Qanon 3/10/19 Snowden- "Banking on Brennan to bring you home?"

apparently Q team is now talking to Snowden again, Q was asking Edward Snowden what does he have left that he can sell Russia to retain his Safety and Security? By the Format of the sentence I’m guessing Snowden does not have anything left , and also cute asks are you banking on Brennan to bring you home? Again this is something he was taunting him with saying the former power structure that you had reported two previously is now gone, time to pay the piper, this is real world Cloak and Dagger type content Guys, these guys are Playing for Keeps and it is not a game, people have lost their lives over this, many people, all to try to do the right thing, but we know the Deep State won’t allow that they’re not going to go down without a fight, be vigilant the next few weeks especially. ✌ 🇺🇸 💪 👊

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  1. These games are beginning to play out for us Q followers…VERY serious matters. BUT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS A RE-SET! WE NEED Q TO HELP US DRAIN THESE EVIL SWAMP RATS! God is not finished with us yet. Still more work to do, more souls to save.

  2. every time i hear..let''s play a game…i reminded of what cortez said to congress…"let's play a game" to steal…she was referring to POTUS and accusing of stealing…just reminds me of that…

  3. Ss76: definition of who Q called Shadow Brokers are are fully explained in today's 3/11 post of YouTube's JOHN DOE TRUTH. Check it out.

  4. TRUMP mentioned Ali at CPAC, when he brought that Man up who got punched at berkley . Ali did a rope a dope on Forman . When Forman punched himself out Ali went in for the kill. I think TRUMP is doing a rope a dope.

  5. I'm getting tired of these Q drops where nothing happens yet I'm crossing my fingers because of March Madness but I assure you if nothing happens in the month of March you're going to find a lot of people having doubts. I'm talking besides the Mueller report. I know the Mueller report is a given but I need to see something else in the works that will save America. Because just today I hear Trump asking for 80 7 million dollars for the wall, which I thought we already were building the wall. What is going on

  6. Vigilance & Agility definition, the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness: exercises demanding agility….the blackout on all social media re Immunizations, they are immunizing the illegals while in transit….what are they giving them??? …borders have increased levels of sickness….how much of this is induced and how easy would it be to send through a "carrier"/human time bom….they have a sudden blackout on immunizations for this reason…. forewarned is forearmed..

  7. Why would you put a disclaimer prohibiting anyone from using the material? What if someone wants to take a screen shot, or use a piece of the video to share with others? That defeats the purpose of getting the message out….

  8. Keep up the Great Work's Brother… Standing Stronger each passing moment….
    Benevolent Change is The Only Outcome in this Chess Game with Q!!!
    All is Well!!!
    Blessings Allways!!!

  9. Didn’t YouTube give tyt millions in grant money and now it’s coming out the justice Democrats were backed by brown buffalo and they held the casting for the new dem members. The time line/ money trail in this needs some digging.

  10. Snowden may turn out to be less of a hero than I thought. But thus far all I hear is innuendo. And re his taking refuge in Russia, people conveniently forget that he knocked on the doors of many nations that refused entry to him. Only then did he try Russia. I am suspicious of the current seeming effort to smear him.

  11. I noticed we have 26 Communists with thumbs down, either that or they're worthless welfare socialist Democratic freak Show party members.

  12. God Bless America oh, God bless President Trump oh, and God bless all the hard-working truthers that put the real news out on an average day basis. You always have my personal thanks for caring about this country. President Trump and the Patriots are in control. Where we go one we go all

  13. I'm not sure most no, but President Trump sent the Marines into Langley Air Force Base, and raided the CIA office and the FBI office. This happened six months into his term as president. Also over a year ago I caught wind that we were printing up new money, to replace the worthless Federal Reserve notes that we now use. The new currency will be backed by the gold standard. An audit of the Federal Reserve indicated they had fleeced the American people out of 43 trillion dollars plus.

  14. Good morning, Patriot. Had to subscribe… AGAIN. Getting a little irritating. Just received my Qanon book! A great read, and since I've only been with you about four months, it helps me catch-up. Perhaps I should send a few copies to family and friends? Hummm, not sure how they would be received. Shall we play a game?


  16. China? It's Israel. Do your research. Or are you paid by Mossad also? Trump is Jewish. His dad built the business selling to Russian Jews. They have ties ro Russian mafia and Israel. This is all about human trafficking. China and Russia and Saudi Arabia are also big players but the network was created by Mossad to blackmail foreign leaders with sex tapes and provide human sacrifices to Jews. According to Paul, Jesus says to eat his flesh and drink his blood. This is a reference to Jewish cannibalism. Cannibalism was mentioned in the Bible and was rampant in concentration camps. You can look these things up if you want. They also killed JFK via George HW Bush after Marilyn Monroe (converted to Jew) sex tape didn't work, blackmailed Clinton vis Lewinsky (Jew) and did 9/11. Most of what we are fed are lies

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