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Original Obama Gone | Trump Comms Pointing at “GO” | Supreme Court Corruption Exposure Coming

2 days ago

Original Obama Gone | Trump Comms Pointing at “GO” | Supreme Court Corruption Exposure Coming

Anon Audio File 43

SGAnon discusses recent communications from the Commander-in-Chief regarding status of Operations WW, as well as Russia and China, the coming “War in the Pacific 2.0”, and the dispensing of the original Hussein Obama.

Treason doesn’t pay.


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  1. I trust you had noticed the extensive numbers of scars on the back and sides of BHObama before he was laid out. I have worked building tree houses as a kid, and later spent much time repairing automoblies and working in construction since, I have seen a number of accidents and aftermaths to accidents. I must say the extraordinary number of scars on Obama’s head could ONLY have come from 3 large angry men yielding shovels, or when Obama left Waikiki and Basskin and Robbins, he immediately traveled to Connecticut. Why, you say? If Obama was NOT worked over by three large angry men with shovels, he was taken to the American CIA experimental hospital in Canada just over the border from Connecticut for some experimental brain surgery, including electrical implants and chemical drip feeds. A Social Security number would be necessary for billing. Obama had a fake Connecticut Social Security account. BObama BOMBED a dozen different Muslim countries allegedly because of the 9-11 attacks. Anybody with an IQ above 45 KNOWS by now that the WTC destruction was arranged by the Rockefeller brothers, Nelson and David, with the main force being the queen of England and the Rothschild family banking system. NO WAY was the center of world finance leaving The City of London for The Big Apple. Do your homework, kids. The queen herself managed to get the Kellogg nuclear system fit(1966) to the WTC tower and then installed in 1969 with her Rothschild Manhattan insurance underwriters’ group insistence. Not theory. Beyond those FACTS, the Rockefeller brothers had discovered cocaine and LSD and had been warned by Albert Hoffman (witnesses present) about potential risks to their businesses if they were not careful. FINALLY, in the past few years, these pigs are getting their reward for daring to see whether hell really exists. Everybody who has hit their thumb with a hammer and fallen 10 feet from a ladder only to have their friend coworker back over their legs with a truck brought to pick up the broken concrete that they fell on, all while nursing a vodka Kool Ade hang over because you were trying to forget your favorite dog. Hell is close to there.

    1. WOW, It sounds like you’ve been through HELL and survived to tell the Stories of what happens when Demons have you in their sights! Thank you for your courage and Strength and for enlightening us with your personal Knowledge of the Evil we all have been forced to live through. Congratulations for making it through to live to tell your Story! You should write a Book. I would read it! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!

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