Latest Qanon-Related News 9-8-19

An OPINION is just that, and we all have them. We (should) form our opinions based on our personal research into the matters known.
A FACT will be supported by source data that allows logical scrutiny.
Learn to distinguish the difference for yourself.
Don’t be swayed by presentation, snake-oil salesman, etc.

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  1. Martin Vandever 3 years ago

    Alaskan fan here, gotta here from down under. Thank you for your news.

  2. Karen Reaves 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for you’re time and efforts. God bless you and keep you. See: Ipot shows how fake the fake news is. Port Saint Luc y. here in Florida. We have Cocaine washing up on our Beaches.

  3. Maria Hanson 3 years ago

    OANFanPage no longer exists on twitter. Therefore, we cannot read this story on our own. I checked OAN at youtube and the videos of Watkins do not exist. I would appreciate any help in gaining access to these interviews. Thank you.

  4. rick couture 3 years ago

    in the Life , Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….8chan is a linchpin of Liberty, no free speech no Liberty…..

  5. 62borntorun 3 years ago

    Hello Stroppy, WWG1WGA WORLDWIDE

  6. Lu Scannell 3 years ago

    Happy Sunday sir. I appreciate you.

  7. That Nuclear power plant claim is ridiculous. Thats not how a nuclear chain reaction would even happen. You cant equate a Nuclear Explosion to a Meltdown of the core. Thats the dumbest idea for a conspiracy ive heard this year.

  8. Danny Collins 3 years ago

    Want to thank you and all the parrots out there taking care of us, hope you all have a great day, bless you all!

  9. Buzz ard 3 years ago

    The one view , a bunch of old burnt out Dumbass's

  10. Mark G. 3 years ago

    Obama and all his cohorts in this scheme. the government, traitors all need to be taken to GITMO and hung for treason. Short and. Sweet.

  11. Jenny Harris 3 years ago

    important watch on youtube.—Chinese Communist Blueprint for Takeover Countries

  12. Foxxie55 3 years ago

    The person writing that AG Barr stated this and that about this case.. WHAT, that would mean a leak. So now I ask you. Would AG Barr leak any information about any case like Comey is going to be charged with.. So I question the articles reliability in truth…. Just my opinion of course… God Bless..

  13. Robert Landers 3 years ago


  14. StormBear 3 years ago

    John Doe… Prince Harry ?

  15. Janet Strohbeck 3 years ago

    Hi Stropy

  16. Janet Strohbeck 3 years ago

    Hi Stroppy hope that you are keeping well. I think John Doe is bill gates. Just a hunch

  17. Michael Shapiro 3 years ago

    My Thoughts & Prayers holding up Eye the Spy. Speedy recovery! Those lizards will have their turn. On a spit, I hope. MAGA! WWG1WGA.

  18. Michael Shapiro 3 years ago

    Oh, Assange is responsible for hurting Hillary! Wouldn't be HILLARY, with her illegal, treasonous server pipeline to foreign actors; wouldn't be her forcible abandonment of the embassy in the middle east; wouldn't be her family's pay-for-play Foundation; wouldn't be the Dems' election frauds; wouldn't be the Arkan-cides, or the murder of Seth Rich, or her "landing under fire," or her trips to Little St. James, or even poor electioneering…. Nope: Julian Assange!

  19. Michael Shapiro 3 years ago

    Glad to hear it's a quiet news day. A man-made hurricane of unprecedented force supposedly targets a "direct hit" on a U.S. nuclear power plant; meanwhile, an underwater nuclear device is supposedly set to explode simultaneously near the plant, creating a Chernobyl-style catastrophe. Slow news, indeed, since these events seem not to have occurred as described. Oh, the histories that will be written!!! I prefer this "slow news" – to the hotter version, skilfully aborted by Patriots.

  20. PLASTICDADA II 3 years ago

    When is Jeffery Epstein's subsequent funeral going to be?

  21. Dog World 3 years ago

    Thank you for the update Stroppy. It’s amazing the things that have come up to light since our wonderful President was elected. The Deep State is imploding and coming to light slowly but surely.

  22. bella roja 3 years ago

    There is no "Q", was always a con psy op by Trump, who is now owned cuz' of Epstein. BS frame up of 8chan, hiding hearings/testimony cuz FBI is all over that 8chan. No more Q – weak. Proves what a fraud Q always was.

  23. bella roja 3 years ago

    WATCH YOUR WATER, everyone. Literally.

  24. Adam Thcuin 3 years ago

    im positive eye the spy is female in her 30s

  25. Kira de La Rochefoucauld: Agree. Amazing Polly is brilliant and probably does the best research I have seen in my lifetime. I do worry about her. There is a lot of evil out there…….. and truth exposing could be dangerous. Frightening how so many things/people in the news are interconnected. The Maxwell's ties into ALL the computer systems is scary. As a consequence, they know every secret out there.

    Stroppy Me. You are terrific, too. Glad you seem to be doing better, health wise. And by the way, I like the inclusion of Sorcha Faal. True or not the perspective is always interesting.

  26. Chris Terry 3 years ago

    I’ve never loathed another human being until Hussein.

  27. Ben Winter 3 years ago

    Yter Shaun Attwood has been doing good work on the Epstein stuff .

  28. Secture Vero 3 years ago

    Jim Watkins wearing the Q pin and no one asking about it is part of the show..Kabuki Theater. We have all seen it in TV and movies. "Foreshadowing" to get the audience drawn into the show…screaming to themselves and the screen "I knew he was a good guy," "lOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!" wow people are still so gullible. Go ahead "ASK THE Q ALREADY!!" the "movements" trigger teaser. all waiting, edge of their seats…DO IT!!, DO IT!! QQQQQQQQQ! Getting a little cultish…

  29. S. Ivers 3 years ago

    Why and how does anyone trust Jack Prosobiec or OAN.
    They outted themselves a long time ago.
    What gives?

  30. Michael Meyers 3 years ago

    If you leak classified material? INTENT is irrelevant. Charge, prosecute and and punish.

  31. Ben Burg 3 years ago


  32. Moko Monty Robson 3 years ago

    Go TRUMP Go…..And Stop 5G World Wide…..Peace & Love 2U Alll……

  33. MrJoncz 3 years ago

    That cat video is IPOT, (In Pursuit of Truth's). It is actually a very interesting vid. And if POTUS pointed it out than there must be something to it. Look it up, and don't forget to read MY comment on there.

  34. Tim Burton 3 years ago

    Hahahaha, President Trump trolling the FAKE-LameStream Media is truly epic… President Trump playing 4-D Chess while the Demonrats and fake-media are playing Checkers… #WWG1WGA

  35. Tim Burton 3 years ago

    Airplanes DIDN'T crash into the Twin Towers on 9/11… fake fake fake or so I'm believing.

  36. Bitter Clinger 3 years ago

    Jack P is a fake maga.

  37. Zelda Robinson 3 years ago

    Hi Stroppy . thanks for the update .

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