Qanon 11/13/19 Suppression/Spies/ Family Ties

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It’s been a complete Coup from even before President Trump was elected, they had plans to impeach him, all to cover up their mass of illegality. So much corruption covering so many different Topics and avenues, this impeachment farce is blowing up in their face big time even tho MSM is reporting the opposite.

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  1. B real 3 years ago

    Love ya spaceshot76, but please stop with the peeksy crap….makes me cringe every time you say it. Lol

  2. robert hafey 3 years ago

    hey space shot u need to look into site called dlive my friend pete that doing the same as u he uses that site as back up to youtube just thought ide let ya know they are less restrive on the poloices and rules to

  3. Michele Bourke 3 years ago

    the distraction technique "look over here" at the kangaroo/banana republic coup/impeachment hearings are to distract you from the real reason deep state wants to keep hidden…the uranium/weapons/ lost trillions/pay to play games that are beginning to be heard in the uranium court case in maryland, i think. n the ONLY reporter in the whole of america who's covering it is george webb, who indentified people like chalupa 2 or so yrs ago. i dont necessarily believe that george is right about everything, but he's been the ONLY one deep-diving this n has identified these ukranian connections since the obama admin, where you find orr n strozk on the periphery. they never expected her to lose!!! amazing polly is another fabulous researcher.

  4. Yvonne Newman 3 years ago

    LMAO! E D K H S!!!

  5. Dennis Godaire 3 years ago

    Thank you, Mike

  6. perfumedradio 3 years ago

    Rosenstein's sniffling maybe his cocaine habit…it fits. As for SOROS…good news the geriatric wing at Guantanamo is now ready …

  7. Jimmy Butler 3 years ago

    When they open the fema camp for detaining the none citizen, that came here to be insurgents, home the homeless in their housing they are forced to leave, the real way to teach our enemies they have gone against the wrong public citizens for their worse living condition has came to fulfill their own ideas on them selves…

  8. Thank you SS76 and you other guys out there for seeing that we are kept informed. I truly can't wait the day of arrests of these evil Dems. I wonder how mouthy they are gonna be then walking away in handcuffs. What a delightful picture. Hasn't GS been detained already.?

  9. Rosa Fab 3 years ago

    "Q" Rules!!! wwg1wga. Storm is here.

  10. Michael Kuhl 3 years ago

    Lots of energy-related, family-centered thievery in Ukraine… well, well, well, who'd-a thunk it?

  11. Pete Sei 3 years ago

    the link was not bad… it was a TOR link..

  12. Yeh that was a poor representation of crickets. The crickets could represent humans much better. Your funny’!

  13. Mister Anderson 3 years ago

    +1 Rep Gosar!!

  14. ABOXofMONSTERS 3 years ago

    I think everyone at this point who was to awaken is there Most still haven’t they are not going to. Time to send chinooks and black hawks. Little shock theater they will get over it.

  15. Valerie McBride 3 years ago


  16. cherrie stewart 3 years ago

    Manifesto was from the guy……who did the Texas event,I think.

  17. The Back Channel 3 years ago

    Where do we get a hunting license? If we don't need one, the future will be interesting…soon.

  18. LOUIE D 3 years ago

    Thanks Mike

  19. Autum Tear 3 years ago

    What happened to the TITANS for tonight?…anybody?

  20. Biea Da Rsonist 3 years ago

    Quid Pro Quo JOE!
    That's who he is.

  21. John Taylor 3 years ago

    Love your channel! We are fighting here in CA! We have a recall going to recall Gavin Newsome, Pelosi nephew!!! I wish Trump would send in the military and get this guy out if SOS doesn't count all our signatures! Thus state is corrupt

  22. eighth ocean 3 years ago

    Twenty hours old and in my feed as new.

  23. BestNaunie Ever 3 years ago

    93 days mirrored is 39 which is Adam Schiff’s number on the Qmap players

  24. John Bratcher 3 years ago

    Is it just a coincidence that there was no “bang bangs” in the news from August to the opening of 8koons???

  25. Keep fighting the good fight WWG1WGA Yahusha is the way the truth the life

  26. sharyn spence 3 years ago

    I am hearing from a reliable source that George Soros died six months ago.

  27. Laura s 3 years ago

    nancy pelosi needs to be locked up along w her son

  28. Richard Wolfe 3 years ago

    SpaceShot76 thank you so much for keeping us informed. Your efforts are greatly appreciate by many, and I'm sure even by Q.

  29. mark powell 3 years ago

    If Nancy gets new dentures that fit she will be able to talk better but will they stop her from lying, I doubt it .

  30. Patricia Kraft 3 years ago

    Here's my question: we as citizens can vote out the Congress and Senate swamp creatures, but what about the bureaucrats? The socialist Obama holdovers, the arrogant putzs like Vindman, Strzok ~ what about them? Especially if they are Senior Executive Service. Our govt needs a re-set immediately. Term limits for EVERYBODY! Financial audits for EVERYBODY! Clean house and keep it clean. Run it like a business, not a country club. No more omnibus bills, no more unreadable bills with legalese (use plain English!), each issue should be in a stand-alone bill that the voters can understand and Congress can vote without this ridiculous bartering for, like pork barrel legislation. Beyond all that, we must understand who we are really fighting, who really controls the evil these people do, and what they have sacrificed for power and money. When Q talks about the whole armor of God, he's telling us about the army of demons that are under the control of fallen angels. Most of them are still in spirit form, but some have taken control of people whose minds have been broken by mind control. This is one purpose for trafficking, the need for more broken minds. Does it sound like Hollywood? Where do you think they got "their" ideas? Hellywood ~ the land of broken minds.

  31. levon synclr 3 years ago

    The only difference I noticed in the two post of Eph6:10-17 is the link addresses at the top. (and the obvious 12 min delta between posts.)

  32. Trump. 2020. VOTE !

  33. woody ahh 3 years ago

    That last one was beautiful

  34. Louie louie 3 years ago

    IM NOT GETTING MY DAMN SUBS NEW VIDS. STOP IT STUPIDTUBE. U GUYS ARE A DISGRACE. Today is 11/15. Didnt get 11/13 11/14 vids. Had to do search to ur channel to see if u made any vids.

  35. randomthoughts88 3 years ago

    Its a TOR link (.onion) bc TOR makes it easier to navigate 8kun. Hope you see this spaceshot! god bless

  36. catdog 3 years ago

    What can we do about it? Seems we are watching it happen. Who's stopping it? Where does this go?

  37. En_Pē_Cee 3 years ago

    Something up w my iPhone today 11/15
    No connection on my way home from work

    Wondering if other iPhone users having same issue.

    Only picking up internet now that I’m on my home WiFi

  38. Michael McNeil 3 years ago

    Subbed to #2 too.

  39. TAC W 3 years ago

    (EC) what about Eric Cartman…lol.

  40. TAC W 3 years ago

    If we're me, I would be running from family members named Delasandro, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Shiff or any one in the Hussain admin. Criminals all

  41. Wanda Jones 3 years ago


  42. Bitter Clinger 3 years ago

    So if the bad guys have him, he's at area 51? White hats wouldn't bother to hold him there I wouldn't guess. Maybe this means we really will get to see ASSAULT ON AREA 51 happen!? Hah.. what a show!

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