Posobiec Debunked Qanon did he?

I debunk Jack P’s interview with some rando named “Microchip” who hides his identity and claims to be behind the Q phenomenon. As if this guy has the required intellect to communicate the way Q does. He can’t even finish a sentence.
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  1. OMG, loved this so much…a great laugh for my Wed. Evening. Jack jumped off the Q-train months ago, with AJ, Antischool , Corsi etal. about time that that NDAA or something got passed to pay folks to dis-inform. I think about 160 million, was awhile ago so not sure on my figures. I was so sad at the time when I found out, dam, I followed these guys. Total traitors, for money, I see no other reason. I'm rambling now. Q is warning it will get worse as the unveiling continues. Yippee, what a great time to be alive. Thanks Polly, you made my night, gonna listen again. See you on the other side of all of this, I'm going to stop typing now.

  2. Q is a gatekeeper which corrals awakening alt right into ignoring that US is a privately owned corporation and a front company for the network of global, corporate control. Q wants people to believe that a small enlightened group is working on their behalf to fix the system from within — creating followers who dismiss the illegitimacy of the president and US government and the global hierarchy controlling it thus steering them back into the left/right paradigm.

  3. When Q first came onto the scene, I made a folder for the videos named “Q Clearance and Anon”, because Q Clearance (I’m almost certain) was what it was originally being called, at least by some YouTubers. It’s ironic because just the other day I was wondering why I named the folder that, because I’d forgotten. I can’t speak to the “patriot” part though. This tiny sliver of his report might have a half truth to it.

  4. I think it is now funny, that Q baby shown and now they are going to do what they can to discredit people, just like alex Jones, milo, Tommy Robinson…

  5. I know this is an older video, but i'm going back through and catching up. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching this, as I do many of your videos. But this one in particular was a great demonstration of your intellect, will, and passion. Your critical thinking skills and levels of discernment are certainly a force to contend with! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Polly, I love your research, but Can't you see that Trump has gone off the rails? Trumps military budget is more than all of the rest of tge government. The new military budget is $1.5 trillion, tge rest of the government expenditures iproposed1.3 trillion. Doesn't that alarm you? Q is full of except when he talks about 5G and chemtrails…. Thats alarming too. I worked on this pedophile blackmail control system over a decade ago.

  7. Right on Polly, you are straight forward and in the face of the evil that is trying so hard to destroy the world and you are doing it with great facts and determination!

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