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  1. The Truth is our highest synonym for God. While Trump and Q have done great work for stopping most of the human trafficking and saving so many children from the child abusers and adrenochrome monsters, both vaccination and circumcision need to be abolished as well. When you do your homework, you find that vaccination and circumcision are the two most barbaric and destructive practices in the world today, FAR more destructive than anything else. Vaccinations, given to our babies, are the leading cause of all other diseases we experience as we grow older and a chief source of revenue for Satanic Big Pharma. VACCINATIONS ARE BASED ON PASTEUR’S FALSE GERM THEORY OF DISEASE. The only three things vaccinations can do is DAMAGE, CRIPPLE & KILL. They have no positive value. They should be abolished as soon as possible. Circumcisions are base on a false interpretation of Genesis Chapter 17. The circumcision of the foreskin actually means the foreskin of the heart, which is what the cerebellum was referred to. We are to circumcise our thought from the sins of our lower mind, the sins of the flesh, in order to be pure enough to become unified with our higher mind, the God within us. Jesus and Paul had it right…It’s the circumcision done without hands. This is why Jesus and Paul replaced the erroneous and Satanic Jewish Covenant of cutting off the flesh of the penis with a NEW COVENANT called Baptism. Modern Science about Circumcision tells us that it is an absolute atrocity. Go to a website called THE CIRCUMCISION COMPLEX and learn about this horrible practice from a psychiatrist’s perspective. Virtually every mental problem men have is caused by circumcision. Plus, it robs men of a healthy sex life. THE TRUTH IS BOTH CIRCUMCISION & VACCINATION “MUST” BE ABOLISHED TO HONOR GOD & GOOD.

    1. WOW! I did not know that! MONSTERS! I was raised a Christian Scientist, so if my athiest Father intercepted the VAX School permission slips, I got the jab, but my mom usually made sure that didn’t happen very often. Then, at my first office job at 22, H1N1 Scare convinced us workers it was a dire emergency and Swine Flu was killing everyone, and as a result of the shot, I acquired Guilliam Barre Syndrome and almost died from paralysis. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!

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