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Navy SEALS Rescue Kidnapped Children From Pedos

Navy SEALS Rescue Kidnapped Children From Pedos

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United States Navy SEALS on Wednesday rescued 14 children following a pitched battle with unidentified mercenaries who had been guarding the entrance to a subterranean prison in northeastern Oregon, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

A reliable source’s tip, he said, led to the discovery of a cavemouth and a tunnel that descended 50’ underground and ended in a rectangular-shaped chamber hewn from granite. The room held blankets and pillows and 13 young boys and girls, their chafed ankles cuffed to steel shackles and five-foot lengths of chain, the other ends attached to steel bolts that someone had pneumatically driven into the cave walls. Besides the blankets, the children’s only other source of warmth was three kerosene heaters in the center of the room.

Our source would not say whether the tipster was a federal 5th Columnist.

“All I can say about the guy who tipped us off is he said these traffickers weren’t affiliated with the Deep State, and we can’t at this time prove otherwise. He gave enough info, including a general location near the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, to mount an operation immediately. He said time was short, that the kids would get moved soon,” our source said.

Fifth Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen, supervising White Hat activities while Gen. Smith gets some R&R following the attempt on his life, spoke with allies at Naval Special Warfare Command (USNSWC) to ask whether a SEAL team could rapidly investigate the claim, neutralize threats, and rescue the children, if they were there at all. USNSWC said it would have boots on the ground that night.

As time was of the essence and the distance too great for a helicopter insertion, USNSWC decided that the SEALs would travel to Oregon aboard a C-130 and make a dangerous high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) jump onto precarious terrain three kilometers from the tunnel. They would then destroy threats, hold the position, and await ground reinforcements to exfiltrate any children.

Our source said the SEALs jumped from 22,500 feet and landed safely within the designated zone. They stowed their chutes and armed themselves for battle. They maneuvered through hilly terrain and rocky outcrops, slowing to a tactical pace and scanning their surroundings with night vision goggles as they approached the alleged coordinates.

They spotted the cave entrance, and beside it a modular office trailer and three parked Land Rovers. As half the SEAL team encircled the trailer, from where they heard muffled voices, a man dressed in black tactical attire emerged from tunnel. A SEAL wheeled around and fired his silencer-equipped AK36 assault carbine, putting two rounds in the man’s head. He fell down dead. The SEALs were ready to storm the trailer when they heard the unmistakable piercing shriek of a child’s scream emanating from inside.

A SEAL shattered a window with the butt of his rifle and lobbed a flashbang grenade through the broken glass. Two SEALs kicked in the door and entered the trailer, selectively picking off the four men who had dropped to their knees and covered their ears with their hands. They avoided hitting the young boy whose pants had been pulled below his waist, exposing his genitalia. The trembling child pulled up his pants and sank to his knees, cowering in a corner. He was about 10 years old, and the SEALs assured him they had come to save him. The boy’s quavering voice told the SEALs that 13 more children and four more kidnappers were below ground. The SEALs figured the man they downed at the cavemouth was one of the four, leaving three guarding the children.

A radio clipped to one of the dead men’s belts crackled. “When’s relief coming, Bill? I thought they’d be here by now. Are they running late?” a voice said.

The SEAL team commander took an enormous risk in answering the call, for the speaker could have realized the responding voice wasn’t Bill’s. “A little late; just standby,” the SEAL lead replied.

He then dialed USNSWC on a satellite phone and said he must amend the plan because enemy reinforcements would arrive soon. Instead of waiting for extraction, one SEAL would man each Land Rover and drive the children to the nearest city, Union, OR, to wait for withdrawal. The remaining SEALs would leave the AO on foot instead of fighting a force of unknown size and strength.

The SEALs entered the sloping tunnel and removed their night vision, for it was illuminated by a string of lights powered by a clanging diesel generator that masked their footsteps. At the bottom they saw the children, as described at the beginning of this article, and three guards with rifles slung over their shoulders. The SEALs tossed more flashbangs, stunning the guards long enough to charge and kill them before they could unsling their weapons.

They found keys to the restraints on a dead guard and freed the children, all of whom were American and spoke fluent English. The SEALs ruffled through the dead men’s pockets, but none carried wallets or any identification. After rushing out of the tunnel, the SEALs squeezed the children into the three Land Rovers and sped from the area along the narrow dirt road that would ultimately lead to Union.

The rest of the SEAL team collected hair and skin scrapings from the dead for DNA analysis, then exited before hostile backup arrived.

“The children are safe. They are in fair health; bumps, bruises, abrasions, that sort of thing, but nothing life-threatening except some dehydration. We are identifying them so we can get them home. As for these disgusting, sick pedos, well, we hope to ID them. Our fear is these small dens could be all over the country. At least the poor kids will soon be back with their parents,” our source said.

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