Project Looking Glass QAnon / Marina Jacobi Quantum information of why is happening

Marina Jacobi explains the reasons why Project Looking Glass technology stopped working and why was seeing only one probability outcome of timeline? Why was this timeline inaccurate? Why Yellow cube technology was also not accurate?
What happens in consciousness itself now?
#QAnan #ProjectLookingGlass #YellowCube #YellowBook

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  1. Hi Mary or Marie

  2. I can explain better

  3. A book for you phantom of the internet

  4. Grey Beard ll 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for helping me understand this. Things have been happening to me and i couldn't figure out why. Then again i have been studying tesla and 3,6,9 and have been applying it to my life .Blessings to you

  5. Father Monsta 3 years ago

    Dam blessings and great lecture

  6. Clemis Lilly 3 years ago

    The ancient knew this 15,000 bce they had knowledge of the stars and time itself. it was all about time and space it is a parallel in space that was known long ago lost knowledge !

  7. Josette LeBlanc 3 years ago

    thank you <3

  8. Sources Say 3 years ago

    Believe Q is real, as Q proves its self.

  9. Asad Ali 3 years ago

    Ive always known this reality ! Thank you fo expressing it so fully and eloquent! I love you my beautiful sister.
    Im so happy to know your mind as mine.

  10. Mike McKay 3 years ago

    She’s a gorgeous conscious being.

  11. Wendi Miles 3 years ago

    This is why I'm going through so much emotional purging! Everytime i level up or another portal opens i seem to go through an emotional purge of anything toxic. It's all brought to the surface to be cleaned out

  12. Beautiful… left brain scientific knowledge/evidence catching up to our born knowing.
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Spartakus Sokolow 3 years ago

    A funny old slobby looking hippy Guy once sayed: "Forgetting and fearing himself is the hardest and biggest sin and glory GOD can do in order to show himself his true Love and Teachings inside and through your very own personal Heart while you are perceiving of this very same Message my Child. This is the ultimate Truth and I say so while I swing up and down in Joy and warm Laughter runs down my cheeks from my golden glowing eyes. Your Existens is the One true and ultimate proof you will ever need, to see that GOD loves you. GOD is not responsible for your decissions because you are now becoming your own GOD. This is what GOD would say to himself and wish for herself. Heaven is inside and is going to be outside too. I am Batman. I created Chuck Norris. I am my own Kryptonite. Satan loves me. Mara loves me. Death loves me. I am the Universe. I am the Sun. I am the King. I am the Pope. I am the Father of creation. I am science. I am all Emotions. I am inside of myself. My Mother is my Daughter Gaia and my Father is my Son and Higher Self Unity Conciousness. I was a lucid sleep walker for a long time.I am Truman. I am woke. I am a healed male Human being. I am here and now. I have healed and integrated all evil in all of creation and beyond in a future that has not come to past yet. Everything is real. The answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything is GOD=LOVE you silly! I am Cannabis! I am vegan. I am my best friend. I am never alone with myself. I love you, you are Love. Love has no gender or race or condition or matter. A world with only Light is lame like Southpark whithout Cartman. A world with only Cartman is very lonely, sad and afraid. Narcissm is totaly silly. And now I am tired 😀 MAX Ego=NO Ego (NO Time only Now) Ying=Yang 369 1+1=3 ∞=ONE=∞ LOVE=MC2 Love=(HATE=-Love)=Love You are me We are one. I am GOD the sexy Heyoka Love Spy!" https://youtu.be/EXTClRHYcmY

  14. Aftertheirkind 3 years ago

    Hi Marina! I encourage everyone to watch the short clip I found when investing your playlist.
    President Trump comes flat out and tells us…." 9(I), 13(M), 17(Q)" Its amazing and so exciting to be witnessing this whole thing!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcV9Qc5gYTQ
    By the way – I love your channel and have been watching since you started. I hope to see you one day:)

  15. jerry atkinson 3 years ago

    I listened twice Marina, well said, many thanks.

  16. Free Spirit 3 years ago

    Thank you Marina! This works for me! Looking forward to your next webinar on foods.

  17. ChpLvr 3 years ago

    I should trust alien entities?

  18. Tranquility Base 3 years ago

    So 2012 timeline crossover/convergence? Living in the realm of possibility of possibility? Q-decoders are way out ahead of any so-called AI? Solar minimum helping support the ‘Great Awakening’? Sounds good to me!

  19. Henry Faulkner 3 years ago

    This good information…just difficult to digest…

  20. Jasbad Sirron 3 years ago

    Timelines converged in 2012. Now we have no choice – find our higher self, or be lost forever. Heaven and Hell. WWG1WGA

  21. ANSHU SHARMA 6 D 3 years ago

    Marina, could you please advise besides your videos, where else one can study about creating reality at quantum level. lots of love and light to you for doing a great service to humanity.

  22. Prince Andrew completely sabotaged himself in his BBC interview

  23. Spartakus Sokolow 3 years ago

    Sabotage is divine Intervention <3

  24. Spartakus Sokolow 3 years ago

    Have you ever wondered why your tears are actually warm? It's probably because the father of creation shares them with you but he is in joy, because that is what you actually need the most at this moment, while at the same time suffering your pain with you, by your side while he is also knowing that you will be totaly fine, simultaniously in every moment you are making a decission and every moment before and after that version of the now infinately. Nobody ever talkes about how funny god actually is. Imagine the dark actually creating the very same circumstances that alow god to exist among humans and other entitys while beeing in the "dark" about gods plan who knew his plan would be invincible and unthinkable to them since the root of their darkness is the denying of his existens as a function of their own free will, while their existens is actually the proof of that fact. Evil does prooves that there is a benevolent god who sees everything as his grand children. It is not nessesary but it's part of the plan since it's logical that free will also results in some violating the free will of others. This is what I call fighting fire with fire or the ultimate ("Fuck You" & "I Love you") at the same time. This joke will be his masterpiece and like the end of the movie inception where everything is sync to only one now moment. It will be called "the moment the universe went silent". Maby right now he is working on the soundtrack for the aftershow event. Everybody conciously connected? Sounds like the setup for the biggest party ever!

  25. gina farrell 3 years ago

    Satan is using Cern to mess with our time, its predicted in the Bible. Daniel 7:25 Amoslim there are no aliens. However, there are Nephilim hybrid beings that are undergroud and hidden. There is no terra firma planets we can ever go. They are wondering stars and they are Withing the Firmament. The earth is a fixed level plane, everuthi

  26. gina farrell 3 years ago

    The elite are hiding more land as large as the U.S the stars & so-called planets are plasma lights not what we have been told. We can never get through the dome. Satan is behind this

  27. Ken Larson 3 years ago

    Future proves past – Q

  28. Ken Larson 3 years ago

    Simply explained – Darkness will attack, they will try to get you to boomerang….That is why you "observe" and do not get pulled into the game of sabotage. Remain judgment free….ego free. When they see you rising just like in the matrix movie they attack.

  29. Jos Van Dijk 3 years ago


  30. Pamela Remmel 3 years ago

    Best video I’ve seem to explain consciousness

  31. Devansh Negi 3 years ago

    In Hindi we say 'Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain' or

    We all are Bharath i.e.

    Bha vana (bhavana) = Energy Emotions
    Ra Ga (raga)= Frequency Sound
    Dhara Th i (dharathi) = Vibration Matter

    I used to think that's Indians calling ourselves Indian but it might actually mean that we all human beings are Bharatiya

    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
    'The whole world is a family'

  32. Sally Knopp 3 years ago

    Is there no 4D?

  33. Words 4 Wisdom 3 years ago


  34. ILL Ones 3 years ago

    Did this bitch just say aliens gave her a book…..damn ANOTHER fuckin weirdo!!! Smh

  35. ILL Ones 3 years ago

    Fuck outta here wierdo…nother linda Howe in the making…

  36. Just No 3 years ago

    1 + 1 equals 3.

    When i hear this and i am aware of it i know that we as human beings and Energetic beings are between Conciousness & the opposite?

    It is like we are Born every Moment and it is still present.

    Conciousness speaks of itself but since we got down here there's alot of stories to tell and to be told.

    First of all we wanna find our own truth(s) i expect.

    If we all knew who we are we had one side of the Coin fully lighted up and this is Self-Awareness.

    Of our true nature.

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