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Putin Slams West’s “Simply Monstrous” Treatment Of Children As Call Made To Invade Australia

October 23, 2021

Putin Slams West’s “Simply Monstrous” Treatment Of Children As Call Made To Invade Australia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A riveting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reviewing the Valdai Discussion Club events held this week, whose talks were headlined under the banner “Global Shake-Up in the 21st Century: The Individual, Values, and the State”, first notes President Putin stating: “Everyone says that the existing model of capitalism, which the basis of social structure in the overwhelming majority of countries, has run its course…Everywhere, even in the richest countries and regions, the uneven distribution of material wealth leads to aggravating inequality”, after which he slammed the demonic socialist forces destroying the West with the searing words: “The discussion about the rights of men and women has turned into a total phantasmagoria in a number of Western countries…Those who risk saying that men and women still exist, and that this is a biological fact, are virtually ostracized…And this is not new…In the 1920’s, Soviet culture-warriors invented a so-called ‘newspeak’, believing that in this way they would create a new sense of consciousness and redefine people’s values…This is not to mention things that are simply monstrous, like when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa…In fact, they are indoctrinating them into the alleged choices that are supposedly available to everyone – removing parents from the equation and forcing the child to make decisions that can ruin their lives”.

In a true “Soviet culture-warrior newspeak” type reply to President Putin, this report notes, it saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden threatening: “I don’t want a cold war with China…I want China to understand that we are not going to step back and change any of our views…China, Russia and the rest of the world knows we have the most powerful military in history of the world…Don’t worry about whether they’re going to be more powerful…But you do have to worry about whether or not they’re going to engage in activities put them in a position where they may make a serious mistake”.

Quickly joining his threats of war, this report details, socialist leader Biden deployed nuclear armed B-1 strategic bombers to the Indian Ocean within striking range of China for the first time in 15-years—a war deployment immediately joined by the US-led military bloc NATO unveiling its master plan to defeat Russia in a nuclear war—a master plan for nuclear war Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hit back against with a dire warning that ties between the Russian Federation and the United States are “actually in a state worse than at any point during the darkest days of the Cold War”—and saw this warning joined by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirming the correctness of Russia breaking off all ties with NATO this week, who stated about this master plan for nuclear war: “This vividly confirms the correctness of the decisions by the Russian Federation adopted several days earlier regarding the termination of official dialogue. Any dialogue under such conditions is simply unnecessary and NATO’s concept confirms it”.

This transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing that after the US suffered yet another failure to test launch a long-range hypersonic missile this weekNATO was shaken with terror after a Russian submarine in the Far North successfully fired a nuclear capable hypersonic missile from Europe to Asia—a successful hypersonic missile test coming at the same time an armada of Russian and Chinese warships passed through a 12-mile-wide strait between Japan’s main islands in a significant show of force—and about which global defense experts are now saying: “The rapidly changing strategic map of the world has opened up a growing space for common strategic interests between Russia and China…American foreign policymakers like to toy with the dream of breaking the two countries apart…However, they are finding out it is not that simple, and the trend is that the East is entrenching, rather than wavering in the face of pressure from the West…Both Russia and China see each others political successes in the context of what it means for them in the international order as a whole…It is a choice between standing together in fields of common interest, or facing the US’s hegemony on their own”.

Security Council Members in this transcript noting that China is now in the process of isolating Australia from its Pacific Ocean Region neighbors after it sided with socialist leader Biden against them, says this effort has now been joined by famed President Donald Trump loyalist Candace Owens, who while noting this week that the US spent 20-years and trillions of dollars on a war in Afghanistan to purportedly “spread democracy in a tyrannical land” and “free an oppressed people”, asked: “When do we deploy troops to Australia?…When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime?”—an invasion call Owens added to by noting “Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state”, and who argued that its citizens – who are currently unable to leave the country without a government exemption – “are quite literally being imprisoned against their will”.

In examining the tyrannical police state Australia has become under its godless socialist rulers, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting that Australian Premier Daniel Andrews has just vowed to keep citizens locked in their homes no matter how many of them submit to forced experimental vaccines, and as to when they can expect to be freed sees him stating: “It will not be when we reach 90 per cent…It will not be anytime soon…That is going to function for a period of time, well into 2022”—is a lockdown threat “well into 2022” about to strike America after the CDC approved experimental Covid booster shots on Thursday, specifically because CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said this week that the “fully vaccinated” definition could change in the future thanks to these approved Covid experimental booster shots—a definition change that would see over 189-million “fully vaccinated” Americans instantly being branded as “unvaccinated—sees socialist leader Biden having already branded unvaccinated Americans as “the true enemy”—since Biden seized power it has seen more Americans dying of Covid that did under President Trump, with a large percentage of these deaths being “fully vaccinated—and in a new study just released by renowned medical researcher Dr. Jessica Rose, her analysis of VAERS data reveals a beyond shocking 5,427% increase in deaths following experimental Covid shots compared to ALL vaccines in the past 10-years.

With a new poll stunningly showing that more than HALF of these under socialist siege Americans are now saying they’ve been personally affected by supply shortages, this report continues, this week they were further slammed when it was revealed that the US hit its second largest deficit ever at $2.77-trillion after 2-years of pandemic spending—an economic blow about to be compounded after it was revealed this week that illegal migrants were encountered 1.7 million times in the last 12 months at the US southern border, the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960—an invasion of illegal migrants socialist leader Biden allowed by refusing to finish the border wall started by President Trump—but did see Biden spending nearly $500,000 of American taxpayer money for a massive “security fence” to protect his Delaware beach house—protection not afforded to the at least 363 American citizens Biden abandoned behind enemy lines in Afghanistan the US State Department was forced to admit yesterday it lied about being there—and if this deliberate socialist destruction of America is allowed to continue, it now sees their own economic experts warning: “Think rocketing inflation is bad now?…We’re facing a catastrophe that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park”.

In hopeful signs that more Americans are finally awakening to the socialist horrors befalling them, this report concludes, this week it saw Biden appearing at a fake news leftist CNN televised town hall where he put on full display his demented lunacy, that was followed by articles appearing like “CNN TANKS In Thursday Ratings Despite Exclusive Joe Biden Town Hall” and “Biden’s CNN Town Hall Bombs In The Ratings – Less Than 300K Viewers In Most Important Demo”—saw this demented town hall spectacle tuned out by Americans quickly joined the news “Biden loses more support than any other president since World War II…Approval ratings in his first nine months nosedive by 11% as independents abandon him”—after which Southwest Airlines openly defied Biden and said it won’t fire its workers for refusing to experimental Covid vaccines—open defiance against these socialist forces near immediately followed by the National School Board Association writing a letter of apology to American parents for them having ordered Biden to brand them as “domestic terrorists—all of which was joined by Republican Party lawmaker US Congressman William Posey going to the floor of the US Congress yesterday and shouting “Let’s Go Brandon!, which the world knows is the euphemism for “Fuck Joe Biden!”—and in a warning to the young people indoctrinated by these demonic socialists, yesterday it saw famed British actor-comedian Ricky Gervais telling them of what to expect: “I want to live long enough to see the younger generation not be woke enough for the next generation…It’s going to happen…Don’t they realize that it’s like, they’re next?…That’s what’s funny…There’s only so woke and liberal you can get and then you start going the other way, it’s inevitable”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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