Qanon 2/26/19 "Big Big Happenings next 21 days"

Spike Lee attacks his old friend for being racist, comical, we are shown key points in Uranium one, what else will POTUS45 learn in Hanoi, I hear it’s educational, also a nice heads up that in the next 21 days there will be “big big big happenings” I’m looking forward as usual.

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  1. Hey whatever happened to the "Big big happenings" in January concerning the sealed indictments? Always something "Big" happening down the road. I just want one … show me just one. THanks…

  2. ATTENTION, I just watched a video by "truthbygrace" where she calls trump a liar and the most evil and satanic man in the world because one senator "Ben Sasse" purpose a bill she didn't like lol. I gave her the facts but you know how that will go and i was the only one in the comments supporting Trump. If you guys could go watch her video and speak your minds i could use the back up. Heres the link. https://youtu.be/SiWXRcyCt-0

  3. I just have a feeling that President Trump is going to have the easiest re election of any President in History in 2020 because I believe the democratic party are finished in politics. Everything we're seeing is them not accepting that it's over for them .That is the only reason why they are fighting so hard.

  4. As far as I am concerned there's some money changing drug Jane there's some swapping and trade and going on and you can bet your ass on it cuz not a blooming one of them up there in our Congress is without guilt neither one of them it's all the pony show there's a lot of strong-arming and pushing and in behind the doors so what are you call it when its domestic violence in the government but as far as I'm concerned they can take the colon testimony and they can wipe their butts with it

  5. Critical thinking! POTUS purposely stalled the NK negotiations and ultimate success!!! Why?
    He couldn't do it while at the same time , all the country was hearing about was Coehn!!!

  6. You really think that the NK negotiations aren't finalizes!! Please!!!!!
    This was done a year ago. What your watching now on both sides is nothing more than theater!!!

  7. I am from Europe and i really have an issue about Trump, not to make any1 mad, but i need to ask: Trump build a firewall to secure 5G but it is secret, so the 5G in my country is not secure… is that humane ? and what was the big security risk about him telling the world he was making it secure ?
    Please help me answer this, we live in fear of 5G health issues (our Government/media is 100% silent)

  8. Better get on. those phones and call the idiots inn Congress. Put up a fight for Heavens sake. My gosh. Republicans are just sitting back. Please get off your arses.

  9. Old Hillcrapper must still have a healthy war chest, for making another Presidential run? All of those investors have not gotten a return on what they thought they were buying. Of course the media is ready and waiting to promote her to the hilt. Q is actively encouraging us to stay vigilant with faith. Good wins over evil, proven time and again. Like cheaters in sports, it will eventually catch up to you. Same with these crafty politicians, and govt officials. Some beefed up bank accounts are like Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire injecting HGH into their systems. False hopes~~!~!~~, and so far the voters have not allowed those guys into the baseball Hall of Fame.

  10. I think its funny
    Some don't understand what prayer actually is Dr. Tom Campbell (GCT)
    Dr. Masaru yamamoto
    Study of thought on water (persona emotional switching)
    Dr. Dale pond study of cymatics (actually his combination of keeley and the other guys laws of vibronics) the secret book of Thomas
    I know y'all think I'm high I'm not I actually study great minds and try to combine actual proven effects that do not involve conventional methods my "so called THEROY" is actually FACT to mark the direction of thought I use comments I adapt personas from my past while im not incumberd w/other responsibility s because to truly embrace you have to be real and life is real hard I've lived it and can have harmful emotional side effects that combined with responsibility can be devastating (I wear the armour of god) I go threw these things unafraid of recourse because no action is taken because restraint can be maintained by reducing responsibility s knowing the difference forgiveness every time the full cycle must be observed for truth the words mean less than truth but not in all meaningless
    Someone that can cycle threw then come back to neutral at no small discomfort mind you you can alert a nation you can do many things in mass otherwise overlooked due to no effective method and if they crush me well my family is one of the largest on the west coast 48 aunts and uncles kids married in friends like family they would be a fool since my family already knows I'm involved with Q as a comentor and follower Q would explode on the west coast with family and friends asking questions and only having one hope for getting actual answers ya I'm a pain in the ass but better me than you brother I don't think you could handelit honestly extremely painful at times but I can pull out of it like all the times before its a fucked up unique qualification but we will give it a crack for God is with me haha lol

  11. You people are so damn stupid…Trump is in bed with evil Israel…Bibi made the satanic Talmud Law and it says that Christ is boiling in human crap and semen…and your president is there puppet….Trump is vile look what he and the Saudi's are doing to the people of Yemen…and now a made up excuse to go after Venezuela to damn STEAL their oil …be proud you morons you have been duped.

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