley? If you check that guy on twitter he's a retired minor league baseball couch (remember Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom to a Yankee's baseball player the other day).. anyway he has been on twitter since at least 2012 and supported Ellen Degeneres and Robin Roberts. There is a photo as well and he does not look at all burned. I suspect he's a RINO. Hence @Santasurfing is as well…. as is @jmac1747. Of course I could be wrong and still appreciate your excellent research!

  3. I assume you know I am SCOTUS called you out by name as iffy… and he specifically noted (you alone) that it was because of your referred trails… he actually likes you as we all do!

  4. By the way, it means they know in advance who you're going to broadcast! Scary, ain't it? I have a few examples where ads target me and I didn't even express them at all….. just in my head!

  5. Fascinating. Went to 4chan and listened to the interview. Very similar treatment by our Federal Officials that I just read in a book, The Inheritance by Christopher Fulton. Scary stuff

  6. Thanks for all you are doing strop.if you want a pic of dates im still getting them contact me of youtube ….maybe they are worried by you and are fooking with you,trying to stuff you up….be safe man.

  7. Trump is a weakling now. BS bluster he doesn't even comprehend himself. Iran is literally running all over everyone. Trump putting OUR military the military of the United States at the whim and command of that filthy woman hating abusing poc Saudi?

  8. Mr Stroppy,,, i think the fact you can't see the DATES of videos is something done in your area, perhaps all of Aussie,,, as here in the USA i can plainly see the DATE of each vid i view and click on,, many start out on side saying "NEW" or "RECOMMENDED" without any date,,, but when i click on it to view, it shows the date clearly underneath the vid,,, so perhaps this is just an area – wide scrub from your end, and not on Y-T as a whole

  9. Stroppy I used to see billboards dotted around the central Florida area that would say who is John Galt well I don't know who John Galt is but could this be the John of these messages

  10. Thanks again sir! This has indeed been a great journey you have put us on. Unfortunately its not unbelievable with the unimaginable evils we as Americans thought we were free from continue to rise. Everything done in the dark will come to light as we are promised.

  11. Great job. An great news. Glad you are putting it out so all can see what has been happening. But I think it's not only here in America it's all over our world. I think when it's over we will find out that it's the new world order. God bless you an protect you an you family. WWG1WGA

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