Latest Qanon-Related News 9-21-19 : More Distractions…

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  1. The deep state sure has their dirty little hands and their dirty little minds in EVERYTHING.

    Thanks Stroppy.
    Be well be safe friend.
    I'm not getting a lot of notifications lately.

  2. Pelosi, Nader et. Al.just want to interfere in the investigation that is supposed to be done when a whistleblower lodges a complaint, and likely want to publicly expose the whistle blower so they can libel and slander him/her and possibly target him/her for arkanciding. Whistleblowers have the right to some protections. There are some laws and policies already in place, but the criminals tend to ignore them. One federal office, (DSS), the IG took any whistleblower complaints right to the wrongdoer that was the subject of the complaints, so he could trash the whistleblower immediately. No justice was possible, nor prosecution of the criminals.

  3. Batting 21? 21 assassination attempts?
    Cabal is hard up. They are about out of ammo.
    Do they realize how awful it will be for them, and how close to extinction they are?
    Australia's First Lady is beautiful. I hope she's nice.
    Thank you, Stroppy, my man.

  4. Honestly, the deep state has thrown Biden under the bus, with all this ukraine crap, hes going to be totally outed as a blackmailing traitor and a rotten father, Hes saying he never disgussed the ukraine with his son, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was there, come on hes on video bragging about blackmailing and extorting money from the ukraine gov. to stop their investigation, come on he wants us to believe that his son, thinks his father pulled that 50,000 a month from the ukraine out of his ASS. wow.hes freaking magical. good going deep state. thanks hes going down, wow hes a rotten father too.50,000 a month for his drug habit.

  5. Other that the Q boards, no one has even spoken of the Biden/Hunter deals in China and the Ukraine. By bring this whistleblower out into the open the Democrats now have to explain why or what Trump would want investigated. Fools.

  6. Dissolutioned words like bullets bark ;
    as human gods aim for their mark ;
    make everything from toy guns that spark –
    to flesh colored Christ's that glow in the dark ;
    it's easy to see without looking too far ;
    that nothing is really scared. ( to them )
    Bob Dylan

  7. What about the State Dinner with representative from your country? It looked pretty impressive. I'm sorry Can't think of his name nor his title. Please forgive me. I would like to hear what you have to say about this and how President Trump honored your person.

  8. Thank you Stroppy for the updates I always appreciate all the articles that you bring to us even though Q's not posting I still find your channel very interesting thank you for all your time and work. Being from the States I am really tired of all the bs stories about our POTUS. Remember in the beginning before the collusion story it was a big deal that he had two scoops of ice cream and everyone else had one I still have to laugh about that one every news station reported it here

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