Latest Qanon-Related News 9-27-19 : Ukraine-gate…..

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  1. I was on vacation for nearly two weeks, and got away from the ongoing nonsense for awhile. Coming back now, I find it a little easier to be objective and take a balanced view of the Democrats' feud with President Trump. On the whole, I think they have at best a very weak case; moreover, the exposure of the Biden family's history with the Ukraine is going to hurt JB's bid for the nomination–maybe even worse than his constant gaffes. Many other of the Dem establishment pols, across the board, have likely been involved in far worse wrongdoing than what they're trying to hang on the Prez. Bottom line: the Dems will likely fail to get a conviction, and perhaps end up hurting themselves big time. One last note: I simply cannot believe the many polls which purport to show Biden as the leading Democratic candidate. The reliability of pollsters is a matter which deserves serious investigation.

  2. Stroppy, In my humble opinion, President Trump has set up the Democrat Rats to board a sinking vessel. The media is going crazy trying to figure why the text was moved from an "accessible" server to a less accessible server only sets up what is clear to me. Q and Q+ saw this a mile away (since they both knew "firsthand" requirements for whistleblower complaint was being set up) and moved the transcript to a place where the Dems would have egg all over their face and not be able to write their complaint against the truth, so they punted. So crazy.

  3. Actually Lee I read it word for word and so can you. It’s all over twitter if you know where to look. He sounded like Spock in Star Trek. It’s laughable. And watch your language. This is supposed to be a safe Channel and be respectful to others.

  4. When does the divine intervention start? DJT was elected by divine intervention. God says in His word "Touch not Mine Anointed". So when does it start, & how severe will it be?
    More bad info from George Webb. He claimed that a MS-13 named Alpha Jalloh was the Seth Rich killer, but Alpha Jalloh & his team are car theives, not killers.  Another nice try George.

  5. So Dobbs just reported that the CIA whistleblower left the White House in July. Late in August the first hand info clause was removed from the complaint form. The Whistleblower Report is out the next week! Let's see who authorized this change of procedure. Now, Hillary emerges to tell us what a bad man DJT is. This whole deal stinks of the Clintons.

  6. So, Stroppy, just who is funding the shadow government and who is following their money? Easy to see there are essentially 2 CapitalsGoverning agencies. Which one owns the Media? Case closed.

  7. I wonder why the trump admin hid more phone calls on their highest level secret carrying computer which involve NO SECRETS… wonder why those calls to russia and saudi arabia were put in there… Why would trump hide his calls to russia and saudi arabia but not other ones if they contained no secrets??


  8. Itelligence community IG is most definately part of the deep state. This IG allowed this fiasco to move forward on heresay. But…our beloved duly elected president got them in checkmate and released the transcript.

  9. Those creeps went a month ahead and changed the whistleblower rules to include hearsay. They changed the rules from you had to be the original witness form report to a 2nd or 3rd party rumor hearsay form report. Cheating POS dems. God please arrest these jerks.

  10. Barrack fake news Obama repealed Reagan's Fair act journalism law in 2012 so lying propaganda could be lawful. These nasty sneaky LYING pigs changed many of our laws without any of the American people knowing a thing. Traitors!!! WWG1WGA MAGA

  11. President Trump isn’t the only president that the Dems and the CIA tried to take out, they succeeded with the assassination of President Kennedy. Very scary!

  12. Now Pelosi is inacting impeachment. What happened to the VOTE for an impeachment inquiry. Guess they have to take a 2 week recess to figure out what nonsense to come forward with next. I hope they hurry up, because every time they rush they trip over their own feet.

  13. I was just watching Season 6 episode 3 THE BLACKLIST. at 28 minutes to 30 minutes into the show, Raymond Redington has a monologue about the state of truth in modern society…shocking that the leftist media can slide nuggets of wisdom into their narratives…and probably not realize it. UNLESS as usual they like to hide the truth in plain sight disguised as entertainment.

  14. I hate having the Democrats telling us what we have to think when they pass their propaganda to us. What I really think is you are so out of touch with what we believe and think. I didn't vote for Trump last time, nor did I vote for Queen Hilary. This year I can hardly wait to vote for Trump and try to eliminate the self exalted extreme left.

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