Plane, M Temple, and IG Posts = Witness Qanon Posts 07-11-19

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  1. Chaz Darvy 2 years ago

    Wheels Up is a airline that Clinton's use

  2. No Bull 2 years ago

    Why do you blur the web pages?

  3. Call Me a Cab 2 years ago

    Channel 11 is Hilary Blackberry in hand *

  4. Rocky Dog 2 years ago

    Hey Katie G. Yee… Haa. Enjoying the show!!! Your are making me think.
    The "CUBE"> satan tries to copy what God Has planned e.g. Christ & Antichrist
    The size of the Heavenly Tempel/City…Revelation 21:16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal…
    Love & Prayers…God Bless!!!

  5. Kelly Hamilton 2 years ago

    My goodness!!! From that article "……Last week, Wheels Up launched a different sort of travel option—public charter flights they’re marketing as “Hot Flights” and/or “Shared Flights” via their new app 8760, in partnership with Apollo Jets, a luxury charter broker. A membership costs only $5,950 a year and entitles users to be part of ad hoc groups that sign up and comprise a group big enough for Wheels Up to secure a plane. These are scheduled flights on aircrafts that carry under 30 passengers. The rub is they don’t appear to be registered with the FAA, as all flights that can be purchased like this are required to be".
    Wow…can really be sneaky here!!!

  6. Mueller changed to the 24th… so, what will happen on the 17th now? Not getting caught up on specific dates as the battlefield is fluid.

  7. HMH 2 years ago

    I sent you an email about the photo of the older woman sitting in the car RC posted

  8. Timothy Johnson 2 years ago

    Pissrael's little blackmail operation is to grab US pollies by the pussy to ensure a perennial pro-Pissrael bias….or else.

    Are the CIA and Mossad joined at the hip? If so, this is a government-within-a-government that has clearly hijacked the will of the people and needs to be fought by force.

    Is it any wonder why some of us have been using the term "Anglo-Zionist" to describe this monstrosity.

    Israel is a liability.

  9. Lion_ Anon 2 years ago

    ABCDE 12345 is a battleship reference..the game…B2 YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP…..

  10. best one yet

  11. mb Safronovitz 2 years ago

    You are working very hard Patriot Girl! ❤

  12. Lisa Langley 2 years ago

    The messianic Jews don't do this cube. Their symbolism will be their downfall.

  13. Lisa Langley 2 years ago

    There's also a company called wheels up that fly famous people, a clue?

  14. These Devils are evil, they take part in killing babies, drink, their blood, have sex with children. If they can do ANY OF THESE THINGS (after stealing the children). What the hell is their limits, they want to take back control of the U.S. of America. Please Pray and Act to Save us , for the future and our children.

  15. Message to President Trump and his team——KEEP WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jack'sDaughter 2 years ago

    Systematic – the word is systeMATic, not systemic.  Two entirely different words with different meanings.  Katie you say "systemic" in every video "Systemic destruction of the old guard" and it DOES matter that the word is REALLY systematic, not "systemic". I love your work, Katie, but words have meaning and Q chooses each word for a specific reason. 🙂

  17. Annabel Lee 2 years ago

    I know this is gross, but…it looks like they're naked, sitting on buckets. It looks like there's a person lying on the table–you can see what looks like a head hanging off the right edge of the table in image 10. Cannibalism?

  18. AHNC 2 years ago

    R.Chandler is a she -male, BORN MALE..

  19. Leslie Anderson 2 years ago

    These "models" are drugged up

  20. yupyup1562 2 years ago

    This evil is everywhere, like a cancer. This is why Jesus will return and everything will be destroyed and a new heaven and earth created.

  21. emerald1one1 2 years ago

    hang in there K.. many know …. whole different meaning to awake…pursuit the truth as best a possible.. ..

  22. Yo, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants Jews and basically every religion has been corrupted. I think there were
    those New Christian leaders picked up for child trafficking ??? So let's not pick on specific ones dear…..not one is free from being perverted. We ALL have been fooled….. and we need to return to God the right way without hating each other when we should be concentrating on those who hate GOD. Otherwise great work.

  23. Sherdon Tibbits 2 years ago

    [WHEELS UP] is a company owning many planes and jets used by members only. It is also being investigated by the FBI. Bill Clinton is one member. If you look it up , the company is greatly tied to the Super Bowl which is a big time child trafficking event. Also, Epstein sold his Lolita Express plane a couple weeks before he was arrested. Epstein and Maxwell are mossad. The Great awakening site on VOAT is down. I hope it's not perminant! 🙁

  24. Annette Nevin 2 years ago


  25. Misty Kimm 2 years ago

    I can not even begin to think of the horror that those people have endured. My heart breaks for them. My god help them heal and if they are gone from this earth may they know what love is in Jesus's loving arms. What has this world turned it?!?

  26. Ro Mary 2 years ago

    Fbi twiddled their thumbs and did nothing

  27. That Cube in Santa Ana is called the Discovery Center, a children's museum. Wow, taken my kids there many times

  28. darlingUSA1 2 years ago

    Wow. Each reporter has their own style. Yours is among the top of the top! We (my lil family) will be sharing. This is so important. I, personally, thank God above that we were born into the families we were and NOT the ones that were born into and live in that darkness. Those pitiful lost souls. Thank you, Katie G. We'll be sharing and adding you to the ones we support financially, as we are able. For your work, we're sure, you'll be greatly blessed.

  29. Elizabeth Clair 2 years ago

    I hope the children are found and protected from these evil demons. How can we get their faces out in public so they may be found?

  30. abedabun dawn 2 years ago

    H – Harvest R- Ritual C- Cannibalism ?

  31. Vicktorya Stone 2 years ago

    Katie – note that Wheels Up is located at 220 West 42nd Street — next to Hell's Kitchen and the NYC blackout.

  32. Vicktorya Stone 2 years ago

    tip – think we all know it isn't/wasn't owls on the Epstein temple now. Owl isn't necessarily Moloch, etc.

  33. Vicktorya Stone 2 years ago

    Currently (in the sky, from earth's vantage point!) Saturn and Pluto are very close and will conjunct (same space visually for us) in I think February. It's a long aspect as they are slow moving … so, Saturn is (lower interpretations, as there are higher ones!, but on the low side) it has to do with materialism. Chronos 'father Time'. It is about karma … now Pluto? well, who is Pluto? God of the Underworld. Plutocracy – rule by wealth.
    So we see that the events unfolding have parallel (if not causative) action in the natural solar system and humans' interpretation of these planets (type of energies) over ages.
    Now extra points – the latest Eclipse was near to this, and this full moon is conjunct — so FULL LIGHT ON KARMA of PLUTOCRACY/UNDERGROUND — is certainly ripe!
    Enjoy the show. WWG1WGA

  34. Tara Himes 2 years ago

    Ray Ch.was born a male! Look into that too! All the celebs r transgender, gay, or married to a transgender! Its their religion!!!

  35. grace seekers 2 years ago

    Katie. Curbed. Property holdings of fianacier j.e…look at his new mexico compound. Look right of buildings there are "crop like circles " at lil st james you see what is called a tennis court (long with built up walls)it has"circles too"" maybe nothing. But i know you like deep dives. They was talking about the "circles at lil st.james on psb. "

  36. Britt Rubin 2 years ago

    Saturn worship or Satan worship ? Why is it anti clockwise ?

  37. James Bowen 2 years ago

    Masons where the builders of many temples, they were stone Masons back in biblical times who built King James Temple. Please do your homework on Masons, not just hearsay but who they really are. Shriners and the Shriners Hospital are built and supported by Masons just one of many examples. Ask who were the builders of this country what inspired the writing on the US Constitution?

  38. Pamela McFadden 2 years ago

    This is the first time you have popped up on my feed in a long time. Great work as always

  39. imafortunate1 2 years ago

    Just a thought, but since twitter and other social media hate Teump so much and do not want to see him re-elected, I wonder if they will intentionally shut themselves down for awhile just so he cannot use social media to communicate prior to the election?

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