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Pizzagate Exposed: Part 2 – LIZ CROKIN, Investigativ Reporter

Pizzagate Exposed: Part 2

Graphic Content Warning: Pedophilic & Satanic Art


Many elites who are referenced using the pedophile code word “pizza” in the Podesta E-mails, such as Tony Podesta, or who are known child traffickers, like Jeffrey Epstein, have art collections depicting pedophilia, torture and Satanic symbolism and rituals.  I will extensively cover the Podesta E-mails in a future column, but I want to go over the art collections of some of these elites first to give you some background with an emphasis on Tony.

Tony has a taste for art that depicts human torture and child sexual abuse.  An article from The Washington Post in 2004 captured images of some of the disturbing art pieces displayed in Tony’s home.  A gold statute titled The Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois – depicting a gold sculpture of a decapitated human positioned the same way serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer positioned some of his victims – is prominently featured as the focal point in his home. (It should be noted this Washington Post article has been scrubbed from their site.)

In Tony’s living areas, there were pieces by Biljana Djurdjevic that depict distressed children.  One painting features a disheveled little girl in a miniskirt and red shoes. Djurdjevic is known for paintings that depict child victims of torture and sexual abuse. In an interview posted in 2007, Djurdjevic stated that for victims of pedophilia, she doesn’t need any imagination.



Other paintings in Tony’s living room, depict a group of kids laying in a circle. One painting shows two kids laying in a marsh with weeds growing over them as if they’re corpses.



Another Djurdjevic painting that is rumored to be owned by Tony, is of a little boy naked aside from his underwear tied up in a dungeon-like room with bloody feet.


In 2011, Tony loaned a wax statue called Dismembered to the DC College of Arts & Science.  This statue depicts a teen with body parts dismembered.


In another wall hanging at Tony’s home, there’s allegedly a close-up photograph of a toddler wearing only a diaper above a stairwell that zooms in on the child’s crotch area.  The photographer of this photo could be Katy Grannan.  Grannan is known for taking photos of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes, and it’s been widely reported Tony owns a bunch of her pieces.

In the 2004 Washington Post article, Tony’s then wife, Heather, was quoted stating that many guests are “horrified” when they see the art in their home, and the journalist noted that Heather gave a creepy smile when she said this.

A photo of Tony’s bedroom, which was featured in the publication of a June 5, 2015 article in Inside Homes, had stuffed animals laid out on a ledge next to his bed.  That article stated: “If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend super lobbyist Tony Podesta.”

Recently, it’s been reported that Prince Andrew had a collection of stuffed animals in his bedroom, and his staff was ordered to strategically arrange his collection in a specific order.  Virginia Giuffre is currently suing Prince Andrew on three allegations of sexual assault, and she claims she was trafficked to the duke by Epstein.


Epstein also had stuffed animals in his home and disturbing art and photographs similar to Tony’s collection.  Images from the 2005 police raid of Epstein’s Florida home shed light on his twisted taste in art.  There was a teddy bear placed on a nightstand in one bedroom.

On one wall, there was a sketch of a baby and a skull.

There’s several photographs of babies, naked women and even photographs of nude children.  Some of the photographs of children were censored by police including one photograph reportedly of a 6-year-old girl bending over in a short dress.


Tony’s brother, John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman for both her 2012 and 2016 presidential runs, had a painting in his campaign office depicting cannibalism. When asked about that painting, he told a TIME reporter: “It’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.”

One area the mainstream media has not touched, is the connection between the sexual abuse of children and occult rituals.  Rina Oh, who is one of Epstein’s ex-girlfriends, made a painting that depicted some kind of strange orgy involving adults, a child and cutting. In the painting, a woman’s leg is cut and bleeding. Giuffre tweeted that what’s depicted in that painting is what Oh used to do to her. Giuffre said in her tweet: “This picture that Rina painted with the sliced leg bleeding is exactly what she used to do to me, I have a 6 inch scar on my left leg from her cutting me.”

Not only does the mainstream media refuse to address the occult and blood ritual aspect of the child sexual abuse involved with many of these elite predators, they claim it’s a “debunked conspiracy theory”. It’s not. As time goes on more evidence will come out to expose this, and I will continue to explore this area in future columns in this series.

After reviewing the information I laid out in this column, ask yourself, does any of this strike you as normal?  Do you own any art in your home that depicts the sexual exploitation and torture of children? To understand Pizzagate, it’s important to ask these questions, connect dots and to condition your brain to think critically.

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