Military Advises Trump: “No More Interviews”

White Hats within the U.S. military and at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago command center have recommended that President Donald J. Trump avoid more interviews with Deep Staters masquerading as friends or neutral parties, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

The advice came after Trump and freedom-hating Piers Morgan sat down for a discussion hosted by The Sun, a U.K. rag-mag posing as serious journalism. Minutes into the interview, Morgan, who claimed to be Trump’s friend, viciously attacked Trump’s stance on the 2020 presidential election. He berated Trump’s longtime assertion that the election had been rigged and stolen, and asked him to admit, finally, that he had lost the election fair and square.

Trump wisely called Morgan a “fool,” and accurately labeled RINO Deep Staters Mitch McConnell and Michael Pence “Extremely stupid” and “very weak,” respectively.

“President Trump has a tendency to want to give his position, and that’s caused him to get involved in interviews with Deep Staters trying to trick him up or put him in a ‘gotcha’ situation. Morgan’s what we call a Trojan Horse, a guy feigning friendship while secretly plotting to undermine. Morgan’s history shows this. We shouldn’t forget his interview with Alex Jones, which proved Morgan is a communist,” our source said.

His comment was a reference to a 2012 heated debate on gun rights between Morgan and Infowars host Alex Jones. Morgan opined that Americans should not have the right to bare arms and advocated for abolishing the 2nd Amendment.

“For someone who once said he hates America, Morgan sure spends a lot of time here,” our source said. “Trump keeps his friends close and enemies closer, but he expected a fair interview. There’s no doubt Morgan is a paid shill.”

Trump, our source added, was initially apprehensive about scheduling the interview but went forward after one of his top advisors, Gen. Michael Flynn, told him, “Do it. We must remind the country you’re still here and not backing down.”

Other members of Trump’s inner circle, however, warned him in advance that the interview would be nothing more than an attempt to discredit him.

Trump’s righthand man and longtime ally Stephen K. Bannon had warned him that Morgan was an attention-seeking agent provocateur funded by none other than George Soros. Even patriot Representative Marjory Taylor Green had chimed in, likening Morgan to a coiled rattlesnake waiting to strike.

“We know the outcome, but President Trump was smart enough to end the interview and walk out after realizing Morgan’s hidden agenda. The next morning, he got a call from Marine Corps General David H. Berger, commander of the White Hats. General Berger, politely, asked President Trump to refrain from doing additional interviews while his people are working to cleanse the Deep State,” our source said.

“Mr. President, I have no authority to dictate, but it’s against your interest to submit to interviews. They are not interviews; they’re interrogations, interrogations meant to incriminate you based on flimsy logic and spurious allegations. There’ll be a time for interviews, but not now. I only ask that you consider my words,” Gen. Berger reportedly told Trump.

Trump acknowledged the advice; he said he’d take it under consideration.

Morgan’s shoddy plot to entrap Trump failed, but it’s not the first time Trump had stumbled into the Deep State’s web of deceit. In July 2020, Axios journalist and communist sympathizer Johnathon Swan lured Trump into a 30-minute interrogation, as did demon-witch Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes, in October 2020.

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