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NESARA / GESARA: Debt Economy | Debt Forgiveness | National Debt & Fiat Currency

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  1. Very good explanation, Dr Young BUT what about the St. Germaine Trust and the Rodriques Trusts that were left for humanity. Who gets that monies, are they for humanitarian projects, medbeds. learning ctrs. I once saw His Royal Majesty Mr. Sino on one You Tube with Neelu Chaudari. He was the bearer of the fortune and was trying to get our Sheriffs or Martials to protect him. I just was thinking that as you were explaining. What about the money they earned by using our birthcertificates on the Stock exchanges over the decades, do we get that earned back. I need to go and find the rest of your videos. I did not, at 75 go thru court, getting my sovereignty back as David Straight suggested, and Anna. How in heck did we get here from being a new nation to being enslaved since 1871 or even before. Sad that we were never allowed to know this as well as the crimes committed during these times. ie 9 11, JFK, RFK MLK, and so many, many others. The rabbit holes are deeper and wider than my brain can fathom. Thank you so much.

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