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  1. Birdie CR 3 years ago

    So very sad. These criminals need to be exposed & justice served.

  2. Lolo Holmes 3 years ago

    Who remembers the book When Rabbit Howls…Truddi Chase, the woman with the most multiple personalities ever documented. She was on Oprah & Phil Donahue back in the late 80's early 90's.

  3. rauchlorraine 3 years ago

    I was recently in an old church in England and saw and eagle at the alter. It freaked me out after just watching the candy girl video.

  4. Deborah 3 years ago

    The owl is the demon of the night according to the bible

  5. nvsbl2 3 years ago

    Was all this actually on the Q board?

  6. Tina Angelo 3 years ago

    God Bless You Candy Girl !

  7. A Gail Frame 3 years ago

    My God! It's as though these people have compartments in their minds where they hide and when they go to the places to do their evil stuff they bring their compartments with them and wear them łıke clothing.

  8. Mavis Walker 3 years ago

    I heard about scalia in 2015 by Tory Smith (RIP). He spoke about scalia,so now this is coming out im not surprised.

  9. John Wallace 3 years ago

    Why no links to this woman's video?

  10. BRIAN TAYLOR 3 years ago

    Just saw an episode of X Files and agent Moulder was shooting at a Target at the FBI shooting range.
    The bullseye/Target was a letter *"Q"*. The guy they were trying to catch was called Pusher. He was able to psychologically control people.
    I was so friggin shocked. Since when is a Target/bullseye a big ass "Q"??
    Pay Attention people!!..

  11. Monica Goldstein 3 years ago

    I heard through various sources that Rev Billy Graham was a 33 degree Free Mason. Another traitor, a satanic being who disguised himself as an angel of light.

  12. JakeWhiteHat 3 years ago

    Scalia slashed across neck by a 13year old that he was raping? If true I hope that fat bastard is in hell being raped every minute for eternity. Scum evil fat pig.
    I love how the authorities announced that Scalia died of natural causes. His raping young boys must have been natural for him – how fitting a rape victim took revenge on this fat demon!

  13. Judith Arnett 3 years ago

    Everything in your report, I have seen before.
    The only thing I was not aware of is that Fiona Barnett is in hiding — but it is only surprising that she wasn't eliminated long ago.
    Reagan was a friend of my mother's.
    She thought very highly of him.
    Knowing that he and Billy Graham were part of the evil is really hard to reconcile, but we have to face it.

  14. John Pick 3 years ago

    Thank you for your Bravery !

  15. dianna ochoa 3 years ago

    Great video

  16. George Orwell 3 years ago

    Breaks my heart…

  17. Tressa Michael 3 years ago

    I believe Fiona Barnett.
    She was raped by Reverend Billy Graham in the pink bubble room @ Bohemian Grove.

  18. Tressa Michael 3 years ago

    Say prayers for Fiona Barnett – for her safety & her family
    And for her peace. Blessed rest and angelic protection.

  19. George R 3 years ago

    Wow, a, certain church has got some problems.

  20. Wendy Russell 3 years ago

    I have seen this video some time ago. Nicole Kidmen and her father involved.

  21. I remember when Trump was elected. One of the first leaks was Trump’s conversation with Australia’s PM. For those who don’t know one of Trump’s first acts was the confiscation of human traffickers properties which would include the sex trade trafficking…
    Recently 2300 arrests by Sessions of online pedophiles. The deepstate , because of the leak was monitoring Trump/Australia…. Could it have really been to keep child sex trafficking secrets from being exposed and the monitoring was counter inteligence operation for the black hats?

  22. I notice only republicans are mentioned… No Democrat ones?

  23. This could be disinformation. The female narrating only talks about Republicans and Bohemian grove and ranch. in the back half of video. Calls out Reagan and other top Republicans as going to the grove and the woman that said she was raped as a child being taken there…. which means she had to have been transported from Australia.Not sure I can believe woman.

  24. Tammy Eaton 3 years ago

    ALL of the Five Eyes countries have a HUGE PROBLEM with PEDOPHILIA.

  25. Gwyne Falo 3 years ago

    Lord, please enable this woman in Australia and all those who have survived this evil abuse, find healing, forgiveness, and hope. Reading the comments below this video, there were many who shared how they were victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse or abuse that was horrific from a parent or another. There are so MANY people who are hurting, Lord, so please come back soon and wipe away all our tears. We would like to be more useful until You do return, so please give us all opportunities to share our faith with others, and please cause the seeds we have planted, to grow. We can plant, we can water, but You alone can cause the growth. So Lord, for our children, please cause them to see that this world is not their destiny, that Heaven is, so that they will not make their treasure here, but in Heaven, by wanting to serve You and to be useful to bringing others to Jesus Christ. Please expose all this evil to all the world, so the world will see what is behind so many who are in power and be appalled and seek You, wanting Your light, Your truth, Your hope, wanting to come out of evil, darkness, or lukewarmness, in order to serve You and be bringing hope and justice in Christ to others. Please bring healing to all these victims who have suffered so much. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you for your video and exposing this evil. God bless you and Maranatha!

  26. ISAIAH JOHN 3 years ago

    Ha ha loca loca believed the disinformation about Scalia put out by the Deep State. You and Corsi are gullible or making sensations to make money.

  27. ISAIAH JOHN 3 years ago

    The high profiled public figures in the Texas ranch were mostly members of Bush Sr.'s administration. Of course, security was tight. How could a 13-year old boy killed Justice Scalia. The story was poorly scripted by the New World Order/Deep State of Bush and prominent figures in the government. The truth was that they expected that Kill-ary Clinton would win the Presidency; and who would replace Scalia after his murder? Barack Hussein Obozo! The murder was executed but Odumbo and the fiasco agenda did not materialize!

  28. Hyacinth Bucket 3 years ago

    I wish I know that Fiona and her family were doing OK.  We were friends on fb.  Please Fiona if you see this please message me.

  29. lil moe 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the work. God Bless You.

  30. Sk143 K 3 years ago

    These people are SICK…. said by Q, Dear God!

  31. Warrior Voice 3 years ago

    I think Scalias family was black mailed, I think the Democrats and deep state has to do with his death. Maybe he refused to rape a kid and hunt children so they couldn't convince him to join the Order and they chose to kill him, then the group invented all that behind the curtains story.

  32. RainCry527 3 years ago

    Why would he be cremated when he owned a family plot

  33. Victoria Morgan 3 years ago

    No. Scalia wasn’t a Deep State hit if he was ONE of them. They wanted his seat in the Supreme Court. They drugged him and took him there. MK-Ultra. Don’t fall for it.

  34. Shannon Cats 3 years ago

    The MSM called it”Satanic Panic”; on the contrary- it’s Satanic Exposure!

  35. Shannon Cats 3 years ago

    I agree with the YT issue- stay on here and spread the word until they shut us all down-WE know what is going on, but many others do not. Spread the word any way you can!

  36. Yo Man 3 years ago

    Complete horseshit about the judge. He was one of the good guys

  37. John Bergman 3 years ago

    3 minutes in… when are you going to get to the point?

  38. Cheeky Monkees 2 years ago

    Bless you Katie. Your dedication to the truth and this cause is matched by few.
    Know that you are in my prayers and that I will follow your channel wherever it lands.

  39. MAKO23 2 years ago

    am I the only one that doesnt get sound on alot of these type video's? Ads work fine, most video's work fine but as soon as I go to right sided politic type videos I get no sound. Nice censorship!!!!

  40. FBI = Fedral Blackmail Institute assasinated Scalia for the clinton/obama global crime syndicate. CIA took out the Kennedy's. We live in the most CORRUPT country on the planet.

  41. These lies are how the FBI (Fedral Blackmail Institute) destroys people or silences them (Scalia family) to hide their TREASON!

  42. Trumpette 2 years ago

    Exactly this has to get out

  43. idreamyou100 2 years ago

    I find this cat and mouse game very very dam hard to take. The secrecy of this crap is deception. Ppl know more than they are showing and telling. Ppl make more money from being mysdamsterious, about some monsters ripping the insides out of children. If a spastic Charlie sheen Tommy Lee Jones Randy quaid can find info why is it so hard to get info on these demons. I'm sick of this PROTECTING these evil ppl. Just say it stop well this and ugh well that.

  44. Denim Lowe 2 years ago

    I don't believe these ruthless, twisted, evil people are human. Demons. And they are in power all over the world!!! Terrifying.

  45. Arizona Sky 2 years ago

    What an interesting yet disturbing development in this ridiculous time we are living in. This world is Sick to the core.. the division has begun hasn’t it?

  46. Eddy Leger 2 years ago

    RGB and him were very tight……………..she would go also;;;;

  47. minipigfish 2 years ago

    “Fully vetted this woman,” hmmmm. But you didn’t discern she is still a “victim”-turned pedo-luciferian witch satanist luciferian capable of human sacrifice herself? She’s a controlled opposition paid by the luciferian satanists themselves. You’ve no idea the level of deception these satanists luciferian murderers are capable of. Don’t be so worldly naive. Test the spirit within them.

  48. traece pate 2 years ago

    My mind wanted to COMPLETELY REJECT the notion that Antonin Scalia was ANYTHING OTHER than an upstanding human being.. but then that still small voice said you believe it about people you dont like though. What makes him so special, how is it so easy to dismiss these claims against him as not credible. I have to be willing to suspend judgement until I have sorted out the facts and then i must be willing to understand that I may not KNOW what anybody is capable of. If I want others to open their eyes, bnb I guess I should lead by example. It was a hard pill to swallow , but I did it. God help us all. This stuff HAS GOT TO END!!!! IT HAS TO END.

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