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Putin Announces “New Era” Has Begun, Says West Can’t Offer Its Own Model Of Future

July 20, 2022

Putin Announces “New Era” Has Begun, Says West Can’t Offer Its Own Model Of Future

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin announcing the beginning of a new era and a new stage in history, says he further stated that the Western colonial powers cannot offer its own model of the future, correctly assessed the West owes its global preeminence in large part to its historic plunder of other peoples around the world, and has no model of development to offer others, then he factually observed: “The model of the total dominance of the so-called golden billion is unjust…Why should this ‘golden billion’ among the planet’s population dominate others, impose its own rules of conduct?…Based on the illusion of ‘exclusivity’, this model divides people into first and second class status, and is therefore racist and neo-colonial in its essence…And the globalist, supposedly liberal ideology which underlies it, is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism, holding back creative pursuit and free historical creation”.

Because of its insane “globalist liberal ideology”, this report notes, the Western colonial powers that are used to “plundering other peoples around the world” imposed sanctions on Russia after it launched the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine—sanctions whose true effect is documented today in the Wall Street Journal article “Europe Fears A Long, Cold Winter If Russia Ends Supply Of Natural Gas”—because of sanctions today it sees Germany preparing to spend €10 billion to rescue its energy giant Uniper—because of sanctions today France announced a takeover bid to gain full control of the country’s largest energy utility EDF—in noticing how the Western colonial powers are destroying themselves with sanctions against Russia, today sees it being assessed: “Probably the most important and impactful piece of political advice ever given was ‘it’s the economy, stupid’…Indeed, the economic and financial condition of any society transcends ideology…And it is ideology – neoliberalism, to be specific – that is driving the world into recession”—and in viewing the damage done by these Western colonial socialist ideologists to their own nations, today Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated: “We would advise European politicians to look for the causes of their domestic crises in their own mistakes and unprofessionalism, the social and economic consequences of which are increasingly felt by ordinary citizens of EU countries”.

With the European Union not having enough natural gas reserves to make it through the winter, this report continues, it bears noticing that President Putin warned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that even the urgent launch of the Nord Stream pipeline cannot bring larger amounts of gas to the European market as half of the capacities of the pipeline have already been reoriented to the Russian market amid the delays of German regulators—and in assessing the true cause of the present European Union energy crisis, President Putin factually stated: “The European countries neglected the significance of traditional energy types and focused on non-traditional ones, such as solar and wind energy…The winter turned out to be long, there was no wind, and that was it…In addition, investment in traditional energy decreased due to the political decisions made earlier…Banks are not financing, insurance companies are not insuring, local authorities are not providing plots for new development, the pipeline and other transport is not developing…That is the result of politics during the previous decades…That’s where everything started, and not due to some actions taken by Russia and Gazprom and the prices started going up!”.

Now adding to the European Union energy crisis, this report notes, it saw the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine cutting one-third of the transit volumes of Russian natural gas, which President Putin responded to with the factual statement: “Ukraine suddenly said it was closing one of the routes that run through its territory, allegedly because one of the gas pumping stations is not controlled by it, but is on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic…However, it went under the control of the Luhansk People’s Republic several months ago, but they have recently closed it without any grounds for doing so…Everything was functioning normally there, no one was interfering…They just closed it for political reasons”.

Interesting to notice today, this report details, is the Wall Street Journal predicting that President Putin won’t completely cut off the European Union from Russian natural gas, with them assessing: “Putin is leery of doing anything that would finally break the long spell of Western stupidity that has served him so well”—an assessment which joins the just published military strategy document “OPERATION Z – DON’T INTERRUPT”, wherein it notes: “One of Napoleon’s observations is that you should never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake…Russians know this, not least because they were careful not to interrupt Napoleon himself in 1812…Putin and his team have had plenty of opportunities to meet NATO’s leaders, observe them, negotiate with them and assess them…It’s unlikely they’re very impressed…But when they started their “special military operation” in Ukraine they could never have dreamed how self-destructive NATO would be”.

As to how “self-destructive” NATO truly is, this report continues, today it sees Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealing: “Our American counterparts, British counterparts, with active support from Germans, the Polish and the Baltic states, they really want to turn this war into a real war and start a confrontation between Russia and European states”—a revelation of insanity quickly joined by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who said the socialist Biden Regime should “stop playing world police” and work on creating conditions for peace talks instead, and factually stated: “As the one who started the Ukraine crisis and the biggest factor fueling it, the United States needs to deeply reflect on its erroneous actions of exerting extreme pressure and fanning the flame on the Ukraine issue”.

While the socialist Biden Regime continues to “fan the flames” in Ukraine, this report notes, the just published article “Cracks Grow In US Response On Ukraine” cites former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joel Rubin observing: “The reality of the matter is, if you support Ukraine, you are potentially complicit in the economic impact of the war…And you should own it…But Republicans don’t want to own it…They want to weaponize it against Biden”, and wherein it sees Director Nile Gardiner of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation assessing: “There is a real danger of Ukraine fatigue setting in here in Washington as the political focus overwhelmingly shifts to domestic political matters”.

In a rare example of honesty, this report continues, today the leftist New York Times published its interview with world renowned Russian political scientist Sergey Karaganov, wherein he factually assessed:

This conflict is not about Ukraine.  Her citizens are used as cannon fodder in a war to preserve the failing supremacy of Western elites.

Ukraine is an important but small part of the engulfing process of the collapse of the former world order of global liberal imperialism imposed by the United States and movement toward a much fairer and freer world of multipolarity and multiplicity of civilizations and cultures.

We do not have the cancel culture or impose the deafening political correctness.

I am concerned about the freedom of thought in the future.

But I am even more concerned about the growing probability of a global thermonuclear conflict ending the history of humanity.

We are living through a prolonged Cuban missile crisis.  And I do not see people of the caliber of Kennedy and his entourage on the other side.

I do not know whether we have responsible interlocutors.  But we are looking for them.”

With Ukrainian funeral notices, not government admissions revealing that Russian strikes took out some of their top military commanders, this report details, it is a revelation that comes at the same time Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has widened the purge of his own government—a mass purge causing Pulitzer Prize winning American military historian Rick Atkinson to most correctly assess: “Turnover in senior national leadership positions during wartime typically suggests stress fractures at the top, perhaps from colliding egos or the need for scapegoats when things are going badly”—an assessment quickly followed by President Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrey Yermak warning: “The Ukrainian military must defeat Russia before winter”—a warning followed by Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov inviting Western colonial arms manufacturers to use it as a location to try out new weapons in battlefield conditions—an invitation of lunacy quickly slammed by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who stated: “Those who pose as Ukrainian patriots fighting for the country’s future have come up with the idea of asking the West to send everything that needs testing to Ukraine so that it can be tested during the armed conflict…But they forgot to say that it will be tested on Ukrainians…And this is the thing…The destruction of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is at the core of the Kiev regime’s policy, no matter the slogans”.

In the aftermath of the Iraq war, this report concludes, the United States Government Accountability Office estimated that it took 250,000 rounds to kill one insurgent—a fact joined with the reality: “From the Vietnam era to today, small arms plants in America have shrunk from five to just one”—a reality now joined with the military assessment: “US annual artillery production would at best only last for 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine”—a further military assessment notes: “The rate of ammunition and equipment consumption in Ukraine can only be sustained by a large-scale industrial base…Unfortunately, the West no longer seems to have either”—as the Western colonial powers empty their weapons stores into Ukraine and can’t readily replace them, it comes at the same time Chief of the German Army Lieutenant-General Alfons Mais warns: “Russia has practically inexhaustible resources”—and in using these “inexhaustible resources” as the Western colonial powers fast run out of weapons to flood into Ukraine, it saw Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noting today that the use of Western-supplied heavy weapons by Kiev will only force Russia to move deeper into Ukraine, with him stating: “Our willingness to accept Ukrainian suggestions was based on the geography as of the end of March, 2022…Now the geography is different…We’re not talking about the DPR, the LPR…We’re talking about Kherson Region, Zaporozhye Region and a number of other territories, and this process is ongoing”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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