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Lloyd Austin to White Hats: Surrender or Else


Lloyd Austin to White Hats: Surrender or Else

Officers in the White Hat community have been receiving letters authored by the criminal regime’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, which hold an ominous ultimatum: relinquish command in exchange for possible amnesty, or prepare to face the music, according to documents reviewed by Real Raw News and sources familiar with the issue.

At least 65 officers across all branches of the armed forces have received letters accusing them of “treason,” and demanding they “voluntarily terminate command and surrender to proper authority.” The proper authority is Lloyd Austin.

A source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office said that Austin sent Gen. Berger a personalized note with instructions to publicly condemn President Donald J. Trump, to overtly recognize Joseph R. Biden as the lawfully elected president of the United States, to order his forces to at once “cease and desist all unconstitutional paramilitary action against elected and appointed officials,” and to surrender no later than December 22, 2022.

Members of General Berger’s council, including Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, got similar correspondence, with a twist. The letters demanded they renounce Gen. Berger and hinted at possible exoneration if they stated in writing that Gen. Berger had coerced, wheedled, or tricked them into acting in contravention of the U.S. Constitution. The letters also required they write a statement of contrition, admitting that their “lawless and unconstitutional malfeasance” had grievously fractured the country and was inimical to the tenets of the Constitution.

Third tier officers—primarily warrant officers, lieutenants, and captains—were told to author a formal apology saying imprudent behavior and poor judgment had led them astray. “We understand General Berger and his ‘council’ may have inveigled your cooperation in his scheme to destabilize the United States. His transgressions against the United States and President Joseph R. Biden are unforgivable, however, we also understand extenuating circumstances may have caused unblemished officers to follow his lead…While we cannot guarantee your continued service in the United States military, and you will likely receive a dishonorable discharge, you will not face a court martial if you stipulate to the terms of this official document,” part of a letter read.

General Berger, our source said, was quick to quote Admiral Akbar: “It’s a trap!”

“Gen. Berger shredded his letter and encouraged his men to do likewise. He thinks it’s a snare. As far as he knows, everyone who got Austin’s letter tore it up. Their desperate to put us out of business, willing to do anything, and I’m surprised they haven’t threatened our families,” our source said.

As an aside, RRN on November 9 reported that three White Hat officers surrendered to the Deep State because they were disappointed with the midterm election results. Those officers, sources said, have literally vanished from the face of the planet.

“They’re probably dead,” our source said. “Their apologies to Lloyd Austin didn’t make a difference and emboldened him to start his letter writing campaign, I’d guess.”

“If they come for us, we’re more than ready,” he said in closing.


Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, too, received a threatening letter written by Austin. The letter ordered Adm. Crandall to immediately free GITMO detainees, cease all unlawful prosecutions, and turn himself in.

In response, Adm. Crandall wrote back, “I have a better idea. You turn yourself in, Lloyd. We have a seat reserved for you.”

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  1. Yesterday started out on a very positive, “this is what we’ve been waiting for” vibe that disappeared as fast as it came. But then everything shifted into damage control mode when the spin doctors didn’t have a Q excuse for the military not showing up with the calvary to serve nothing burgers to the digital soldiers actually doing all of the work, ready for celebrations, and instead, getting confirmed as stereotypical tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists on the world stage and more importantly, our friends, family and children. Q is in its 6th season of flipping the script and changing the whitehat cast so many times that it’s hard to keep track when Elon Musk and Bill Barr are only part-time good guys. And like all great movies, it doesn’t take long for the sequels and reruns, soon all of the patrons who bought season passes have ridden all of the rollercoasters and started requesting refunds. Whether you like this, or agree with it is irrelevant. Remember this today as you are asked to hold the line and help move those goalposts back, Q the great oracle prophesizing the importance of optics doesn’t see how this looks to objective thinkers recruited to point out the deception? When you lie to an overthinker, they will not stop looking for evidence that makes sense. “Most of these channels are nothing but DHS agents putting out hopium to quell descent and capture information on people ready to take down the DC Crime Syndicate.”. So, spare me the Entertainment purposes disclaimer BS.

    1. I hear you and it is very frustrating, expecting certain things to happen and then they don’t. I just tell myself that it’s like a Chess Game that WE have WON already, but there are still moves on both sides yet to play out before CHECKMATE is reached. I think they call it Game Theory or they gamed it out. You must focus on the plays they had to use to get to the Grand Finale, whenever that may be. Knowing we have already WON is what keeps me going; however, Mike Baxter at RRN has me thinking he’s either being given Disinformation at times or the info being put out is for someone else’s benefit, as in the Bad Guys or Sleepers. There is one article I didn’t share on TTQ lately that he posted, as it was obviously FAKE News because I pay attention to what comes out of President Trump’s mouth and he did NOT say anything close to wanting to Terminate the Constitution! Here it is… Thank you for the chat and for visiting TTQ! God Bless! https://realrawnews.com/2022/12/white-hats-upset-at-trumps-comments-on-the-constitution/

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