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Over 100 years ago, Rudolf Steiner Warned Of A Diabolical Plot To Vaccinate All Of Humanity.

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  1. Laura, Thank you for posting my “Liberty” message. I also wanted to thank you for posting Rudolph Steiner’s work, as I am also, a student of his teachings, which have illuminated my ability to see things, that other’s do not. Many thanks. My prayers go out to you dear, and to your precious dog.

    1. You are so welcome! This Steiner gentleman’s work is very interesting, to say the least! I just discovered him today from a Before It’s News short video clip on this subject, so I went and found his Lectures on Archive.org (my playground), which brought me to a 63 file download, one PDF of which I am currently perusing, titled “Modern Art and Education”, which is a subject I find quite intriguing where he discusses his curriculum of the Waldorf School and why Science, Art, Religion, Morality, and Spirituality should be in unity, or some such thing. He definitely had has finger on the Spiritual Pulse and why our Education system is failing our youth, and that was from a 1923 Lecture! I am only on Page 30, but must get busy on other things, for now; however, I must share: https://ia803408.us.archive.org/11/items/american-vetrans/Rudolf%20Steiner%20-%20A%20Modern%20Art%20Of%20Education.pdf My Ellie Mae has made a miraculous Recovery and is now appearing Happier and Active, more than even before she was ill! Thank you so much for your prayers. I really felt she was going to be with God and Louie. I guess God told her “NOT YET!” HE is so AMAZING!! God Bless! Laura Mae

      1. I am so happy to hear Ellie Mae is doing well; the power of prayer. As I wrote, I have been a life long student of Rudolf Steiner. His understanding of the universe, has helped me, both in my work as an ambassador of culture, and understanding the inter-dimensional unseen forces at play, and how to navigate through the dualistic controlling: Arimanic and Luciferic dimensional energies, in order to find the Christ consciousness within the soul.
        Thank you again for awakening others to this amazing and truly prophetic man, purposely hidden from the masses.

        1. Thank you, Darryl, me too! In fact I am OVERJOYED for Ellie Mae’s miraculous OVERNIGHT recovery! Now I realize why I resonate so much with your messages. Your Spiritual side and your Soul speaks loudly in your Heartfelt Words! God Bless you and please keep your Spirit filled messages coming for me to share, and I look forward to spending some time with Rudolf Steiner’s lectures! Laura Mae

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