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Marines Sink FEMA Ship in the Pacific

Marines Sink FEMA Ship in the Pacific


United States Marine Corps F-35 Lightning II 5th Generation Fighter/Bombers on Wednesday destroyed a FEMA barge off the California coast, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The late evening strike began when Third Marine Air Wing pilots sortied from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, with orders to sink a FEMA ship in international waters 50 miles west of Long Beach.

“General Smith got a good tip that a FEMA boat that left port in Seattle was heading south in deep water off the Pacific coast by California. It was unusual because FEMA typically keeps its boats on the east coast to exploit people during landfalling hurricanes. Being in the Pacific meant it would have to cross the Panama Canal to reach the eastern seaboard. Before the F-35s, the general sent a chopper to verify the claims,” our source said.

An SH-53 Sea Stallion confirmed the presence of an unflagged feeder ship—medium-size freight ships that collect shipping containers from different ports and transport them to central container terminals where they are loaded to bigger vessels or for further transport into the hub port’s hinterland—in the area the tipster had indicated.

That all FEMA boats are blocky barges better suited for trudging the Mississippi than sailing oceans blue is inaccurate. Our source said FEMA controls at least four vessels over 400′ long that do not fit the technical definition of a barge, and that each can hold hundreds of prisoners. The term “FEMA barge” entered common vernacular decades ago, when FEMA had only modified barges to carry out its reign of terror on the populace, but the nefarious agency eventually expanded its fleet to include large yachts, freight carriers, and a cruise ship, paid for from the proceeds of Black Budget programs and items stolen from homes of storm victims.

The Sea Stallion, our source said, tried identifying the ship through radio calls. The boat did not reply. Spotters on the Sea Stallion then used thermal optics to determine how many people were aboard the unflagged ship. They detected only six, all on or around the bridge.

“The ship had no containers on board,” our source said.

A few minutes later, as the chopper loitered, spotters visually identified a man in a FEMA windbreaker peering back at them through a pair of binoculars.

“That was our confirmation,” the source said.

As the Sea Stallion egressed, Gen. Smith ordered the F-35s to scramble. The fighters flew west over open water, overflying the ship’s latitudinal position by 100 miles, then swung south and east until they turned abeam of the boat.

The men on the ship probably never saw the attacking planes, not at least until it was too late.

Each F-35 had launched AGM-158C LRASM long-range anti-ship missiles at 75 miles. According to an after-action battle damage assessment, the ship’s cracked hull was aflame and doomed to sink.

“The pilots dove for the deck and buzzed the burning FEMA barge. They saw no survivors. We don’t know where it was going, but that makes one less FEMA craft we must worry about. We aim to get them all given a chance,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source whether the pilots would have strafed survivors.

“That’s not my decision, but if you want my opinion, none of those FEMA bastards deserve mercy,” he said.

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