Pence Card In Play, Prepare To Surface, Rig For Red, Hold The Line – Ep. 2361

Pence Card In Play, Trump Prepare To Surface, Rig For Red, Hold The Line
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The [CB] are doing what they have always done in the past. Make people think they are getting what they want, this is what is happening in the UK, the BREXIT will be in name only. Trump is now using the economy, via the omnibus bill to shine the light on congress, he has now exposed congress to the American people. The patriots are preparing to surface. Pence will hold the line, when Jan 6th hits everything will change. The [DS] will react to the news and they will push their agenda, Trump twitter removal, communication blackout. Trump is calling everyone down to DC to block the insurgency, We The People will be the counter insurgency. When do you play your hand, at the last minute, this is what the patriots are doing, Trump is not planning on leaving he is moving ahead with the plan.


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All Over by Christmas? Boris Holding Calls with Eurocrats to Deliver Deal Farage Warned Is ‘Brexit in Name Only’
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is engaged in intense “hotline” talks with his European counterparts, amid claims a Brexit deal could be struck within hours —  a deal Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned could be a betrayal of the British interest.
  •  Nigel Farage warned Britons earlier this month that the government would try to spin a Brexit betrayal as a “fantastic victory” in order to get the people to accept whatever Europe gives them.
  • Reflecting on the late stage of talks, he said: “This is all, in my view, an act. This is a giant charade. It’s to make us think that they are really, really fighting hard to get us a good deal.”



Trump explains money laundering, actually he tells the American people this bill is not for you, its for special interest groups and payoffs


Trump has told congress from the beginning what they should do, 

Amy Klobuchar Rages over Trump’s Reaction to Coronavirus Bill: ‘He Is Literally Trying to Burn This Country Down’ 
  • Trump asked lawmakers to increase the number to $2,000.
  • “It is the second biggest stimulus in the history of America and for him to turn this down, obviously we have the votes to override his veto,” Klobuchar said, contending that Trump is “literally trying to burn this country down on his way out.”
  • She also described Trump’s actions as “an attack on our very democracy” and an “attack on every American.”


There are two bills, the NDAA and the Omnibus Bill, Today Trump kept his word and vetoed the NDAA, it didn’t have section 230, he wanted the troops out of afganistan and this bill kept them troops there, etc…

Trump has aligned everybody against Congress by saying $600 is not enough for the American people. The people are now looking at congress and questioning what they have been doing the last couple of months



As President of the Senate, @Mike_Pence
has sole power to tell the states he will not accept their electors b/c they vioated the Constittion. At this point the legislatures will either have to select new electors or stand down This will put Dems on defense from now till Jan 6th  
@Mike_Pencecannot LEGALLY accept fraudelent electors Dec 23rd is his highest call of duty is to defend the Constitution from the States failure to follow it. These States are in breach of contract of the Constitution by allowing Governors to circumvent State legislatures

Now lets talk about what Trump did with Texas and the SC


There are many reps and senators that are going to object on Jan 6

Then we have Mike Pence confirming this move, hold the line