Q posts #3421-#3426 July 12/13 #QAnon Epstein digs, Majestic 12’s Twitter

OK, so the first part of the video is about Q’s newest few posts, but there are only 6 of them. So I do go through them but it doesn’t last that long (about 11 minutes, that is the first 11 minutes of the video).

The rest of the video, I look at Majestic 12’s Twitter account (the remaining 31 minutes or so of the video). They posted about 50 posts, so it took much longer to go through. But they reference Q’s posts constantly, so it is a way of continuing these Q research digs, albeit at a different angle.

The video subject matter is almost exclusively all about Epstein and his network. Featuring a brief appearance from ALICE.


I think I fixed the audio issues I had, more or less. If you have been following my videos you may know that I have had a few (and alot of complaints), so feel free to comment if you think the audio is loud enough, and good or bad quality. If it’s still bad, please state what specific problem there is about it so that I can know.

I also fixed a few other things with the video aspect ratio. Should be 16:9 now all the way. Plus been recording at a lower resolution so that I don’t have to zoom in and out all the time (how I normally roll, LOL). Smaller file sizes to deal with, hence faster uploads.

Also trying to start adding proper thumbnails to the videos to make them more clickbaity. I’m trying to make my own memes for these thumbnails. Perhaps one of them may even end up being funny, who knows?

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  1. cryptoTony 2 years ago

    bitcoin going down from 20000 was nothing to do with donald trump. it was a normal market cycle. just doing the same as its done since it was created. get you facts right.

  2. cryptoTony 2 years ago

    every year 800 billion to 2 trillion gets laundered in dollars through the banks, bitcoins market cap is around 260 billion it is not getting used like you say it is?

  3. cryptoTony 2 years ago

    they fear it because the dollar is failling.

  4. Bryan Vaughn 2 years ago

    I think crypto Tony trades in or works for Bitcoin lol

  5. James Shaw 2 years ago

    Oh what I'd give to be the one to put the hand cuffs on either of the dam Clinton's. Too many children and adults have been harmed by both of them. GOD bless you and your family.

  6. Hermit VonCrab 2 years ago

    There is a disease called kora that people get from cannibalism its symptoms are almost Identical to Parkinson's disease. Can you think of any VIPS with Parkinson's symptoms???????????????????

  7. Red Pill 2 years ago

    THE STORM HAS STARTING. Thank you Trump!!!!

  8. Tamara Savely 2 years ago

    If you could turn up the volume some would be great for me. Thank you.

  9. Tru Penny 2 years ago

    Anything not backed by gold is not a bank. Bitcoin will zero out upon reset.

  10. I'm a miserable, deranged Q conspiracist, Wa HOO hoo!   Ignore the safe.  Any billionaires safe is the first thing emptied and secured by the billionaire unless he gets an unusual surprise raid by LE. Epstein, as a DS operative knows to keep his most important treasure where LE cannot find: Europe?  Just for kicks a billionaire might leave a few hundred G's "petty cash" in the safe to DEFLECT ATTENTION from the "slot" in the door frame..

  11. Starr DiGiacomo 2 years ago

    I think Epstein will be suicided to keep the public from seeing anything about the ongoing investigation.

  12. Starr DiGiacomo 2 years ago

    Page 5 of 32 shows David R Stack Board of Directors President from 2016 to present. He has no internet presence aside from 1 mention as a matrimonial/family law at McLaughlin and Stern NYC. There's not a single review for him. He's virtually non existent. https://www.nyspcc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016-Annual-Report-WEB.pdf

  13. Fmx 101 2 years ago

    Honestly I don't see how to save America! I mean how can one man (who has no super powers) and a bunch of people waiting on him patiently going to save us. … To many rats in the grain house.

  14. Leo Mullins 2 years ago

    Mastestic 12 is talking nonsence or is being deceitful wrt Bitcoin and crypto.

  15. Uaint Shytho 2 years ago

    The storm is not coming! They let weinstein free that was the real start and hes out and about lmao fuck outta here theyre gonna keep on diddling till we get hit with a fuckn meteor Trumop is with them

  16. News Just in 2 years ago

    This is a Bullshit channel. You know nothing about anything Q related.
    Most of your comments have no profile pictures which stinks of fake.

  17. Brandon Sheffield 2 years ago

    There are people saying QAnon is fake, but Then Epstein happened in the news this past week. LOL

  18. Eugen Kramaric 2 years ago

    More pedo pictures/videos and black book where is written who is involved in all this. My opinion.

  19. Skiitles 2 years ago

    I truly hope this goes down in the history books

  20. Dwayne Carroll 2 years ago

    Safe on a semi isolated island where he is sometimes not there. With blackmail. Pretty unsecure place. However if he was an asset of ………. Well then things get a bit more interesting.

  21. Dwayne Carroll 2 years ago

    1974 seems to be getting a bit interesting. JE math teacher…..watergateish…..hrc fired from watergate team….

    I wonder of that is the "key" moment in time

  22. Veronica Farias 2 years ago

    Humm..Looking at pic of Bill getting off plane: two things stuck out immediately. I saw the word "Vineyard", and thought of Martha's Vineyard….then read "1-99"…well 1999 was an important year regarding a plane…such as a crash in 1999 towards Martha's Vineyard??? JFK JR plane? Are these "clues"?

  23. Veronica Farias 2 years ago

    New question. Who did E buy the "newest Greatest St James Island" from?

  24. Marcelle Kessler 2 years ago

    Who owned the island before he bought it?

  25. LightDweller 2 years ago

    I really hope QAnon insider is genuine. The elite know every conceivable twist and turn of the game, they employ these ally/befriending tactics all the time. Dropping accurate truth bombs and using sacrificial lambs to deflect us from something more sinister going on.
    They play to our need for a saviour.
    I’m a fan of Trump, if he turned out to be a decoy, just to causing waves upon the surface to appease us, I’d be truly heartbroken…

  26. HONEYCOMBS OF WAR 2 years ago

    Universal Pedos? Sick

  27. Rolo Tomasi 2 years ago

    Qanon = Misdirection wild goose chase. Kushneris Trumps SON IN LAW – critical think that!

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