Qanon 2/14/19 BC/HRC Gone Soon?? WOW!!!

in this video we talked about amazing discoveries that have been made in the past few weeks which are going to bolster our economy and our machine going forward which is a prosperous United States of America, one where y’all live harmoniously together

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  1. I still haven't seen the WAPO interview.
    So hes setting himself up to be a martyr who gives a ship. Hes a fame fagg. Yay for the truth. Let's move on. Somebody post the interview please or at least a link already

  2. So pathetic their only claim is still a bogus bullshit narrative about Russia, Russia, Russa. Waisted tax payers dollars. The ONLY reason they are speaking about removing Trump is because he is disrupting and stopping their flow of nasty ill gotten blood money, their pedophilia and every other evil thing they do. Not to mention their arrogance of undermining the American people who voted Trump in. The assholes don't even realize that their false narratives thru mainstream media are failing.

  3. I feel bad for summers, he looks like an intelligent, charismatic guy but working for harry reid must have been tough. Reid was a dirty dealer. What summers is missing is there was no evidence of russian interference, it was just a ficticious narrative. Even brennan has stated, there was no evidence of russian interference.

  4. Why the Russia thing. Why they want everyone's eyes on Russia in 2016. What really happened to Hillary in New York city when she got into the van on September 11, 2016. Then what does that make her today. There is your answer. Research.

  5. Anybody know what happened to channel And We Know (Serial Brain 2 – decodes)? I received a notification yesterday of a new Serial Brain 2 video. I clicked on it this morning. The video is not available and THE ENTIRE channel is GONE! Anybody know anything?

  6. Thought you might like this.

    Bill Clinton cancels trip to Nigeria after being called out for election meddling.
    Said they would go home in body bags. The Nigerian government said the Clinton's wanted to control the election. They were also donors to the Clinton foundation. Pay for Play?

    Why do they think that people in the world still want to hear from them? Why don't they just gracefully shut up and go away? POWER!

    Q said Bill and Hillary Clinton's public health would deteriorate.

    Some say karma
    Q and I say God.

  7. Your TNFM friend gave Barr's name as an insider and was part of the Ruby Ridge cover up. We'll never know why he did, but I'm hoping that he is sick of the criminality in DC and maybe has some shame in the Ruby Ridge attack. He didn't bring the FBI shooters to justice. This is time for him to correct his actions in that crime. Yes, keep an eye on Barr.

  8. Thanks Mike! FBI say they were concerned about President Trump & Russia & yet they had ABSOLUTELY ZERO problems with Hillary taking 145 MILLION DOLLARS from Russia. Proves what they are saying is BS!

  9. HRC May be suffering Kuru AKA the Laughing Sickness, leading to loss of bodily functions, control, and mental alertness inside a non responsive body. He!! On Earth. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving ‘person’!

  10. Barry Soetoro was repugnant. His friend was unrepentant Communist wanting to rub out 25 million American Patriot who love the US Costitution. You hang with a terrorist, you may hang as a terrorist. Military Justice.


  12. El Chapo is singing like a canary. Doesn't look good for those that oppose the wall. It is speculated that although he's been given life in prison he may be Arkansided.

  13. Quick question. Has anyone else realized that with everyone that's against Trump trying to use the 25 amendment to remove him and the fact that the APA (American Psychological Association) has declared that masculinity is a disease? Just a thought. Maybe we should pay attention. Let me know what you guys think.

  14. That bloke on the Tucker Carlson show looks like a reptilian. Look at the eyes and teeth and of course listen to the message. He seems to think treason is not a issue if there are enough lies forwarded towards our Captain. They will never accept that we now have inherited this planet -Humans now in control.

  15. Big news! Ivanka now overseeing SES.($500M) (According to Abel; Kristen Marcy founded, & HRC lover & Clinton's were funneling $, children, humantrafficking, drugs..etc through SES & SERCO. These people are sick!) AND…Jared Kushner… is now going to be overseeing SERCO! Boom! So let's hope this means they just shut down the deep state & pedo ring!

    Also: Must watch NCIS this week. 2/16 About Navy woman & daughter missing 10 years, held captive in basement…Siva under cover for human trafficking…They show a Presidential Pen! Boom!

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