Latest Qanon-Related News 9-24-19

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  1. Wonder just how many of those who are in congress REALLY KNOW what is in our CONSTITUTION? It would be a great thing if anyone who runs for a seat in Congress had to pass a real tough TEST on the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS before being allowed to run…PLUS only those born here could run! Sure would clean up a bunch of crap we are now bombarded with, don't you think???

  2. I am hoping that Julian Assange is now in protective custody until those who want to shut him up permanently can be dealt with… but as to the likelihood of that… well… hope is all I have, in the absence of evidence.

  3. As always & every day: I come home from work late, and I am happy when I get your News&great informations about "what is going on in USA and more", and I like your friendly voice !
    God bless you and stay healthy ! ( I feeled sorry for you, when your dog "wented to heaven" and hope you are no more so sad, now after a while. As I wrotte one time already, I am from germany, – so sorry, my english is not so perfect)

  4. I wonder if Nazi Pelosi, Nadler and the other communist dems would fit in the same clown car. If so, who would come out first during the circus? Then again it's more of a zoo. In a circus, the animals are trained.

  5. FLOTUS ringing the bell ? The death knell of the Central Bankings System Stroppy. All the cards are falling down to open the door for a new "real money" system; backed by precious metals. " For Whom The Bell Tolls" ? Everyone not prepared.

  6. Stroppy, big stuff is brewing and all is well. The Team may be giving dark for another few weeks while the pieces are being put together behind the scenes. Maybe soon we won’t need to hide because we believe in making our Countries great…at last… Have Faith my Australian hero, it’s going to be good but anger is JUSTIFIED…all of these Liars signed a Contract with the Globalists to lie, cheat, bear false witness, and do whatever harm they are asked to do…How many people signed those contracts …..4 million Luciferians…everyone against the President and anyone helping our fight for freedom….contracted to be Evil…a mess…a web of Witches and Vampires…

  7. Stroppy, did you see the video Santa Surfing made just for you? They are trying to get ahold of you but she did not get your email. She said her email is being attacked. She said there is something HUGE they want to talk to you about but need you to check in with them. I am on Twitter & in the US. You can trust me implicitly if you want to use me as a go between to get a phone number or something to them. Just an offer. Go STROPPY!!

  8. She rang the bell….What a Story Heaven is telling right now…I am so proud of our Flotus. Reading emotions is tough sometimes and my heart has been linked in prayer with hers since I first felt the danger and anger…This has been a tough test the Universe will be replaying for ever….She and the Family have had to be so brave against impossible odds. Someday soon the World will wake up and see just what the heck they have endured while the Media threw rocks at them…never again!

  9. If Trump told Sessions that Sessions was "supposed to protect me", then does that indicate that Sessions was a deep state plant in the Trump administration? Apparently Sessions was not loyal?
    Also Sessions gave up his Senate seat in Alabama. That seat's special election was won by the democrats after yuge money smear campaign on the Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore. The big FAKE media story was that Judge Moore was being accused of sexual assault that occurred over 30 years ago when the accuser was under 18 years old. That accuser did not remember where Moore's house was located.
    Later came out that the accuser's parents had their home foreclosed upon and Judge Moore was the presiding judge. Same tactic used on kavanaugh but sucessful because Alabama citizenry is very religious. False testimony is one of the commandments thou shalt not do.

  10. Music is the key to the clock, Q lives in the music page dude? 3 step = the circle 1775 3 ? Whom was Quincy Adams. ? anonymous know your com. What is a 3 step Cypher by the note 5.4. Out

  11. It's concerning I recall his praises to JA. Now saying he did not know. Shaking my head. Free JA pardon for all criminals Clinton Obama pardon maybe to right some wrongs pardon JA and snowd. God bless the truth seekers God bless the faithful.

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