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McCain Republicans Partner with Radical Democrats to Rig Elections Against MAGA in Arizona

McCain Republicans Partner with Radical Democrats to Rig Elections Against MAGA in Arizona

RedpillUSAPatriots Published November 26, 2022
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  1. Pretty sure all the same, even here in blue state of Maine. More GOP voters but did not show much in the central area

    1. Oh yes, in EVERY State they cheated! I am in WA state and I know for a fact most of my state is RED and also strictly MAIL-IN and controlled by Demonrats. There is NO WAY that Communist, Patty Murray, won by a Republican majority! They Lie, Cheat, and Steal and the only way they continue to remain in charge is by SELECTION. That’s OK. They have outworn their Welcome and we shall soon be rid of this Demon fungus plaguing this Earth. Thank you Lord as we are DONE playing this sick game. Keep the Faith. The Best is Yet to Come! God Bless!

  2. As it was stated by many Presidents & high up political people , Many People Are PLACED into position ; SELECTED Not Elected ! It’s Not Whom Votes that has mattered much ; it’s the one whom Counts the votes that matters ! Arizona has always had a bought out structure due to shady cross border characters slanting Government Officials with under the table money. Arizona would have never gathered the distinction of having a long term compromised individual named Senator No Name ; had the State had a reputation for cleanliness . Everyone now knows the problems & it is time for us to clean this mess up ! My suggestion always has been , to Elect Citizens whom are already known as Proven Hero’s . I always want my friends in SOF Community to take the point after completing their Military or 1st Responder Roles . Best Option for good governance is to hire a proven veteran known for saving lives. Then this nation will again have true backbone enforced by Creator God Fearing Citizens ! ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

    1. I so agree; however, Ex-CIA Servicemen I can NEVER Trust. That Slotnick Congresswoman is a good example. Once CIA ALWAYS CIA, correct? I do not feel they can be completely rehabilitated, nor do they want to be. Please change my mind! God Bless.

      1. I know the CIA types & generally , once they sell their souls , there is no going back ! I still pray that they turn towards Creators Face yet I feel that I am wasting my time . I feel guilty cause we all should believe 100 % in Possibility of Redemption ! I But For The Grace of God , would have died quite a few times If Not due to his forgiveness & blessings ………. Fortunate to have had several instances where I saved lives although the ship incident will probably be my largest count of lives saved ……. Nick ,NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

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