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Pizzagate Exposed: Part 1 – LIZ CROKIN, Investigativ Reporter

Pizzagate Exposed: Part 1

First column in a series exposing the truth about Pizzagate

I want to start my Pizzagate series by establishing the fact that pizza has been a known pedophile code word used by predators to operate hidden in plain sight for many years.  In October of 2016, when the Podesta E-mails were released, the Urban Dictionary actually had defined “cheese pizza” as child porn.


At that time there were two definitions of pizza as a code word for child porn – one from 2010 and one from 2015.  So it’s important to note these definitions were established long before the Podesta E-mails were released.  Shortly after the release of the Podesta E-mails, which were littered with the word pizza in a context that did not make sense for the word to be used as food or even a code word for some other nefarious activity such as illegal drugs, the Urban Dictionary scrubbed those definitions.  As someone who researched Pizzagate immediately after the Podesta E-mails release, I saw the alternative definitions of cheese pizza as child porn on the Urban Dictionary’s site with my very own eyes before it was scrubbed back in 2016.  Luckily, nothing on the Internet is lost forever.  Many researchers archived these definitions. However, the fact these items were scrubbed should go to show you what great lengths the Cabal went to in order to hide the true meaning of these code words from the public. The Deep State not only controls the media but also much of the information flow on the Internet which has made it almost impossible for the average person to discover the truth about any of their dark secrets.

However, despite a complacent media and extreme censorship, there’s plenty of open source evidence available proving that pizza and other words are indeed pedophile code words.  For example, in October of 2017, federal prosecutors announced that a corrections officer had been charged with receiving child pornography.  Prosecutors arrested Stephen Salamak in Lodi, New Jersey after he posted on Craigslist that he was looking for women and moms that were “into Cheese Pizza”.

The criminal complaint, posted on the Department of Justice’s website Justice.gov, read: In or about May 2017, a law enforcement officer working in an undercover capacity (the “UC”) responded to a Craigslist personals advertisement placed by SALAMAK entitled “Woman/Moms that are into Cheese Pizza” which sought to connect with mothers who were “into perverted topics.” The report continued: In or about July 2017, law enforcement officers executed a lawfully obtained search warrant on an email address that SALAMAK provided to the UC (the “Gmail Account”).  A review of the emails contained in the Gmail Account revealed that SALAMAK communicated with multiple individuals regarding an interest in pedophilia and child pornography.  The most important part of the report is here: “During and after the search of the residence, and after being advised of his Miranda rights, defendant SALAMAK admitted to law enforcement officers, among other things, in substance and in part, that: (1) he placed the Craigslist advertisement referenced in paragraph 2 above and that ‘Cheese Pizza’ was a reference to child pornography.”  So here you have a child predator admitting to law enforcement on the record that he used “Cheese Pizza” as a reference to child pornography which is the same definition identified by the Urban Dictionary years prior.

It should be noted that some mainstream media outlets did cover this story.  The New York Post’s headline on this story read: “Man Busted for child porn after ‘cheese pizza’ Craigslist post.

CBS Philly reported: Prosecutors say an undercover officer first made contact with Salamak after he posted on Craigslist that he was looking for moms “that are into Cheese Pizza,” a reference to child pornography.  I’m referencing these mainstream media articles to highlight that the same mainstream media that’s hysterically reported that Pizzagate is a “debunked conspiracy theory” has also reported that pizza, in fact, is a pedophile code word used by child predators.

Another instance occurred on June 7, 2019, when tech reporter Peter Bright was charged with soliciting sex from minors. Bright attempted to solicit sex from a 7 and 9-year-old via their mother who actually was an undercover agent. In those exchanges, Bright admitted to molesting an 11-year-old girl. Here’s what’s important to note. Bright used the handle @DrPizza on Twitter. Furthermore, Bright had mocked Pizzagate truthers just a year prior in a tweet stating: Yes, apparently pizza is now the international symbol of pedophilia (?) because pedos like to advertise they’re pedos (?)


The answer is yes – pedophiles do like to advertise that they’re pedophiles.  In fact, they actually often brazenly flaunt and brag about their criminal sexual perversion to children. Bright also described himself on his Twitter profile as “pervy”. These details are important to point out and remember in order to understand how these predators have operated so long unnoticed. You must look into their psychology.  Child sex offenders have been throwing their crimes against kids in our faces for ages. They think the public is too stupid to catch on to their underground networks and secret language. So they arrogantly gaslight and mock anyone who dares to call them out. I’m singling this incident out because it’s a microcosm of the bigger picture. These tactics are the norm for these criminals. We see this kind of behavior with not only low-profile predators but also with some of the most powerful abusers out there including politicians, celebrities and many other elites.

Pizza is just one example of a word that’s used as code by pedophiles. There’s a whole language of code words and symbolism that predators dish out constantly. They not only use code words to hunt for minors online but they also flaunt these words as a nod to other offenders to let them know they’re part of their sick club.  In addition to code words, predators also use symbolism to identify themselves as pedophiles.  There’s also sometimes an occult aspect to the symbolism.  Many of these predators are active Satanists.  So their drive to abuse children is more than a sexual fetish.  Pedophile Satanists believe that they get power from their “God”, whether it be Baphomet or Ba’al or some other Satanic deity, if they engage in the abuse of a child in the form of a Satanic ritual which sometimes includes child sacrifice.  They also believe that they gain power from advertising their crimes even if it’s only in the form of wearing Satanic or pedophile symbolism in a piece of jewelry or decorating their house with art depicting child rape and torture.  They believe in free will and if you and I accept that they’ve announced who they are, even if it’s only through their symbolism and their art, they believe they get power from that.  This is what they believe and these are their rules, not mine.  The Illuninati code is truth in plain sight.

When I first started to expose Pizzagate in 2016, naysayers often said to me that they refused to believe it’s true because no one would ever do that to a child.  In order to understand how these unimaginable crimes against children could be real, you have to accept that these people are not like you and I.  In fact, they’re the opposite of anyone who has their soul intact and is able to feel empathy for another.  These people are wired the complete opposite way good citizens of the world are wired. So something that would give a good-hearted person joy such as snuggling a puppy, the antithesis of that, torturing an innocent animal, gives them joy.  These people are demonic and they’re not human – not by our standards.  You have to accept that their wiring is a 180 degree counter to yours.  And as much as you and I can’t fathom ever hurting a child, that doesn’t mean that they feel the same way.  So to understand and process Pizzagate, you have to get it out of your head that they are like you and I.  You also have to come to terms with the fact that some of these predators include famous people that society is guilty of propping up on a pedestal.  No matter how nice or cool they’ve come off on camera in interviews on talk shows, giving speeches and meeting with fans – do not let that fool you.  Some of the most evil predators out there are famous and have managed to have the “nice guy next door” image in the public eye for decades.  It’s not uncommon for people who knew serial killers to say that they did not have a bad thing to say about that person nor did they notice anything was off with them before that criminal was apprehended and exposed.

In 2007, Wikileaks released an FBI internal memo that was circulated to the rank and file in the bureau identifying known pedophile symbols used by predators.



Since 2016, the public has become way more aware of the usage of pizza and other words and symbols used as codes for pedophiles, and communities have started to take action to combat these monsters preying on children online. For instance, on August 29, 2020, Breitbart London posted a report titled Paedophiles Using Cheese and Pizza Emojis to Share Images.  A London-based group of over 100 parents, operating under the name PDProtect, warned that pedophiles are sharing innocent photos of children to pass around to predators on social media.  Many of these accounts were flagged using cheese and pizza emojis as code for “CP” – child pornography.

In 2020, a book titled A Handbook for Pedophiles was published online that had only been available on the dark web up until then.  The 170-page handbook advised predators on how to “tactically groom” their victims by creating a word of secrecy with them.  Pedophiles want to make the victim believe that secrets make things more magical for the child.  The book discusses the use of code words with the victim.  The code words are advised to use with a child victim to ensure the child’s silence – secrecy is imperative.  The code words are strategically used in case the child ever attempts to explain their abuse.  This leaves a parent confused and less likely to comprehend the abuse the child is attempting to explain.  So code words are used by pedophiles to not only to tip off other predators and to prey for children online – they’re also used with the child as a cover to confuse the child in case the victim ever attempts to report the abuse.

There’s also children’s books that groom children for abuse using the pedophile code word pizza. A notable one is Secret Pizza Party. In this book, children are encouraged to keep secrets.  Here’s an example of a passage from the book:  “I know what you’re thinking. Why would we keep such a delicious, delicious party a secret? Okay, sure.  It’s so folks don’t show up to bonk you with brooms, but that’s not the only reason. When you make something secret, you make it special.”

Remarkably, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio read this book to a group of children in April of 2016 at the Queens library.  The New York Daily News noted the strange choice of book the mayor chose to read. “When you make something secret, you make it special,” the article stated. “That was the bizarre lesson Mayor de Blasio – whose questionable fundraising tactics are at the center of an ongoing criminal probe – delivered Saturday to a group of children at a Queens library.”


It’s anyone’s guess why the Mayor chose to read this particularly creepy pedophile grooming book to children.  Perhaps he didn’t choose the book.  However, it should also be pointed out that a year after de Blasio read this book, one of his staffers was arrested for child porn.  In May of 2017, Jacob Schwartz was arrested for possessing thousands of images of child porn including a child as young as six months old performing sexual acts on adult men.

Furthermore, Schwartz’s father, prominent Democratic attorney Arthur Z. Schwartz, showed up in the Podesta E-mails cc’d in a questionable e-mail with, you guessed it, the word pizza.  The e-mail had an encrypted photo labeled “pizza”.


Other words speculated to be pedophile code words include: pasta, walnut sauce, hot dog, handkerchief and map.  I can’t verify the exact definitions of these pedophile code words.  This is partly due to the fact that different circles of pedophiles have different definitions of these code words.  The definition can vary for predators across geographical regions.  But what can be concluded with certainty is that not only is pizza a pedophile code word used by child sex predators – sometimes defined as child porn other times defined as child rape – it’s been used by law enforcement to bust child predators as I cited earlier referencing the Department of Justice’s report.

When you link all these facts together and understand the underground meaning of the word “pizza” it starts to paint a picture.  The truth is, the world is run by an elite group of pedophiles.  However, to understand this, you have to take all these tidbits and connections and lay them out together to truly appreciate how horrifyingly massive, powerful and real this occult trafficking network is.  This series is going to detail many connections, facts and hard evidence to help you understand the absolute truth about Pizzagate.  As George Carlin famously said, “It’s one big club and you ain’t in it.”

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