Latest Qanon-Related News 9-25-19

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  1. What are being distracted from? Here is what David Blackmon has to say:
    "Jeffrey Epstein very suspicious death: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Major Democrat donor Ed Buck’s running a drug and sex ring from his home: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Insane proposals from all the Marxists running for the Democrat presidential nomination: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Pending indictments of Andrew McCabe: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Pending FISA report from IG Michael Horowitz: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Booming Trump economy: Completely out of the news cycle.

    Those are just the near-term outcomes. Here are some longer-term considerations:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has to leave the Supreme Court for health reasons: Media/Democrats will scream that no president under impeachment investigation should be allowed to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court.

    Hamper other Trump court nominations: Media/Democrats will attempt to tie up Senate Judiciary Committee time with fake impeachment business.

    Hamper Trump trade deals: Pelosi will use impeachment as an excuse to refuse to consider voting to approve the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Deal. She and Schumer will also attempt to overwhelm the White House with impeachment-related demands, thus hampering Trump’s ongoing efforts to secure major additional trade deals with China, Great Britain and India."

  2. How many times have we been told that this report was going to be released very soon or right around the corner or that report was coming out in a couple of weeks??? HOW MANY??? Patience is running very thin…we need something to prove everything we have been told the past year or so!

  3. I'm not buying the "mass suicide" story from the Navy. I think it more likely those guys were suicided without their prior knowledge because of the sensitivity of their work.

  4. The Democrats are in high school. Bunch of old teenagers who are angry because President Trump won and they still can’t deal with the reality of it.

  5. Thank you for the update Stroppy. What the hell did Skeletor Pelosi just say? Her dentures are moving all in her dirty mouth and I could not understand a thing the mummy said. Translation please!

  6. These are the magic words Trump was waiting for NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW
    Pelosi you will all eat those words.
    Q 959 NO body escapes this nobody.

  7. I can hardly wait until Biden is out of the way and President Trump can focus on totally destroying Warren. Can you imagine how much dirt he has been able to dig up on her by now? LOL

  8. I keep hoping that as a former Navy officer I’ll be recalled to active duty to serve on military tribunals to put the demoncrats on trial for treason and sedition. They are going to need a lot of officers to sit on all the trials that are coming.

  9. The story on the Navy sailors committing suicide, in relation to "Radiofrequency Waves"(?) reminds me of someone's comment on another video (unrelated to this topic of sailors suicides), & they used the term "lilly waves". I looked it up and it too can cause "madness", make people crazy (that could make someone suicidal, you'd think.).

  10. @5:00 that thing hasn't worn an American flag pin since there were only 13 stars on it and then —-> impeach Trump = the biggest flag pin anyone has ever worn… hmm.. not buying it wench..

  11. Stroppy, I have heard about the $1.5 Trillion bailout….but cannot find anything anywhere….you are the 2nd person who has brought this up within a week……can you provide any potential resource that would point in that direction please?

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