Military Arrests Paul Pelosi

U.S. Army Special Forces on Saturday arrested Paul Pelosi—Nancy’s husband—as he exited a pricey drug & alcohol rehabilitation center in San Diego, California, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

Paul Pelosi, 82, had been a guest at Aton Center, a luxurious rehab facility that charges $96,000/month (and up) for rehabilitation treatment, whale watching excursions, gourmet meals, a personal masseuse, and other amenities. It describes itself as a voluntary recovery home for the elite.

Sources told RRN that Paul Pelosi checked in to Aton under an assumed name, Louie Lapps, an anagram, on 25 June, a month after he was arrested—and released—for causing a motor vehicle accident while heavily intoxicated. As his stay at Aton was voluntary, Paul Pelosi was free to come and go as he pleased, but spent at least 16 hours/day at the recovery center, according to a JAG report.

White Hats, of course, have bigger fish to fry than drunk drivers, and their interest in Paul Pelosi stems from allegations that he is a serial pedophile who capitalized on his wife’s Deep State status to lure teen vagrants and waifs, boys and girls, to motel rooms in San Francisco County, often in exchange for drugs or cash.

JAG’s probe of Paul Pelosi started in March when, following a lead of unknown origin, investigators read on the Dark Web the testimonial of a person who claimed Paul Pelosi had repeatedly molested his 14-year-old homeless niece, a meth addict. The graphic post described how Pelosi, who couldn’t “perform,” instructed the girl to touch herself and insert objects in her vagina. The poster wrote, “This went on five or six times, with Tara not knowing who he was. He was just an old guy with drugs and cash. And she wanted her fix. Until one time he was so wasted he said he was someone important, Nancy Pelosi’s husband…We learned during a family intervention. I tried telling anyone who might listen, news, police, but no one wanted to hear anything about it. And the thing is, I have proof.”

That proof, JAG officials now say, is a selfie of the girl and a naked, slovenly Paul Pelosi lying on a bed in a seedy motel room.

“After much discussion, JAG decided to investigate the claim. All I know is our associates at U.S. Army Cyber Command confirmed it, established the poster’s identity and reached out to him. He was eager to talk, but the girl is still terrified. After confirming Tara’s story, JAG spent months deep diving Paul’s past, and with painstaking footwork found three other young kids with credible stories. The person who arranged these meetups—we have him too, and he’ll be testifying. The evidence was more than enough for a military arrest warrant in his name,” our JAG source said.

Special Forces, he added, had originally planned to apprehend Pelosi following his DUI arraignment at Napa County Superior Court on August 3. But Pelosi, citing Covid concerns, was given the court’s permission to attend a virtual arraignment on a misdemeanor charge via ZOOM.

So, Special Forces staked out Aton Center, and when Pelosi departed the facility and started walking to his Mercedes-Maybach in the parking lot, they sprung into action and grabbed him. When shown the arrest warrant, he asserted his innocence and that he’d been “set up.”

JAG insists its evidence is comprehensive and actionable, and not vindictive retaliation for its inability thus far to catch his wife.

“The authority we’ve been granted allows us to protect our nation’s youth from child predators, especially when courts beholden to them refuse to prosecute these egregious crimes,” our source said.

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  1. Mary Edinger 2 months ago

    A couple of Anons that I listened to yesterday claim that RRN is not legitimate. Please explain. I depend on your channel at times to find out who is being arrested.

    • Laura Mae 2 months ago

      Sorry Mary, but you’ll have to ask God for Wisdom to Discern those answers for yourself. You can never depend on anyone to have 100% accurate info. Lots of games being played and not all Public messages are meant for everyone’s consumption. Some are planned Psyops. Never give the enemy your moves in advance. Pray for Discernment. Good luck and God Bless!

      • Lynette Stinson 2 months ago

        Good advice…trust no man

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