Qanon 11/16/19 “A Higher Loyalty”

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We have a few Q drops, I recorded yesterday before the podcast, and then I waited till today which is Sunday to add in a 10 minute or so clip to this video which was very important, RDOC had noticed a big Boom, and was too gods not to add to this video. These deep state rats are trying to save themselves and it will not work as Q said No one escapes from this No one. 💥 ✌🏼


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  1. Just had a brain fart..you talked about sprouts and corn before and after the farm. Now fast forward to Comey in a corn field. Could that pic be telling us that he has many (kernals) available that he over sees? A warning?

  2. doorknob red scarf please. you sign up to play the game … then you set up your private chat area with fiends/friends who are part of your team. come on 'peples' Q has access to a D-wave computer! of course they have it all.

  3. Lol that Star Wars approach to coms makes too much sense. I’ve found chinese communist party politicians and businessmen playing mobile games… and exploiting resources for real money ironically enough.. fun times.

  4. Someone mentioned that the corn 4 2 be cut sounds like 42 is going to be cut. If a president is found to be a traitor, he would surely be cut out of the line of presidents. Just a thought, someone mentioned it. Sounds good to me though!

  5. The rats can save the taxpayers some money by removing themselves from this life. The more the better and perhaps some may even be Epsteined by their own as they try and cover their own tracks.

  6. Everyone seems to forget that Comey is the one who basically threw the election for HILLARY…. Remember? A couple weeks before the election he practically threw her to the wolves and opened up the investigations against HILLARY….Yes, he closed it…. But do you think HE closed it??? He was forced to close it…. But damage was done.

    Comey = White Hat.

  7. I really appreciate your interpretations on the Q drops my brotha. I just want to know WHEN these Deep State takedowns are finally going to happen. 3 years now we've been chomping at the bit…

  8. They are not Americans so what do we expect? It was not only that skinny bean that was not from here she didn't live here that is why when she tried to register as a presidential candidate she couldn't meet the residency requirement. Excuse me He. A C-A asset.

  9. Awesome, no one escapes! However, not convinced they might not attack the president and family, and many Patriots too, with huge assissanation attack. Like that series "Designated Survivor" where whole Congress is blown up with planted bombs!

  10. Re the TIME thing: time is a construct of the "creators" who put this matrix in place. As it dissolves, you will feel time slip, or they may change the clocks. Our orbit is changing and so is the planet/inhabitants.

  11. Nice work guys…that boom was fantastic. So awesome to get this Q stuff put together. So many drops and still lots …soooo much hidden meaning in these drops.
    I suspect 3 generations from now the great grandkids will be talking about the Q drops like we have obsessed over Kennedys murders and area 51!

  12. Loving all the fine wprk. It's reassuring as you show us that We have it ALL and I have been saying I can't wait for the impeachment circus to move to the Senate. What will Mr. President say to outrage the Dims!!?

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