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I had just rebutted a Commenter (Dan) yesterday, complaining about still seeing Chemtrails and if the WHs are in control, Why was it still happening?

Dan’s Comment:
“I do not believe the white hats exist. I hear all this shit about the white hats protecting us is bullshit! Why have they not stopped the CHEMTRAILS ? They are spraying to the point we have no blue sky ! I have heard for years about the so called trials in gitmo that were to be released to the public , where is the videos ? I have heard for years they are in charge of the Secret Space Program , Bullshit. They are KILLING us with DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS . where are the white hats ! Answer . we are being LIED TO !!!!!!!”

“Sorry for you that your perception and reality of current events is so bleak, as I have a much more Positive view of my current environment since faithfully following and getting involved with the Q Movement since October 2017. I have not experienced Chemtrails for at least the past 3 years, where before that these evil bastards were spraying obvious X’s in all 4 corners over my Home in Pasco, WA. God tells us We are to be IN this World, not OF it. What you think and Believe, you will get only more of! Fear God, not the Evil. If God is with us, who could win against us? Good Luck and God Bless. LM

BoomerSooner Comments:
“Been watching this for 3 years now and what is in the article we learned 2 years ago and the military page what they tell us it all has been confirmed. There is a lot of people that are corrupt and evil in this world and our government is very corrupt. The white hats are in control but they have to take them down strategically and carefully so we win this war. The only way they can do what they are doing is with God’s blessings and guidance. God parted the Red Sea for Moss’ to save the children. You can’t see what is happening behind the scenes. Work on your relationship with God and He will show you the truth. We pray for all those fighting the evil in this world for God. God will always win. The chemtrails are pure evil and it’s very low on the list right now. Saving the children, taking down the evil is more important. We were watching the military page and heard what they did in Maui. At the same time we knew someone in Maui and they confirmed what we were reading. We have tested the military page for 2 years and Q and they have been 100% right. Everything they have told us has been true. It is good to be careful who you can trust cause as the Bible warns us, satan is the biggest deceiver and Jesus warned us of false prophets. Pray and God will show you the truth.”

“I live in Puyallup, WA, and I must admit that after leaving my comment to you yesterday, I went to Walmart and as I was leaving the store, a BIG Chemtrail X was in the Sky, first one I’ve seen since my experience 8 years ago in Pasco! I immediately felt the message that these “Chemtrails” were no longer Evil, but instead had Positive elements in them to Reverse what previously was being sprayed on us to do us harm. I do NOT believe in Vaccines Period! I was raised in the Christian Science Faith, so NO shots for me growing up, but at 22 through my new job, I was coerced into taking the H1N1 Swine Flu Jab in 1976 and contracted Guilliam Barre Syndrome (GBS) and almost died. This is a picture of the Sky I have been enjoying for quite some time now! God has already Won this Battle. We are just watching the Reruns. God Bless! LM”


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  1. I have to admit, we live in Oklahoma and we have noticed over the past 2 years every time we see a lot of chemtrails the weather gets really bad a few days later. I don’t know how or why but those chemtrails are linked somehow to HAARP and the devastating weather Oklahoma gets a lot. Dust bowl, droughts, tornados, hail, extreme cold weather, all man made. We can testify, we have had numerous tornados headed right for our home, we prayed to our Heavenly Father and then prayed the Our Father and we have witnessed so many just vanish off the radar right before coming to our home and many times begin again on the other side of our home do insane damage. We are so grateful to God for protecting us, giving us eye to see the truth and ears to hear the truth and most importantly the peace only God can give you. Be Blessed.

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