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  1. OUr Church put up three lighted triangles and as soon as i saw it i couldn't even concentrate on Worship and my husband and I are praying about leaving. I tried to find a Church that's not part of 501 C3 and there are none.

  2. Karen Jones your comment scares me about the former sec general of World Evangelical Alliance meeting with pope; where did you hear that please?

  3. That is so true Mark, God just spoke to me recently through my dementia patient! ! And yes he will use whatever means to get our attention and it’s always done with an anointing , he lets you feel his presence to know it’s him, from my experience.

  4. Oh, you had a dream about another Trump being elected president. There's no way that's going to happen. Trump ruined it for any of his children. Ivanka? Are you kidding me? I haven't heard that she has any interest whatsoever is seeking an elected office.

  5. If the MSM was NOT so very negative against the POTUS, it would be so much easier for people to see the good thing he is really doing for this country. They only watch select media. Even my own hometown newspaper is so liberal it is an absolute rag and I do not buy it very often.

  6. I wonder if Muskegon, Michigan is a demonic portal, because there is so much demonic activity here. It was once number 2 in he nation for human trafficking. We recently had a few people supposedly abducted. I have been praying spiritual warfare and pleading the blood of Jesus over it, but I think I am alone in it. I cannot find another christian who believes this.

  7. Everything gives off a frequency? Satan is using chemtrails to do an end-run around the frequencies to keep us from worshiping God? Where does the American christian right get all these frothing schizos?

  8. I just saw a reposted interview of Mark and yourself, where Mark talks about Don Jr. being the next President in 2024. I intuited this a week ago. Mark prophecizes…..I intuit and receive answers in a gnostic, knowingness way….its a little different, and I was born with these skills. It's more like a complex statistical analysis, and answers are intuited with a high probability. I am not a Christian, but understand and see some of the same things Mark does in a slightly different way. I knew years and years ago Trump would run and become President, he had been taking steps years ago and it was just a matter of time. If he ran, he was going to win. Everyone laughed at me, until Trump won. Well, I just "saw" Don Jr. as the continuation plan after his father about a week ago, so the fact this image flashed at Mark, too, really raises my eyebrows. I think Don Jr. is the one Q was referring to as the next in line. Not Ivanka.

  9. Nay sayers…alot of them are paid to do these nasty remarks. I saw a documentary on it. Just a kid making money on the internet to do this not only to you but any trump supporter that has a sight. Don't know who is paying them.

  10. Great show! I love when you have Mark on the show.

    I thought I'd check back and see if there were any takes on Maximum Security's "foul" loss. It seems the stewards who made the call only issued a statement and wouldn't answer questions. They gave Maximum Security 17th place.

    People lost millions in the bet. However, Country House was 65-1. High odds. It makes one wonder who won that money. Will names be given?

    Maximum Security was definitely the best horse.
    I did see the SB2 on the race.

  11. I was gifted with the Koran when I was in Egypt. I read part of it and it was a cross between porn and a horror story. I got rid of it. The Koran is Satanic. No doubt in my mind.

  12. Two PHONIES and LIARS. Neither is even a follower of Jesus Christ. They LIE LIE LIE, and neither know the Lord, nor are they KNOWN by the Lord. Unfortunately for you, churchianity is filled with these demonically inspired phonies. So eat their shit and bark at the moon, and be antiChrist just like them both. — Michael A

  13. Pope changed the Lord's prayer….big no no. Huge warning the Pope is telling you who he is. This should warn Catholics as God says not go change one word of his word. Deuteronomy 4:2

  14. Just tried to post on a SB2 site (the first one worked – showed up) but when I tried another post, it would NOT go through???? (I tried everything to make it work like the first post I sent). Is there some kind of sabotage going on??? I posted about the "concentration camps" built at least 15 years ago in the northern mid west. My brother drove past one for miles on a 2-lane road while on an RV trip!!. Barbed wire facing IN not OUT!!!! Heard about this on a talk show (radio) more than once, also.

  15. According to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in the Paradigm, says Pres. Trump is a Type of Jehu. Jehu had decendants to the 4th Generation on the Throne. Hillary is definitely a Type of Jezebel who will be thrown down by Jehu/Trump!

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