Q #QAnon IG report on FISA incoming (FISAGATE); introduction, context & preliminary analysis

0:00 Introduction: news article on IG report on FISA
0:50 Analysis of my 4-year graphic (POTUS 45 term 1) intro; FISAGATE is a marker for arrests
5:28 Sealed indictments projection until the end of POTUS first term
7:10 2020 presidential election is a marker for the end of POTUS first term; mini theory of arresting presidential candidates
9:17 A brief look at past events in POTUS first term in graphic
11:02 A few quotes by Q and Majestic 12 on FISA
16:44 Main graphic conclusion
20:56 Joe DiGenova funny video quote: ‘It’s gonna be a bang bang next couple of weeks!’
21:36 CCC #2 (casual channel chatter) verbal jazz

A pretty casual video guys, about FISAGATE. I don’t try to go into too much detail here, it’s a more general video, pretty easy going and easy to follow.

Gateway Pundit news article on IG report:

IG report delayed from original date (this website is really good):
Joe DiGenova funny quote on Fox, rest of the video is good too:
The 12 doomed Dems:


Q posts aggregator:
Q posts aggregator:

Majestic 12 on Twitter:
Majestic 12 tweet archive:
Majestic 12 tweet archive PDF:

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  1. Brenda Wise 2 years ago

    There are no Democrats even worthy to run. They are just a waste of time and hot air. Trump 20/20

  2. Locotoe daiblito 2 years ago

    our synthetic idiots are all the rage with mustard #trustgreypoupon

  3. Brenda Wise 2 years ago

    President Trump let's do it again!!! Trump's the man and he don't back down 20/20

  4. Brenda Wise 2 years ago

    Love our Patriots.God bless you all. So proud of my president. They don't give him a minute's peace and he is still doing just fine. Keep On Keepin On Trump 20/20 VP???? Give us what we need President Trump. Don't let pharmaceutical and insurance companies rule the world. They take so much money out of our pockets. Build the wall. Fix the infrastructure and continue to bring our manufacturing back to the United States. Thank you sir for your service and thank your family standing by you. President Trump America stands with you. Bring us home sir. Bring us back to our constitution our forefathers and Military have fought for all these years. At least that's what we thought we were fighting for. No Wars for BS. All life is precious to us and to our Heavenly Father. We have a voice to speak and let us be heard. Our country was founded on morals and our belief in the Creator. Let us bring that back to his children. Praises to our Heavenly Father hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah the truth will set us free……

  5. Brenda Wise 2 years ago

    we need to set an example that we will not except corruption in Washington any longer. Remember this for all politicians running for office you become a crook you're out of there immediately. So if you value your reputation honor your words love your country. We will vote you in office. Otherwise don't waste your time don't waste ours. Must stand for God and Country and fellow man.

  6. Erica Paige Shorr 2 years ago

    thanks for the vid! shared!

  7. Youhaw Redrum 2 years ago

    Qanon is a child trafficking Utah Air Force Military global network. Obama leads it by exposing himself as the Rothschilds pay homage with their open mouths. And Hayden, Bush, clinton and Brennan and Comey.

  8. Dharmabum9287 2 years ago

    Anyone know what he deal is with Tulsi Gabbard? She’s sparked my interest… don’t worry I’m Trump all day! But she’s a VERY interesting candidate and I’ve not found any dark deep state connections with her unless she’s calling them out, and not in a “look over there!” way, more like a “I’ve got nothing to worry about” way. She was also military… I’m wondering if she’s trying to bring the Trump message to the other side?
    She called out the DNC and Hillary last time, she was the first democrat to go meet with Trump, she’s military… white hat? Or just maybe oblivious?
    Anyone got anything?

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