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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | This Is It… Make No Mistake About It

This preface relates to one man’s 12+ year struggle against the Cabal. During that fight he has learned how they operate, who they are, what they are planning and why they are doing it.

The people referred to as the Cabal are looking to extinguish our lives on this planet whilst maintaining control over every aspect of your life.

Often called the 1% – they maintain control of a planet that has been under their purview for hundreds of years.

Their chicanery and deceptions are justified by themselves despite being in violation of all sacred oaths we take just to live on this planet.

This perverse set of self-justifications by the 1% used to create a dystopian view of humanity.

They believe that they have the right to kill us (murder us) in order to cull the population of this planet and thereby increasing their own power and numbers.

They do not create to help humanity – they create weapons of every imaginable type to evoke fear-based responses.

Look at what we know they have done from recent events to engineer epidemics:

• Coronavirus
• Sars
• H1N1
• Aids
• Ebola

Not enough evidence for you?

• Iraq
• Afghanistan
• WW1
• WW2
• Korean War
• Mogadishu
• Serbian War

The 1% was not just satisfied in creating these wars and countless other conflicts to impose their will (not share their values) – they let YOU have the privilege of financing them, so that they could profit from the altered landscape.

Now they have begun to kill us via several series of vaccinations and we find ourselves fighting for our lives.

Create a virus, release other agents into the environment then weaponized remotely with 5G and satellites.

This will do more in one pass than all the engineered attempts and scripted events listed above.

All to create a ONE WORLD ORDER.

Nevertheless, they cannot survive without control. To them it is easier to steal, cheat, exploit and murder than to create, foster and care.

They release bacteria into the air, to evoke yet another continuous wave of fear – to not only get our attention but to weaken us. Quarantines amongst other ways saps our strength and mental strength.

Kids cannot catch Coronavirus and now we are vaccinating them? Wearing masks has made people stupid. Go back exactly 20 years and remember the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and the idiot(s) Bush telling you that all you needed to do was create vapor barriers in your home with plastic and duct tape?

Here is a simple test. Make sure you are wearing your mask and fart. If you can smell it, the mask doesn’t work and you don’t have Kung Flu. Go back 60 years to duck and cover as the only way to survive a nuclear war…

What more needs to be said? Ask yourself what cretins are responsible for this and these things and compare it to the current roster to create the usual suspects:

• Bill & Melinda Gates
• Queen Elizabeth
• CIA / MI6
• Dr Fauci
• Tama-lama Dingdong (in Canada)
• Pharmaceutical Companies owned by Above mentioned
• EVERY sitting US President (before and since Trump, and Kennedy)
• Every royal family in Europe
• Vatican
• Bilderberg, Rothschild
• NoGoOds like WHOre, IMF, World Bank, World Economic Forum, United Nations

They view the world as their country club or rather their exclusive domain. Well, Neil Keenan and his small team of very competent people have a different view.

Theirs does not include vaccines and other agents that change your DNA. Part of their plans. Turn humanity into trans-human AI dominated androids. Part of their plan. Sterilize humanity. Part of the plan.

Are you getting this yet?

Only one man and one group have literally fought this Cabal every step of the way.

Neil Keenan and Group K.

The 1% say we do not belong on their planet. Mr. Keenan says lets take it back and remove them from an ability to harm it any more. Neil has a plan as well, and he knows how to make them stop.

The first steps are already working and have had a dramatic effect. The cabal have had the advantage of time, for over 100 years throughout the world. YOU have been paying / financing their activities and plans.

They’re trying to steal, rape and literally kill you – and YOU financed it. To whom does that make sense?

It doesn’t make sense to Neil and his team. The question before you is simple: Are you going to keep standing by and watching and financing, or are you going to do something about it?

Standing there means you already agree with the Cabal. You know those warm fuzzy humanitarians that will kill you and your family, steal everything from you and keep repeating this until they are the ONLY percent.

We are at the end and now we must move forward like good old Soldiers and return the favors to those that wish us dead. The cabal are right about only one thing – the world will change.

Challenge accepted. Neil Keenan has been doing it for over 12 years.  You hear that you sickos? Your time has ended, and you have been served notice.

We are coming to take back what you took from all humanity. It will not go so well for you. Humanity is pissed.

Not specific enough?

Italian Citizen Daniel Dal Bosco financial advisor to the Vatican and P2 Lodge stole 135.5 Billion in Federal Reserve Notes from Mr. Keenan 12.5 years ago.

Along his with associate and friend Giancarlo Bruno from the World Economic Forum.

They conspired with others to get rid of Neil by offering him 500 Million USD (See Neil Keenans lawsuit) which was presented as take it or leave it. Neil refused.

In the pursuit of his stolen assets, Neil discovered the low lifes of humanity hard at work not only in the bowels of the Vatican but within the Italian Government.

This theft known as Financial Tyranny was publicized worldwide while Neil Keenan kept his eyes on things by traveling throughout the world keeping a close eye on Dal Bosco and the World Economic Forum.

They became part of the very famous Odyssey all the while opening Pandora’s Box exposing to the world how the very same organizations and individuals were planning on destroying the world.

It is now 12.5 years later and after many millions of Dollars ($12.7 million), properties and other assets were either stolen or frozen. Neil finds himself exactly where he began in the belly of the beast.

Only difference is this time Neil’s guns are loaded and he knows where the filth subsides. Only Neil understands that he may need your help in this surmountable battle.

Please stand ready to be called upon in the very near future.


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