Sunday, January 31, 2021

(Preserving info only. I don’t necessarily believe everything in the info being shared. Take what you will and leave the rest behind.)

PsyOp Operation 2021: CIG NEWS

PsyOp Operation 2021

Everyone who thinks we should focus on our HTM mission and spread the Culture of Heart as soon as possible, WILL BE COMPLETELY RIGHT. Yet, Father Moon asked us to be wise, analyze and recognize where the spiritual wind is heading.

“A wise person.. is the first to understand and recognize the global era and the time of hope… being the first to recognize it, analyze it, criticize it, and take action.” Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.196


Where is this?

Do you want to know what is really going on Providentially? Why do you think such a big Military force was in DC? Why the White House is Dark in the last 10 days? Why in the night everyone was exported from the area? (1) Why is it so obvious that all fake Biden’s videos are a Hollywood production (See Video – not in the real Oval Office)? Why is it so obvious that this is not the real Biden, it’s a double? What is really going on while this external theater is staged? How long do you think will this stay unnoticed?

When you know that all former Presidents in the spirit world are mobilized by Father Moon to come down and help restore the Earth, don’t you think they are working through some Able type politicians on earth? DP is clear, there are such prepared people are in every area of life. Among Politicians too. Yes, we see now political leaders jointly stand to end the satanic, pedophile, humanistic, Communist Cabal. This is a reflection of the former politicians IN THE SPIRIT WORLD joined with True Father Moon – assisting to cleanse the earth and fulfill God’s Will. 


“For nothing is secret that is not going to be revealed.”



“There is simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty (1). You’ll see what happens in the next few days.” The Great Awakening

Jan. 30, 2021 / Unification Providence Research

BREAKING NEWS: “Martial law and a legitimate military government were declared on January 20 at 00:00 and were submitted to the media on January 29 at 18:00 Eastern time. The official announcement of the arrest of Biden, as well as 355 congressmen and 109 senators (or 464 elected) on January 24 and 25, was made to the media on January 31 at 4:35 p.m.” State Mission Report

This information has been communicated to the American media, as well as to all the world’s news agencies. As expected, none of these things were published. On February 5, the US military government will seize all these news agencies by force at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  



An article quoting several reliable sources claims, “Gitmo is being upgraded to host VIP detainees, who are being detained by Special Forces working around the globe. They are high-level Deep State members, many of whom are part of a Pedophile Satanic global network. On December 21 Trump issued his “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.” Thousands of sealed indictments have been prepared.”

Their removal from powerful global leadership positions will end their decades-long policies of denying the rest of humanity the benefits of advanced technologies that will revolutionize life all over the planet. See, Global Elite Taken to GITMO by US Special Forces

Tribunals Approaching, or Ongoing?

Something strange is happening at DC

General Flynn said: “The advantage in wartime goes to the competitor who does not FLINCH AND DOES NOT BROADCAST HIS GAME PLAN.”

“Why so much military at DC? Tribunals need maximum security”

Seems like a new construction appeared in front of the White House, which is getting dark each night. Some say it was a press stand and video shows how later was removed. Yet, someone local said that the whole DC seems to be under arrest, looks like they are turning it into the new Guantanamo. A Tribunal witness says, she was called numerous times to testify. (2)

Could that be really connected with the Military Tribunals? Some say that the undergrounds under the White House are turned into prisons. We are still to learn, but Mike Lindell‘s reply was:


“If you knew what I know after talking with military for several days, you will be so confident. You will see when the hearings start. That miracle is coming. Friday is the start.” Video, Feb 3, 2021

The famous Q slogan – “The Best is Yet to Come,” was originally used by Michael Jakson, just before his “supposed death.” Another thing we hope to find out.
Everything is confirmed. Arrests of Satanists in Myanmar, overseeing the local traffic of people and drugs, impeachment, events in Russia, the growing collapse of Biden, his henchmen, and all the left in general. Everything is connected. Just we have to find out how exactly. February will be full of interesting news, they promise.
In addition, “The CCP is in the process of disbanding, “ sources say. China and the United States will come forward and establish a transitional republican rule! On February 12, the US military government will publish evidence that China and France have created a fake pandemic in order to overthrow the US government!

Communist Party of China (CPC) it has already been abolished (Ward received this news on January 29). They are completely deprived of money, so they fight so fiercely and resist to the last. Xi is now working with Trump to create a Republic of China that will not be communist. Putin also works with Trump on the same team as Modi from India.

Buckingham Palace FOR SALE? ( Confirmed by recent report! The doors are in chains! The royal residence, declared by a real estate agent. Is royalty being dismantled for good?
– Russian sources promise that the whole fraud with the pandemic will end by May.
– China is defeated in an air battle in Taiwan as the US military continues to advance
– A video has appeared showing a space laser weapon causing a volcanic eruption (3)
– Russia refuses to implement the system of a Central Bank owned by the eight dark families. Thousands of rioting agents of the Central Bank coming from abroad are arrested.

White House is empty, ‘Lights Out,’

Journalists and witnesses claim White House is empty, ‘lights out,’ there is ‘zero activity’… is basically a ghost town… all those buildings – the FBI, the Treasury, Labor Department… those buildings are basically abandon. (2) There was video of enormous police activity on 25th and some reports came that US military arrests the congress (not confirmed).

The military is keeping its mouth shut for now, and there is room for a lot of speculation. We only know that a state of emergency has been declared around January 11, and that the military is in control of the situation for now! Juan O. Savin (P) has just sent a message: “Everything starts on February 1 – Executive Order 13848 comes into force.”

Trump won the ELECTION with a landslide. He is now in the Winter White House. I hear he will be inaugurated in March (but as the 19th president of the Republic). The Fake Show with Biden cannot continue unnoticed forever. It’s only to cover the arrests and complete the collapse of the Corporation. Read more



“Understand that Main Stream Media is OWNED – the Press has been leveraged to perpetuate a manipulative narrative to keep We The People in the dark… for a century. They will never “connect the dots” for you with the facts or the truth. This is the brilliance of a PsyOp named Q. The gradual wake from sleep, a cognitive re-introduction to the truth.” Lin Wood

Know thy Enemy: Who Demoralizes Us

The Divine Principle is very clear,

“As long as these evil forces assail us, the sinful history of humanity will continue unabated… To extirpate evil by its root… we must first expose the motivation and origin of Satan (Pedophile act) and recognize the destruction he has wrought in human life (Sexual Immorality).” The Fall of Man

Connecting the dots, how is the fall connected to today’s reality? You know the principle of Cause and Effect. President Trump’s announcement that he is going after high profile child sex offenders was directly linked to the painful reality of child sex trafficking. The problem is so serious – See, The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine




Biden Child Porn will shock the World

There is 800000 children every year going missing in this country (US). Child Trafficking had become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. And they brash that out as Conspiracy Theory. Seriously! There are 1000 of lawsuits with mountains of evidence, that media and politicians are covering up. Court system and elite leaders’ involvement was making it impossible to stop. No more! Truth is coming out. See, Satan and Pedophilia Rule Hollywood and the Sex Trafficking Network



“20 million people around the world are trapped in human trafficking situations. Terrible circumstances of exploitation… including child sex trafficking.” Judicial Commission of Inquiry 

Thousands of pages of research, facts and testimonies, that Cabal puppets brush out lightly as Conspiracy Theory. Just think – who – with what kind of mind and heart will support that? Who and why is covering those facts? Can real members say this is just a Theory after checking the facts? Only Evil puppets of the Cabal can do that! Such members definitely have some covert motivation.

The Media in not covering the abuse on children, instead it is going against the victims and those who uncover some facts of this evil. (3) To understand why, see, From Antiquity to Today the Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children

The House of Cards Will Fall

Anything aimed at exposing the dark ones is presented as madness and conspiracy theory. Only time passes and many things are confirmed.The level of criminality that pervades our government at the highest level (even UN) it’s going to be so shocking, that people are not going to believe it. But this has to be stoped. God cannot let that to continue. Look at the governments and the countries that are now collapsing. PART 7


The Q movement tried to awake humanity for the same fact that Rev. Moon was teaching about; That Communism, Secular Humanism and their culture of Free Sex, Abortions and Pedophilia are all pushed upon us by the same Satan-worshiping Cabal, dominating the world through their banks, media and puppet minions infiltrated in all areas of life. As Dr. Lee warned us from the spirit world, this evil, satanic network is so vast and that even Lucifer himself will not be able to dismantle it.” Is that the End

Now is the time when their crimes will be exposed. “This year we will combat the many arms of the Deep State,” Gen. Hyten wrote, “They will launch their own campaigns against you. Countries that crumbled (under DS), lost their religion first.” As Trump Jn. said, “The moralistic high-ground of these people turns out to be a pedophile one.” The Deep State (DS) is:



  • anti-Christian,
  • anti-American,
  • anti-Conservative,
  • anti-Family,
  • anti-Independence,
  • anti-Individual.


They attack faith, attack family, attack morality, attack life. “Planned Parenthood”! What a nice framing for Eugenics. The planned killing of people who are assumed as “not being good enough” to live. On 2 Feb., International operation led to massive scale Arrests of Rabbis for Selling Ilegal Body Parts. Busses were used to export the arrested (among them; mayors, politicians, and religious leaders).

“February 2021 will be written in the History books,” we read in the Great Awakening, “At this moment, the biggest politicians in the world are being ARRESTED.” The house of cards will fall. Vaccination will be exposed for the Depopulation Agenda behind.


A three judge court in Peru has ruled that the COVID-19 pandemic was started by the billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller.

Shocking fact: In the last 30 years, no document has been found to confirm that the vaccines required by the WHO have passed quality and safety testing. Doctors and scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Italy, France, created the International Medical and Biological Committee. They shared the severe consequences of vaccines in their practice: from reduced immunity to allergic reactions and autism. See, VACCINATED FAINTS IN 17 MINS, DEAD IN 10 HOURS


The Deep State Operatives Chased and Arrested: China and North Korea will be Free

“Trump have documents that will change the world. Stay Tuned! The next two weeks will be interesting. Watch Trump’s movements.” Gen. Hyten

Breaking News: “The Chinese Communist Party is being dissolved with the aid of U.S., Taiwan and Chinese forces. Trump, Putin and Chinese Chairman Xi are coordinating this long-planned out operation which will place Trump back as POTUS.” Big military operations expected in February.

“A REAL air attack was or is still ongoing by the CCP (the Kazarian Mafia) of China, against Taiwan. McKay claims that Xi in China has already done the preparatory arrests of evil CCP leadership and is now preparing to ASSIST a joint USA + Taiwan invasion of China where a peaceful transition to democratic leadership will be carried out WITH the aid of the Chinese Army.” Fulford

They unite to BRING DOWN the DEEP STATE that was controlling the world. Yet, have a clear paradigm of uniting to build a better, freer, and more prosperous world. THE BASE FOR CIG. Word is, most countries in the world have already signed the Peace Agreement that comes in place after this GLOBAL MILITARY OPERATION of Ending The Ruling Satanic Cabal.

Learn the History to avoid the same wrongs in the future. Father Moon told us that we should be the first to research and find out the truth, and not let to be infiltrated by the evil.
We cannot ignore the fact, that Trump’s fight to expose and arrest Elite Pedophiles (that caused him be under so much attack), is immense support for God’s providence in establishing THE CULTURE OF HEART, based on TRUE FAMILIES. Members should know that behind Trump is a group of 800 high-ranking military generals (Q). We know very well why the Cabal owned Medea attacks them!
Trump Declared he Remains the President

Trump declared on Thursday 14 Jan. “These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”

Trump would remain as President until all those were arrested who committed treason by conspiring to steal the 2020 Election with the foreign governments of the Chinese Communist Party, Cuba, Vatican, Italy, the UK, Venezuela, Iran and Germany.

“The owners of the Corporation: the Rockefeller and Rothschild, etc. crime families are still fighting tooth and nail to keep their illusion of control intact. That is why their sh-t-show is still on many television sets. As further evidence the Rockefellers are trying to sell us out to China.” Banjamin Fulford

To understand why the Alliance let the false Biden Inauguration happen, please grasp the fact, that Presidency is not what they are fighting for. The war is to expose the evil Communist, Humanist, Transgender agenda and catch all the evil players in actual crime. See, List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the DEEP STATE

US is already completely in the hands of the Good Guys (White Hats). The war now extends in liberating Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China… You see it by following the maps of underground explosions.

It’s a Global Military Operation

Let me present you the substantial, physical evidence that this is a Global Military Operation of taking down the Cabal forces around the world. In the video, you’ll see a description of some of the new technologies, including the fast underground Magneto-gravitational Trains (Rev. Moon talked about). From the maps of explosions, you can see where the military actions are going now, in real-time (Since explosions are registered, showing the exact depth and power of the explosion – following exactly the maps of the DUMPS). You can hear some of the historic backgrounds of how the good forces united to stop this evil and prepared for centuries.

When Trump got into office the Military didn’t waited to take the main Cabal players out. Q leaked info is part of the plan. Everything on the list declared executed, arrested or on house arrest has already happened. The Castle Rock is just to awake everyone, to avoid civil war, and ease people. This was all done clandestine ops. In 2017 Trump had every major head of countries acknowledging him as the leader. This is all a movie. To allow us make our own research, come to our own conclusions before all is revealed. Have Faith! This is Great Awakening!

Yes, Biden = Satanism, Voting for Biden = Ignorance (or Implanted Satanist in UC).. How to excuse VOTING FOR PEDOPHILE who took bribes of millions to promote COMMUNISM and sell the country to China.

Who is Q? Who are the ANONS?

The central person leading Q is stated to be John F. Kennedy Jr., who is still alive (Video). He is finishing what his father started; liberating the world from the Banking Cabal. 


Here is the photo of his daughter. Yes, Kayleigh McEnany Is JFK Jr And Carolyn Bessette’s Daughter. JFK Jr was presumably helped by Trump to imitate his death, same like Michael Jakson (to help Q eliminate the Cabal).Because of so much IGNORANCE in our movement regarding Q and Qanons I feel obligated to write this explanation. At least some of what’s know of Q.  And don’t forget – Antifa and other Cabal groups are desperately trying to frame the Qanons with ‘False Flag Operations‘. WILL BE ARRESTED

Q – stands for the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SECURITY CLEARANCE. In this case, we are talking 800 high ranking GENERALS, that are BEHIND TRUMP. It started with 200 generals who said, “Enough is enough,” when JFK was killed for standing against the Federal Reserve. The origins, however, go way back as a secret organization fighting the Satanic Cabal.

JFK Jr At 1st Sustainment Command Center

Figures like, Lincoln, Eisenhower, McCarter, Reagan, Trump, were part of the same Q movement. That’s why they tried their best to block the evil forces. That’s why Rev. Moon was related with them, and they are all now working from the spirit world, united with True Father Moon.

Q – only asks questions, to make people RESEARCH ON THEIR OWN – So they are called ANONS (anonymous). The purpose is to awaken humanity for the reality of the satanic forces and their true aims and evil nature. Very much similar to what Rev. Sun Myung Moon tried to achieve in his life.

Q intel – only helped prevent Rioting, by keeping people informed that Good is coming and God will win. So far, I find NO EVIDENCE of any evil motivation. ONLY TIME CAN SHOW, but already the Q intel operation helped millions to wake up concerning Communism, and the forces behind the Free Sex culture.

Members who oppose Q are either infiltrated Cabal puppets or easily manipulated ignorant members, who are also guilty of going against God’s will. It is better for members to concentrate on HTM and their mission, rather than criticizing while being lazy to even find out the truth. Ignorance only brings destruction, Father Moon told us.
Beware of Implanted Cabal Members

“Enemies come in by subversion from treasonous traitors”COMMENT: When I tried to converse with one brother about it, it always ended in him attacking my character and person.

ANSWER: Yes, this is MANIPULATIVE TECHNIQUE – they don’t argue with facts, for they cannot. FACTS WILL ONLY DISPROVE THEM (If they are very good in such manipulation – they could be Implanted Cabal members – as we found and exposed such in my country.)

The Cabal has implanted people in every church and organization. They are very active in such manipulation control (in line with the Cabal narrative) NORMAL REASON DOES NOT WORK WITH THEM. They quickly unite with other secret Cabal members to FRAME YOU and destroy your personality. So you cannot oppose again in the future.

This way they clime, while suppressing the real good members. In the end, such churches become more and more dysfunctional, for everyone is afraid to express an opinion. That’s the situation in UK. Terrible!

COMMENT: Now that makes sense to me.

“Just let’s watch this amazing month and not forget that the victory in this war of Good and Evil depends on you and me – on the people of the planet, not on Trump. We exclude any fear and negativity, radiate Light and Love.” Charlie Ward

Please help support us. We follow the truth, wherever it leads.
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