Media silent on dismissal of DNC suit against Julian Assange


A ruling last August that proves Julian Assange's assertions that he DID NOT get his information from Russia and that Russiagate was an utter and complete FRAUD on the People!! Justice for SETH RICH is coming soon!

"A federal court ruling last Tuesday dismissing a Democratic National Committee (DNC) civil suit against Julian Assange “with prejudice” was a devastating indictment of the US ruling elite’s campaign to destroy the WikiLeaks founder. It exposed as a fraud the entire “Russiagate” conspiracy theory peddled by the Democratic Party, the corporate media and the intelligence agencies for the past three years.

The decision, by Judge John Koeltl of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, rejected the smears that Assange “colluded” with Russia. It upheld his status as a journalist and publisher and dismissed claims that WikiLeaks’ 2016 publication of leaked emails from the DNC was “illegal.”

Despite the significance of the ruling, and its clear newsworthiness, it has been subjected to an almost complete blackout by the entire media in the US and internationally."

Media silent on dismissal of DNC suit against Julian Assange

Having trumpeted the slander that Assange is a “Russian agent” for the past three years, the “New York Times”, the “Washington Post” and other corporate outlets have blacked out a court decision refuting their lies.


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