Qanon 2/21/19 "U can't Run CA you think U can run the Country?

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  1. 4 reasons California is unsustainable? Pelosi,Schiff, Waters, Feinstein, Harris, Newsome, and the voter fraud responsible for their being in office! Term limits, give us a new vote!

  2. You're always awesomest! But I thought the Voters Fraud nationwide will get publicity & Accountability esp re Illegals voters to all be prosecuted now? Well Then implement voter ID is non contested issue.

  3. I feel like the first thing that Q followers should take to heart and indicate to others is that Q said that disinformation is necessary. This is not to say that it isn't worth following, it is to mean that speculating what the plan is or when things are to take place is not for us. I feel as strongly as ever that Q is the real deal. But it is just as easy for doubters to dismiss as it is for us to believe. When it comes to treatment by legacy media I wouldn't deign to speak to anyone who didn't have at least a background for speaking against what the establishment pushes in the past. I never thought that Q was a larp…but I have definitely been impatient and underwhelmed by the BOOMs. I really hope that something more substantial is on the way down the pipe.

  4. I believe he brings in people that are compromised because if they were forced to make decisions they didn’t want to make are easier to convince to turn to the other side.

  5. There is also info that the Epstein deal also included immunity to any future prosecution of Epstein's friends and patrons that engaged in this human trafficking deal in any shape, form or fashion. That's why he got the sweet deal. Also, probably the only reason Epstein is still alive.

  6. Being "Q'd" =

    Q / queue (kyo̅o̅),
    n., v. queued, queu•ing. n.
    1. a file or line, esp. of people waiting their turn.
    2. a sequence of items waiting in order…
    3. to form in a line while waiting (often fol. by up).
    4. to arrange or organize into a queue.

    Q'ing true patriots…

  7. Dude a UKPatriot here, just a heads up John McDonnell MP is a Big time leftist/Communist member of Brithish Parliment,
    Big Red Flag…
    Trust not my friend, i smell much Ratness, doing some diggin as we speak, will catch you on twitter look for the qustion mark, youll know its me…

  8. Hoax – mAil bomber and broward county
    Staged set up – parkland
    Staged set up – Charlottesville
    Hoax day 1– by Bernstein’s son – mlk bust removed

  9. Will the last person ot of California please turn out the lights. Hey California and the rest of America the income tax amendment was never ratified

  10. SShot76 on target as usual! 😉 I think POTUS brought in Acosta to admin so he can have greater access to his every move, connections, closer view, bigger microscope, etc.,… even knowing they'd try to pin that garbage on him, as predictably they did, admittedly bad optics, but dates tell all, & location, >> evidence established for years with Clntns, & others,…did it take him out of state jurisdiction direct to federal? Since we KNOW Q+ track record & stance on this subject specifically, not to mention his up close view & disgust of Epstein, the raid & rescue on lil st j., etc,… don't know if Acosta already flipped, doubtful, but bet his new promotion makes a lot of swampers nervous, no doubt he can't breathe wrong w/out POTUS knowledge,… circling the drain,… #MAGA 🙂

  11. One thing wrong with California is that they have all these frickin' "women" running everything…they need to go home and bake cookies…where they belong. Where in the Hell are the real "Men" now-a-days? Come on Men!!! Show some nuts!!! ( Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Harris….it goes on and on).

  12. In Oregon, they intentionally put fire retardant into cigarettes…why has nobody taken the state to court? As if smoking wasn't hazardous enough. THEN they have the balls to complain about how much it costs to take care of smokers.

  13. We PATRIOTS need to continue to give Prez Trump our support and confront the Left and Globalist on all fronts, politically. Continue to call out the lying MSM and support only traditional USA with your $$$.

  14. Epstein needs to move to his rock and stay there for eternity. His punishment will be hourly visits from Feminist left Wing, Man Haters! That Claim Loraina Bobbet as Queen

  15. Perfect opportunity for President Trump in Flint Michigan, to fix water crisis. Make Democrats vote…support Trump…Trump wins….vote against Trump…Trump wins…..win – win for Trump…Expose…Expose…Expose

  16. may i interject since you mentioned " anti christ "
    western culture knows the term " anti " christ –
    the term " anti " defines something or someone in clear and open opposition
    when in fact the term in translation from the greek new testament is " pseudo " christ.
    " pseudo " is defined or described as: not genuine, spurious or sham, bogus, sham, phoney, imitation, artificial, mock, ersatz, quasi-, fake, feigned, pretended, false, faux, spurious, counterfeit, fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, assumed, contrived, affected, insincere
    although " anti " would be the actual hidden objective – " pseudo ' would be the appearance or image in order to create a following of public support, to deceive , to mislead with the objective of leading the world in opposition to scriptural direction.

  17. Love your channel. Things are ramping up fast.
    There has to be attention brought to that socialist dem party that is gaining power daily. If you look into the green new deal and see who and how many people are pushing this it's scary. Everything we all have been talking about back to agenda 21 is getting in there little by little.
    The green new deal wasn't supposed to be published yet, it was a rough draft that a patriot was able to upload to expose what's in store. If you read behind the sophomoric wording it's their plan for the sheep!
    Please look into ocasio cortex and who the justice democrats and sunrise group is.
    Ocasio Cortez is their puppet and they are getting bold and advancing quickly. It's great seeing the dems destroy each other with the socialists but their main goal is getting Trump out of the way to have full take over.
    They are already getting school children to DEMAND that politicians sign this green new deal which reads like a communist manifesto.
    They are whipping these kids into frenzy through fear. You all know that this was done by the national socialist party (Nazi) back in the day.
    Look into what they plan on irritating the crops with and how they plan on implementing these changes and how they know it will have to be by force.
    We gotta get this message out. People don't even know what socialism is, that is why socialists are getting elected.
    We need to educate them. There is quite a community massing in the comment sections of the daily mail, on every headline that mentions AOC or green new deal or dem socialist etc… Every little piece of info that gets out to the main public sheep is helpful.
    More people are learning what socialists are what there end plan is.
    But we need to go out of our comfort zones here and get into the online news sources that the sheep read.
    I'm watching this stuff unfold under the radar and these socialists make libs look reasonable. It's sick!
    See who is behind justice democrats and what they say was their sole purpose for starting that group. It's to get Trump out of office and it's working little by little through creating theses stupid laws that they are easily bullying the old crypt keeper dems into signing!!
    They are chipping away at the edges and people don't even see it.

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