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MONKEY WERX – Monkey Minute 8.21.22 – Can We Allow a Nuclear Iran?

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  1. I am actually outraged by this headline and this eager content I had to listen to! Monkey Werx is gradually turning out to be a Zealot hegemonist in the format of most US presidents in recent decades, trying to determin how the rest of the political world should look like and keep overthrowing governments of many countries in the favor of US-hegemony. Who the heck he believes he is to ask this question in the headline?!

    Words of the Bush-era comes to mind saying “…we can’t allow Iraq to own chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction…” and with the same breath arrogantly determin, which Country’s Government is fashist.

    Mr. Monkey Werx should also stop demonizing Hitler’s Germany, as he has no overview at all of what was really going on at this time. He was wrong aswell pointing out that firearms were taken away from German Citizens.

    Mr. Monkey Werx should also ask himself, who established, supported and financed till to day the Ukranian Biolabs and maintained Childtraffiking rings over there!

    The Western hegemony under the leadership of the US has been proven to be a failure and is the cause of the deranged current Worldorder.

    It seems, that Mr. Monkey Werx has revealed himself as a mouthpiece of the Zionist Movement.


    1. Welcome back my dear friend Markus! I enjoyed your comment so much that I shared it in the comments on Monkey’s YT Video. He’s still in the process of connecting dots after being indoctrinated like the rest of us Americans under our Marxist/Fascist Education system, so your comments should help him out a bit on his Awakening journey. I’m glad you weren’t too brutal. LOL. God Bless!

      1. It appears Mr. Monkey doesn’t entertain discussion if it deviates from his Narrative since he apparently deleted your comment without addressing your obvious Truths from someone who was close and personal to the subject matter, a Native to Germany who was fortunate enough to get an Education instead of an Indoctrination… A simple Thank You or to just let your comment sit unapologetically so others could respond is not going to happen. I thought it might get others to rethink their knee jerk reactions to immediately mirror the Mouthpieces Narrative only. How sad and disappointing. Sorry MG, I tried. God Bless! RLM

  2. Due to my absence I was able to see you remark only yesterday. Immediately after reading your kind reply to my comment I also searched for this shared Comment on his YT channel but couldn’t find it either. That’s why I also suspected that he had deleted this entry. Well what shall I say?

    If someone calls his job and his channel ‘Monkey Werx’, then the thought association lays on hand, that his work is nothing more than a monkey job performed by someone who calls himself a monkey. So one could say, that this is meant ironically. No way. What Mr. Monkey produces are interpreted news derived from aeronautical and naval movements of aeroplanes and vessels around the globe in respect to international politics. Since all his presentations bases sole on personel assumptions which completely lacks confirmation, his shows appear much more as entertainment for airtraffic enthusiasts who like to listen to hot turbine air from Mr. Monkey’s mouth. Besides, if Mr. Monkey believes, that strategic military intensions could be decyphered from airplane routes so easy, then he is naiv as he could be.


    1. Yes, I wasn’t too surprised that your Comment didn’t make the light of day on his Channel as he seems to believe in the Liberal Narrative of the lamestream media; however, I am inclined to believe that his research in following Air Traffic movements will more than likely eventually make him arrive at the logical conclusions that we see all on his own and I do believe he will be man enough to admit his past oversight. I pray for him. Thanks Markus!

  3. Thank you for your reply dear Laura Mae, but I have my doubts in regard of his awakening. I studied his way to express himself and noticed stereotyp words he keeps repeating especially when it comes to Russia und the Ukraine war. To be honest I’ve made a personality profile of him simply by looking into his shop, observing his bodylanguage and listening to what and how he is talking. Well, the result wasn’t so good.

    However as hope dies last, I will not condemn him and I appreciate your prayers for him. God bless you!


    1. YW, and your diagnosis has more clout than my wishful thinking and glass is more than half full speculation, so the future shall determine Monkey’s evolving outlook. I’ve just heard him make statements correcting his past observations when he was off track (don’t recall off hand the subject matter), so that was the basis for my optimistic comments. God Bless and TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) Smile. LM

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