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NO DEALS! The Starless US Flag at the 9/17/22 OH Trump Rally COMMS!

Thanks goes to @GRANNYDEPLORABLE @ TRUTHSOCIAL for the awesome Decode Job of the US Flag, Dr. Bobbi Anne White (vrajavala) for sharing it and posting this astute Observation on TTQ! Gotta Love all you Patriots helping to get the Important Words out to the UNINFORMED Public. God Bless you all! WWG1WGA!

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    1. THANKS A BUNCH for all the clarification and the Reminder that you two (vrajalava and Dr. White) are one in the same! I think I knew that, but I’m wearing thin with all the news we are being tasked to share with all who will listen. It’s a daunting task! I truly appreciate the help from my fellow Patriot Brothers and Sisters. I am sharing your link AND the discussion that follows. No time to wade through the comments now, but they are preserved on TTQ for me to peruse when time permits. God Bless Dr. White. You are a True Patriot!

      1. OK. I think I finally got it right, your “vrajavala” spelled correctly in the UPDATED post! That was a fiasco! My brain did not want to spell it your way, LOL. Thanks again and God Bless!

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