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Military Hangs Tom Vilsack

Military Hangs Tom Vilsack

Biden’s former secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack, met his demise last Monday when the Office of Military Commissions hanged him to death for having committed treason against the United States of America.

As is typical for Guantanamo Bay executions, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and a cadre of White Hat brass were present to oversee the execution of a man who had become an expendable pawn on the Deep State’s chess board.  He fell on his sword, not once implicating Joseph R. Biden or Barack “Hussein” Obama in the wanton destruction of our nation’s food supply.  And like all Deep State convicts, he refused to repent seconds before the hangman flipped the switch that sent Vilsack dropping to his doom.

GITMO sources familiar with Vilsack’s death told Real Raw News that Vice Adm. Crandall, who has a history of making witty quips at unrepentant Deep Staters, was uncharacteristically somber in the moments leading up to the execution, even as Vilsack, when asked if he had last words or wished to give a statement of contrition, said, “I only answer to one man, the president of the United States, Joseph Biden.”

“Admiral Crandall is mystified by their devotion to the Deep State apparatus. Is it devotion or fear or a mix? Even facing death, they say they’ve done nothing wrong, that they were following lawful orders.  Between active investigations and persons currently in custody—a lot of more Deep State will soon go down. I think the admiral expected some of these criminals to open up to save their own lives, but that isn’t happening. Even Anita Hill, though she seemed to have found some hope in religion, took one for the team, so to speak. You’d think confession would be cathartic, but they’d rather live and die in perdition,” our source said.

Note: I apologize for absence. I had a family emergency the pulled me away from home for several days. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be publishing 3 pieces a day until I’m caught up with what information I currently have. Thank you all for your patience.

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    1. Piece of Cake, Gary! Anyone can portray anyone else online and those who follow FAKE NEWS Narratives and only read the Titles of articles, or paid Trolls, would know the difference. You should probably check out Qanon.pub and start reading and processing the CLUES presented in Question format from the beginning, October 28, 2017, like the rest of us who have done the research from the beginning of this “Made-for-TV-Eventually” Script. Good luck and God Bless!

  1. Gary, I do agree with Laura. I would like you to read my comments given in the recent X22 report Ep. 2780B, titled “HRC approved the Alpha Bank Hoax”. There is an obvious pattern to be recognized, that all these suspicious deepstaters in question, once they left office, disappeared more or less from public. And if they showed off somewhere and pictures were made with sufficient resolution in order to apply face geometric recognition software, it has been proven in ALL CASES that these individuals were Doppelgänger. Beside, how someone knows who was punching the tabulator before sending a Post or Tweet?

    1. Markus, Is this why you, me, and others believe the Real Raw News articles are REAL leaks put out by the “Good MI” since they know their followers are well versed in deciphering coded Facts from Fiction after all the intensive traing the Q Team put us Anons through?? Juan O Savin and David Nino Rodriguez and crew believe that RRN is a Fake News Satire website, but then so does SNOPES and all the lying FAKE NEWS Fact Checkers, stating that their Disclaimer even states they are Satire and meant for Entertainment Purposes only! But, the Disclaimer also was written by their Attorneys to avoid Litigation from Sue-Happy Censorers. Just putting it out there…Discernment is key.

  2. Laura, in a certain way yes! In my world, we say “think big and bent down to trace the slime trail”, and than we ask “cui bono”. Let’s apply it. Notwithstanding the fact, that I’ve learned from my military sources, that exactly these military Tribunals met in Gitmo and Guam (Alaska I can’t confirm) at the times indicated, which shows me Coherence with Michael Baxter’s information, in this case I would think big and asking myself, does it makes sense at all, that a free social media channel like RRN is able to report on a regular basis about Navy JAG’s activities regarding trials against most popular persons being in or not anymore in public duty. The answer is fundamental, because it is unthinkable, any military authority would accept one minute, being fooled through untrue statements and claims, UNLESS they have a military or political interest of leaking certain Information into public without giving official press statements. When asking “cui bono”, it is obvious, that there must be a correlation between Trumps office of the 45th President and at least the Navy JAG, because a pattern is recognizable with regard to the persons who are arrested and in what order. That pattern actually reveals, how Donald Trump of course together with Q, (which is a group consisting of highest ranking white hat Brass, a senior political advisor, IT-specialists, and surprise surprise an earthresident ET Alien) also remember the sealed inditements, has planed the Great Awakening. In conclusion the information delivered by RRN must be considered as true.

    1. Holy Toledo, Batman! Thank you for that excellent Dissertation and Confirmation of Why I feel the way I do when I read items that I know to be true without physically seeing it with my own two eyes! I FEEL it’s right and that, my friend, is not Proof in a Court of Law, but, then again this is why these sick scoundrels are getting their Justice from the Navy JAG Officers in Military Tribunals. Doesn’t the Military Try all Treason Prisoners anyway, as I would think they should? All is progressing per script. Thank you Markus for the believable Intel! God Bless you Patriot Markus. I very much look forward to your comments!

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