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Putin-Biden Summit Breaks Down As Russian Forces Mass On Western Border

June 1, 2021

Putin-Biden Summit Breaks Down As Russian Forces Mass On Western Border

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


An insightful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today suggesting a looming break down has occurred involving the planned 16 June summit between President Putin and Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden in the neutral location of Geneva-Switzerland, sees Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov revealing: “The agendas of the United States and Russia do not coincide but we are traditionally ready to react to any issues raised by the American side…Unfortunately, the reciprocal readiness is observed less and more seldom…The Americans should proceed from the premise that a number of signals from Moscow – and I am not talking here about the meeting at the highest level, I don’t know how it will proceed, – are going to be uncomfortable for them, including in the coming days”.

Most troubling being noticed about socialist leader Biden in the lead up to this summit is his continuing to stoke racial hatred among his own citizens—so much so that today it sees Biden traveling to Tulsa-Oklahoma to remember a race riot that occurred there 100-years-ago—preceding this visit saw armed black terrorists screaming “Kill Everything White in Sight”—was a race riot that occurred on 1 June 1921 in which 36 were killed, 26 of whom were black and 10 of whom were white—and saw this race riot being allowed to happen by Democrat Party leader Oklahoma Governor James B. A. Robertson, who was ultimately arrested for his crimes of corruption on 22 March 1922.

With Biden being the leader of a Democratic Party that has fought against every major civil rights initiative, has a long history of discrimination, defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s, his actions to stoke racial hatred based on what his own political party has done is both abhorrent and disgusting—and equally compares to how Biden and his socialist Democrats are manipulating the events that occurred on 6 January—a date on which thousands of Trump supporters gathered at the US Capitol building to protest the 2020 election—then saw US Capitol police forces firing exploding flash grenades into crowds of men, women and children—when these terrified people rushed to escape these exploding flash grenades saw US Capitol police waving them into the building—after which hundreds of those who entered the US Capitol building were arrested and thrown into a hell-dungeon, where they’re kept in solitary confinement, regularly beaten and starved—a beyond shocking violation of the human rights of these protesters noted by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who just put socialist leader Biden on notice stating: “We are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on 6 January this year…A lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights”.

Joining this human rights atrocity being perpetrated against Trump supports by socialist leader Biden is the shocking revelation that Danish intelligence services collaborated with the United States in spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European politicians—a shock revelation responded to by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who stated: “I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the situation is even more dire for NATO member states themselves…The United States has removed itself from any legal reference point, and they are supervising everyone and everything…Perhaps they decided to toss their vassal partners a bone, allowing them to bend the rules as well”.

Important to notice are these events all occurring at the same time NATO is conducting its massive “Steadfast Defender” 12 May to 22 June war games stretching into the Black Sea at Russia’s very border—in watching these war moves sees Foreign Minister Lavrov noting that anti-Russian rhetoric in the West was transforming into a military buildup against Russia—in concrete response to Russia has just announced that it will revamp and upgrade its military presence along its European borders in response to a reported buildup by the US-led NATO bloc, as well as stepping up the presence of both its navy and warplanes—and sees Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu saying that more than a dozen new units would be formed in the Western Military District, which covers much of the European portion of Russia, following increased activity in the region, with his stating: “The actions of our Western colleagues destroy the security system in the world and force us to take adequate countermeasures…We are constantly improving the combat composition of our troops…By the end of the year, about 20 formations and military units will be set up”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


According to this report, with Russia being the largest country on Earth comprising 11% of the world’s landmass, and whose beyond staggering $75-trillion in natural resource wealth makes sanctions meaningless, these factual realities prompted President Putin to issue a reminder a fortnight ago of historical truths, with his stating: “Our enormity terrifies everybody…Russia has no friends”—an historic reminder joined by President Putin warning the entire world: “If you try to bite Russia, we’ll knock out your teeth”.

In assessing the economic power of Russia to back up this warning, this report notes that the nation’s public debt totals $268-billion and is 17% of GDP, which is in accordance with the law on the federal budget for 2021, that orders the maximum level of public debt in relation to the projected volume of GDP not exceed 20.4%.

In assessing the economic power of the United States to back up its war moves, however, this report details, its public debt totals $28.3-trillion, which is 129% of GDP—sees the United States having no law on their federal budget preventing such economic insanity like this from occurring—and in the hours right before their nation’s Memorial Day weekend started so barely anyone would notice, it saw socialist leader Biden adding to this economic insanity when he beyond all belief unveiled a $6-trillion budget—an insane budget “unprecedented in American peacetime history” being called “a blowout for the ages on everything but defense and security”—contains a demonic provision overturning the decades-long law preventing US federal funds from being used to kill unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs—and will push US federal spending to its highest sustained levels since World War II.

While one would logically think that socialist leader Biden’s insane budget is preparing the United States to wage a new global conflict like World War II, this report explains, nothing could be further from the truth—as evidenced by this budget allocating $715-billion to the Department of Defense, which is an increase of about $10-billion from what was allocated in 2021—thus meaning that this 2022 budget request for the Pentagon represents an essentially flat budget.

The sheer insanity of socialist leader Biden’s budget allocation to the Pentagon, this report continues, is best exampled by its authorizing the purchase of purchase 85 additional F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft costing over $80-million for each one of them—an F-35 aircraft the US Air Force admits is too expensive fly and wants to replace it—an F-35 aircraft the US Air Force has further warned is almost un-flyablein February saw the US Air Force quietly admitting that the entire F-35 aircraft programme is a failure—but most critical to know about is a F-35 aircraft made by American defense giant Lockheed Martin, who immediately after the US Air Force declared the F-35 aircraft programme was a complete failure, sent its top executive to a course so he could “deconstruct” his “white male privilege—that was then followed by Lockheed Martin sending all of its white male executives to a three-day diversity-training program aimed at deconstructing their “white male culture” and encouraging them to atone for their “white male privilege.

While socialist leader Biden richly rewards Lockheed Martin for the socialist indoctrination of its executives who are making fighter aircraft unable to fly, this report concludes, his insane budget takes a sledgehammer and smashes the Pentagon’s war fighting capabilities by eliminating fighter aircraft like the A-10 that can actually fly—further guts the US Navy and US Marines by eliminating ships, sailors, and combat troops—sees Biden ending the use of the Defense Department’s long-held wartime coffers, known as Overseas Contingency Operations funds—does see Biden increasing the amount spent on building nuclear weapons and increasing the Pentagon’s ability to spy on the American people—but as to whom will be left to fight any wars Biden and his socialists ignite is up for debate, specifically because included in this Pentagon budget is a chilling new regulation and tens-of-millions of dollars devoted to finding and rooting out from the US military all those opposing socialism.

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