Latest Qanon-Related News 9-22-19

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  1. Thank you Stroppy for keeping us informed and helping to keep us all together while Q is unable to post. It was wonderful to see your smiling face. I wish you had a donation button because I am very grateful for all your time and effort God Bless and stay well.

  2. I was put in Facebook jail for mentioning the crooked dealings of Biden's son. Apparently mentioning Biden or his son goes against community standards – or rather Facebook standards.

  3. Several days ago, I suggested that the 62K+ subscribers attributed to "Stroppy Me" should be higher; I think I surmised double. Since then, LT at 'And We Know', aka Serial Brain 2, states HIS estimate that for every SEVEN (7) VIEWS there, just ONE (1) is credited to him.

  4. Nancy polosers attempt to black mail Trump will fail miserably as usual .when will Trump take the offensive and lock up these traitors?? They have no right and no authority to ease drop on his conversation Everytime he enteracts with a forien official.THATS HIS JOB !! You nosey whore!! Give up your pointless smear tactics .NO ONE pays attention to msm fake news any more you skank idiot.nasty poloser….lolprayi g for the day you and the rest of the NWO goons are hanging on the White House lawn .coming soon .I hope.patriots are awake now your all going downhill..TRUMP2020.will be the rebirth of America.god bless our patriots.spread the word of truthwake up your neighbor.your family your country with every waking moment .msm is failing

  5. Again, thank you from those of us in USA for all you do to keep us informed. You are the first place I go to for the start of my morning. Hope you are feeling 100% now.

  6. Pls. Get yer rest Stroppy – – Cuz It looks like Ukraine's about to Hit-tha-fan !!! (just saw a report of a new Lawyer added to their Team.. Mark S. Zaid who is well known in the comic books industry (of all places!) as a True Rat-bastard. The man is Despicable, Like a Michael Avenatti, Only much Smarter.

    "Q" better come thru soon – – or else end this "Larp" .

  7. Hunter the puke ball drug abusing army dropout, the only reason you aint in Military Prison is because of your Satanic father. Twice as dishonorable as daddy and daddy has 0 ( zero) honor.

  8. Joe Biden, & Biden's connection
    to Ukraine. Biden had a huge part in the Russian Collision story, because it was from his office in the W/H that Guccifer 2.0 came to exist. It was also from a program registered to his IT, Warren Flood, that the Guccifer
    2.0 Russian fingerprint emanated. You see, all of this ties Biden in a undeniable way to the Seth Rich murder, and makes him a accessory after the fact, because circumstances say Guccifer 2.0 was a effort to verify "Russian Collusion". This not only only ties Biden to this
    crime, but every other deep state agent. Read all about it @
    http://davenettlesgospelmusic.com/thesethrichmurdermotive.html It's all
    there, all the evidence.

  9. Ukrainian a phonetic language, not that hard to learn how to pronounce Ukrainian minister names. First learn Ukrainian alphabet, only one sound for each letter, unlike English.

  10. You're the best, Stroppy. Short and sweet – great news, great info, great presentation, no fluff" Many more of us than you know rely only on you to get the news they are unable to get otherwise. What a lifeline. Sorry to hear about Ned. Keep up the fabulous work, Mate.

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