Message №1 for QAnon & His Community, From 8chan's Author (& Author of Majority of 8kun's Software)

As 8chan’s author, and the author of the majority of 8kun’s software, so credited at the bottom of each page, I make the following declarations:

* 8chan, 8kun & tripcodes are insecure
* No one is better equipped to judge their security than I
* You can easily secure your drops by signing them…
* With ANY system, not only PGP you dip!
* I recommend Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses.

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  1. Q fraudsters are currently under sealed indictment. They will be unsealed after the election. If you made money off the Q fraud, get a lawyer yesterday. It is a crime to pretend to be a federal agent which is what the Q fraudsters are doing. It is a crime to make money off pretending to be a federal agent. If you have sold shirts, apps or anything else promoting Q and were aware of the fraud you will soon find yourself in very costly legal trouble. As they say "the first to talk is the only one to walk" contact legal representation now.

  2. Explain Q proof's?? Zero Delta's.. reflections..there telling us to think logically?.. think for ourselves..?? Oh us boomers got the nickname cause we fucked the shit out of our women when the power went out..we ware that badge proudly..if the power went out now you'd lose your mind and couldn't tic tock.. it be the end of the world for you.

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